Wa – West District which was created in 2004 with it capital Wechiau, to bring development to the door steps of the people however, if care is not taken as who becomes the administrative head of the district, the people may not realize this dream.
Let me first of all say a very big thank you to the Regional executives as well as the executives of both Wa – West and sissala West for the matured way in which they vetted the candidates. That is what we expect from our leaders.
Let me also contribute to an earlier story that was published on vibe Ghana web site on the 14th of January 2012 under opinions about who to become the next DCE. It was interesting and it seems the earlier writer did not know the candidates very well. As a student of Law at the university of development studies, Wa – West I have interacted with all the seven candidates who presented themselves for vetting. We must not hide the true identity and character of any of the candidates as the position they are to occupy is sensitive. These were some of the factors that were not taking into consideration before the outgone DCE was appointed. What did not happened .

The seven (7) candidates that applied for the position were: Patrick Farouck Bandanaa of Wechiau, Mr Yussif of Dolimo,Mr Adams of Dolimo,Madam Adishietu of Dolimo,Mr Haruna of Dolimo, Mr Hafiz Seidu of Dolimo and Mr Momori Abu Mark of Ga. Out of the seven five came from Dolimo, one from Wechiau and one from Ga. Lets look at their personalities as to whether they are fit for the highest office in Wa-West.
Mr Yussif popularly known as teacher Yussif is the deputy regional organizer of the ruling NDC in the Upper West Region. He is also a government appointee and also with youth employment. Mr Yussif is the oldest among the seven . Yussif records have not been straight to the best of my knowledge. Mr Yussif was my teacher at the basic education level. He had an illicit sexual affair with a pupil and also made advances towards a female teacher in the school which was not successful and decided to make the work of the teacher very difficult. He was nearly sacked had it not being the intervention of some opinion leaders in Dolimo. Mr Yussif has no credible financial records the least we talk about it the better. Making sexual advances towards minors and with very poor financial records, I do not think he can occupy the higher office of Wa-West. There are still many and BNI can investigate.
Madam Adishietu was the only female in the race. She works with GES and an active lady. She is the daughter of one time member of parliament for Wa central Mr M .A Seidu. By custom and in my opinion Adisheitu cannot head the higher office in Wa-West since she is a married women in another constituency and district. Adisheitu Political ambitions should be towards her husband’s Polical location. She would have qualified to stand if she was single. Besides these, she is a nice lady and very respectful.
Farouck Bandanaaan, who came from no where and thinks the people of Wa – West are suffering in the hands of their MP came and contest Hon.Chireh in the parliamentary primaries. He however lost woefully and decided to take part in the race of becoming the DCE. The problem I have with Farouck is the disrespect he showed the constituency executives and the Dupty Upper West Regional Minister during the parliamentary vetting. He showed further that he was not a committed member after loosing to Chireh and made it public that he was going to run independent. In all spheres of life respect is paramount and should always be given to our superiors. He is however not qualified under my opinion because he will rival Chireh and that will not be good for us in Wa West .
Mr Haruna who is into illegal mining activities in Obuasi and do not come home even for our funerals only came home when he had the information about the vacancy. Illigal mining is against the laws of Ghana and some one who go against these laws wants to become DCE. Will our natural vegetation be safe? he is a total stranger and should not be given the knot
Mr Adams is also from Dolimo Maase where the former DCE is from. He stood as an assembly man and lost. The character of Adams is nothing to ride home about. He went into secret deals with the former DCE in the award of some contracts. He recently defrauded a friend who entrusted his building into his hands. In my opinion he will not be the best man for Wa West at this moment since he lacks the convincing power in politics. His people have no confidence in him which resulted in him loosing the district Assembly elections. It will not also be fair to have another DCE coming from Maase.
M r Hafiz is one of the strong NDC members in the district always going round with the MP, Hon Chireh. Before one can be a successful leader one should do away with pride and should be able to keep secrets. This is what he is lacking. With the recent parliamentary primaries he came out with certain secrets he should not have done. Polities he should know is not by force , is about convincing and persuading.
The last candidate Mark Abu Momori who is entirely from a different zone Ga zone and was my mate in the University. I however could not come out with any thing bad about Momori in my secret investigations. Mark is an eloquent speaker, courageous and very confident. He is very respectful and always willing to help. He has been a student leader in the district some time a ago. He is known by his people as Abu and not Mark or Momori. This was a problem encountered during my secret investigations. He has made himself popular across the region through radio discussions where his political standing is always too glare. I tried as much as possible to get something bad about him and could not find. I was surprise when I was told he never had any misunderstanding with anybody since childhood.He actually commands respect from his people.The problem with mark is his generosity, if given the knot whether he will not distribute our money to people.
These are seven candidates with their weakness and strengths, Do we need development or leaders? If we need development then NDC as a party should look at the candidates very well. We are at the grass roots and know these candidates very well. Regional and constitution executives will be surprise at these revelations. I grew up with some in Dolimo and I know who they are. I have no interest in any candidate or have the interest in tarnishing anybody’s image and if any candidate feels what is said here about him or her is not true ,should throw the challenge.
I lent our executives short listed three candidates for the finally vetting and consideration in Accra, care must be taken in coming out with the final decision. Beside the performance at the vetting and their characters listed above, Wa west if care is not taken at the pattern in which DCE’S are appointed will one day become a trouble spot. Useless by laws regulating where a DCE should come from should be abolished because such bye laws will not be in force if the opposition should come to power.
In Dolimo, we have a big problem as far as political appointments are concern. This should be looked at seriously. To solve this problem the position should be given to Mark Abu Momori since he is from a neutral ground and a strong political activist. This is the time NDC needs Mark Abu Momori most because by the appointment of mark , the NPP parliamentary candidate who is also from the same area will be useless. Mark talks for the party and NDC has been winning massively in his zone as compared to other zones in the constituency.
In conclusion there is every justification as to why Momori should be appointed. We should think of how to grow NDC as a political entity and not for our personal interest . I will also take this opportunity to appeal to the appointment committee to look in to the candidates with all seriousness.
Thank you.

Adams A Salia

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