Clergyman declares 2012 year of divine approval

A clergyman on New Year Day tagged “2012 as the Year of Divine Approval,” and called on Ghanaians to walk in accordance with God’s mandate for the nation.

“God has put His approval on Ghana, our leaders – political, secular and religious must acknowledged and seek for the divine direction in all our undertakings to attract the blessings of God which makes a nation, and individual prosperous.

“Under the divine mandate God is going to elevate the nation, unearth hidden talents and resources, bring to prominence all those who have been subdued,” the Reverend Fitzgerald Odonkor, Head Pastor of Harvest Chapel International, Accra, said in a New Year Message.

He warned Christians against compromising the truth as said “we must stand for the truth, compromising Christianity is over…”

Rev. Odonkor noted that the parameters for attracting divine approval hinges on information and said ignorance has hampered Africa’s development and service to God.

The Evergreen Harvest Gospel Choir, led by an Accra-based legal practitioner, Elder Bethel Donkor, performed “Destined to Win,” by Degarmo and Key, as an affirmation of the mandate on the nation.

The song assured to all people with light in their hearts, and love in their eyes not to worry when the mountains seem of infinite size as there was someone who would ahead to calm the sea.

The Congregation danced to the glory of God, amidst shout of victory. GNA

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