Avert UTAG and TEWU unrest before it is too late

The University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) on Monday condemned the bureaucratic delays that had led to the threats of strike action by the UTAG and TEWU members on the University campuses and called for the resolution of the issue before it became catastrophic.

It said in a statement on Monday that delays in paying legitimate salaries and arrears to UTAG and TEWU members is what has caused the strike threats which, if not checked quickly, would trickle down to the university students who suffer in paying the huge deficit.

A statement in Accra and copied the Ghana News Agency (GNA) called on both institutions to restructure their mechanism to avoid any future threats of strike actions.

“In avoidance of further aggravation of the strike threats which has just started in UCC and UG, USAG wishes to caution the state apparatus to avoid any subsequent delays in the payment of salaries due lecturers and other university workers,” the statement said.

The students said university students do suffer to pay their AFUF and RFUF and for that matter any person whose negligence might cause unnecessary delays leading to strike actions would not be taken kindly.

The statement expressed appreciation and acknowledgement of the good work of university lecturers and other workers but appealed to them through the UTAG and TEWU leadership of UCC and other universities to exercise restraint in their quest because the university students needed their services. GNA

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