Religious leaders advised to be politically neutral

The Bishop of the Koforidua Diocese of the Methodist Church, Right Very Frederich Nnuroh has advised religious leaders to be politically neutral and not to openly demonstrate their political affiliations if they were to successfully manage their religious organizations.

He explained that the congregation of a church for example, could be made up of people of different political persuasions and any open demonstration of the leader of his or her support for one party or the other could undermine the trust of some members of the congregation in the leader.

Bishop Nnuroh was speaking at the induction service of Very Reverend Kingsley Kwame Sarpong as the new Superintendent Minister of Apedwa Circuit of the Methodist Church at the Gethsemane Methodist Church at Apedwa on Sunday.

Very Rev. Sarpong is the 9th Superintendent Minister for the Circuit which was crated in 1989 and he was taking over from Very Rev. Thomas Donkor who had been transferred from the circuit.

He advised the new Superintendent Minister to be humble and respect the views of the people in the circuit to enable him win their support and charged him to work hard to ensure the creation of the Kyebi Circuit of the Church.

He said the Apedwa Circuit of the church is a poor circuit and urged Very Rev. Sarpong to use his experience as a trained manage to effectively manage the resources of the circuit .

Very Rev. Sarpong, a graduate in Business Administration promised to help the members of the circuit to develop their spiritual gifts through evangelism and counseling.

He also pledged to use his knowledge in business development to help the members of the circuit to develop their small scale businesses, especially their farming ventures. GNA

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