Accept family planning methods – Okyere

Mr Amos Adu Okyere, Project Coordinator of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) has appealed to Muslims to accept family planning methods and help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

He said they should ensure that their family sizes were such that their budgets could conveniently accommodate.

He made the appeal at a day’s workshop held to educate Muslims on safe motherhood which was jointly organized by the PPAG and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Kumasi.

The workshop brought together more than 60 missionaries of the mission drawn from all parts of the country.

Mr Okyere said looking at the global economic situation it was important for parents to space child birth to enable them to give proper care and education to the children.

Mr Hafiz Ahmad Jibreel Saeed Naib, Ameer III of the Ahmadiyya Mission, who spoke on the “Islamic perspective on family planning”, said although Islam did not accept the view that man could not find enough food to feed the population of the world, the reality was that there were problems of malnutrition, famine and underfed children and thus family planning should be taken seriously.

He said top Muslim scholars around the world had issued “Fatwas” or religious edicts declaring the practice as legal and a non-breach of Islamic teachings adding that what they opposed was vasectomy because it was not reversible, at least, for now. GNA

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