NGO’s urged to invest in malaria control in Ghana

As part of activities Marking this year’s World Malaria Day the Yendi Area Child Development Programme (YACDP) through the support of Christian Children Fund of Cauada (CCFC) have embarked on monthly cleaning exercise in Gbungabliga , Zugu, Kpachiyili, Adibo among others in the Yendi Municipality in controlling Malaria the number one killer in the Municipality. 1000 pregnant women and breast feeding mothers provided with Treated Insecticide mosquitoes Nets (INT).

The Programme Coordinator for Assemblies of God Relief and Development Services (AGREDS) in Yendi Mr. George Maalug Kombia announced this when he addressed people from Zugu, Gbungbaliga, Kpachiyili and Adibo Communities at the Yendi Area Child Programme Conference Hall as part of World Malaria Day Celebration at Yendi in the Yendi Municipality of Northern Region.

Mr. Kombia used the occasion to called on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other Civil Service Organisations to supplement the Government, Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service efforts by investing in malaria control in Ghana.

He stated that the World Malaria Day was establishe in 2007 by the 60th session of World Health Assembly, the decision- making body of World Health Organistion. He indicated that the day was established to provide “education and understanding of Malaria” and spread information on year long intensified implementation of national malaria control strategies in including community based activities for malaria prevention and treatment endemic area.

He said prior to the establishment of World Malaria Day, Africa Malaria Day was held on April 25. Mr. Kombia indicated that Africa Malaria Day began in 2001, one year after the historic Abuja Declaration was signed by 44 African malaria endemic countries at the African summit on malaria.

He said these years theme World Malaria Day 2012 sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria which marks a decisive juncture in the historic of malaria control is very appropriate. He said whether the malaria map will keep shrinking, as it has in the past decade or be reclaimed by the malaria parasites depends to a great extent on the resources that will be invested in control efforts over the next years. He announced that AGREDS, Yendi Area Child Development Programme through CCFC Sponsorship have worked to help achieve the Millieniem Development Goals (MDGS) with a focus on pre natal care, Immunization, Child nutrition, school feeding and medical treatment which has reduced mortality rate and ensured that children complete school.

Mr. Kombia noted that some of these health and nutrition intervention include, 25 sick children mostly of malaria case have been supported to get medical help, 200 house holds educated on National Health Insurance Scheme (NHS) to reduce the cost of malaria treatment, 5000 children dewormed in 40 communities supported by CCFC among others. Mr. Kombia said strategies have been mapped this year to support the Yendi Municipal Assembly’s relentless efforts in controlling malaria the number one killer in the area.

He said two awards will be instituted this year in their operation as way of encouraging communities to attempt eradicating malaria.

He said there will also be Best Clean Community Award and Open Defication Free (ODF) community under the Community led total Sanitation (CLTS) GNA

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