The Unsigned Hype , A Liberation For Underground Musicians

An emerging record label will strike the country using music to egg- on young and unmanageable musicians to become self reliant.

Under a novelty program me fashioned “The Unsigned Hype” by Emoh Rekerdz, the company is currently recruiting young musicians and artistes with a caliber and determination to make a living through showbiz.

These budding young musicians will then be developed and supported to record their own individual albums and videos, thereby giving them the pedestal they earlier lacked.

Emoh Rekerdz has an objective of empowering the youth through music, and also use music as a tool to create showbiz entrepreneurs. The various musical shows will therefore create a possibility for these young musicians to be responsible thereby refraining them from social menace.

To add to the project for these promising musical young stars, the company has put in the pipeline a mega concert which will be held once a year for these musicians to rub shoulders with the industry giants.

The first of such musical concerts will take off soon at one of our main performing centers with a digital enhanced technology fused with a live band.

The company which has its own professional production facilities is collaborating with other media establishments with youth agenda policies, so as to achieve the aim of eradicating poverty through the power of music.


(Music/Video Production, Youth Empowerment, Artiste Management, Events)
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  1. The Unsigned Hype is the  hope for underground artistes

  2. it is very good incentive and I welcome it
    I really like the way Emoh Rekerds is thinking outside the box and being proactive in the music world.

  3. love the big dream u hav for da up and coming artist…ur the man!!

  4. Emoh Rekerdz is here to rescue the underground MUSICIANS…

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