Agra rejects Maputo Committee Report

The Director General of the National Sports Authority, (NSA) Mr Worlanyo Agra has rejected the findings of the Maputo Probe Committee as he accused it of gross incompetence and arbitrariness.

According to Agra, the Committee which was formed to investigate Ghana’s preparation, participation and performance in the 2011 All Africa Games, went beyond its terms of reference and that their findings lacked merit.

In a 12 page response to the Minister of Youth and Sports sighted by the GNA Sports, it said the Report of the Committee was meant to serve the interest of some few people who are undermining sports development, hence must be critically looked at and checked.

Mr Agra said the Committee’s Report sort to tarnish his hard earned reputation instead of critically assessing the prevailing conditions that led to some of the technical and administrative lapses that occurred before and during the Maputo Games.

“I noted with grave disappointment the unfortunate and inescapable situation where the Report of the Committee was published in the press when indeed I have not responded officially to its finding.

“I still identify myself in this Report with the last paragraph of the terms of references captured in the letter of appointment of the Committee dated 30th September 2011, that the report of the committee’s findings was to focus on identifying problems, why the problems occurred, the quality of their resolution and most importantly lessons learnt from it for effective sports development in Ghana”. Agra noted.

The Director General said it is unfortunate that the Report of the Committee’s findings did not reflect the letter and the spirit of the terms of the reference given to the Committee but an attempt to bastardise and attack his person and office.

He noted that he acted in good faith to ensure Ghana attained one of the best results in the history of the All Africa Games, adding that \the smiles on the faces of the youth who came home with 20 medals’ was a tribute to the hard and bold reforms that had taken place in the NSA on his assumption of office.

Agra stated in the 12 page document that even though there were challenges, he strongly believed that with the honest cooperation of all stakeholders in the administration of sports in Ghana, the challenges could be surmounted.

“I finally wish to reiterate that I have discharged my duties as the boss of the NSA diligently, effectively, and efficiently since I assumed office and would continue in that capacity in the interest of Ghana sports.” He stated.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports on September 30, 2011 formed a Committee to identify problems, why the problems occurred, the quality of their resolution and most importantly lessons learnt from the 2011 All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique.

The report implicated the NSA boss for violation of procurement laws, corruption and excessive power in the hands of Agra, leading to the award of a contract worth 620,000 dollars without going through the due process among other charges. GNA

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