Ghana’s President Slams David Cameron: you can’t threaten us with gay aid!

President John Evans Atta Mills has called the bluff of UK Prime Minister David Cameron over the latter’s threat to cut aid to countries with anti-gay legislation.

The president, speaking to journalists in response to Prime Minister Cameron’s threat to cut UK aid to African countries which abuse the rights of gay citizens, said Ghana will not capitulate to the United Kingdom or any country for that matter.

“No one can deny Prime Minister Cameron his right to make policies, take initiatives or make statements that reflect his societal norms and ideals but he does not have the right to direct other sovereign nations as to what they should do especially where their societal norms and ideals are different from those which exist in Prime Minister’s society,” he stated.

He said Ghana will not legalise homosexuality on the say-so of Mr Cameron.

“I as president of this nation will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana,” he asserted.

President Mills maintained that Britain cannot tell Ghana what to do on her cultural and moral values.

Ghana, he said, will continue to operate within its constitution regardless of any threats from any country.

The President said Ghana will not accept aid with conditions which have the tendency to destroy the social fabric of the society.

“Let me also say that whiles we acknowledge all the financial assistance and all the aid which has been given to us by our development partners, we will not accept any aid with strings attached if that aid will not inure to our interest or the implementation or the utilisation of that aid with strings attached would rather worsen our plight as a nation or destroy the very society that we want to use the money to improve,” the president talked tough.

Source: Joyfm


  1. Enongene Louis Ejolle

    Does Cameron think Ghana is the UK gov't he can manipulate as he wishes? If they want to get on with such immoral acts, then they should continue to do that in the Uk. This is what the Russian gov't recently taked about; western interference with other Sovereign states.

  2. point of correction Adam and not Abraham

  3. Oh what a shame to the man all people should set eyes on!!!. it is apporling, these people are absolutely disgusting and very APPORLLING that THIS MAN cameroon should come out with this unconditionality OF gaysm for aid. Is the aid free or ………………..
    Tell him that they were the VERY people who came out with Bible to Africa and this Bible highlighted that God created Abraham and later released that he God has to make ABRAHAM FEEL COMFORTABLE, therefore God created Eve AND NOT HE GOAT LIKE CAMAEROON.

  4. This speech from our President is the best,and i think in Africa we need to deal with any gay people.
    It`s really a bad spirit and it brings bad image to the country,look at Thailand and some countries like Japan british,america and others are all bad country,but we thinking is a good countries.
    This whites need our down fall again.
    Bad people in this world are whites.We blacks need to stop asking them for money and think and work ourselves and Africa country need to stop giving out our raw materials to this white countries.

  5. God bless GHANA ….I am Jamaican by birth but a proud AFRICAN DESENDANT….Great Speech president President JOHN EVEANS ATTA MILLS!

  6. i really have hope and thank God when i hear men like Atta mills speak, it brings joy to find that evil can not thrive when good men like him do not keep quiet like the weakling of a president of my country Nigeria. It is good to see that while he hides in aso rock getting drunk other men in africa are standing against proliferatio of our motherland with disgusting and repulsive alien debauchery. We have not forced on the british any form of sexuality, they should not come and force us to permit sodomy. keep your filthy wealth and lucre, we will survive, afterall, it was and still is the resources forcefilly taken, shamefully stolen during the colonial period that created the wealth

  7. Praise n honour be to God for making my Beloved country Ghana,people with a reasoning capacity in conformity with Biblical rule. We will follow NATURE, not BRITIAN. WE ARE NOT SODOM AND GOMORAH. God thanks for profecy is being fulfilled. Who will be the next under victim of world power greatly under the irrepressible governance of SATAN.

  8. we really want cameron to divorce his wife nd marry a man.he is not wise,is he trying to say he is wiser than GOD.GOD punish him and may GOD ALMIGHTY make him loose his position

  9. god bless President John Evans Atta Mills.for good speech

  10. cameron is insane where will he be if his father marries a man like his type by the way is not his fault bcos our African leaders always ask these white skin, black heart thieves for aid.
    U.k we are wise now to choose from good and bad pls keep ur curse aid I”m black man and love having sex with beautiful women God has created for me.even goats don’t do that in Ghana except white foolish man like cameron ,WO YE ABOA MU ABOA WO MAME TWE KWASEA KWASEA ,THANK U PRESIDENT MILLS I”M PROUD OF YOU NOW AS GHANAIAN

  11. Rev. Peter Clement

    l am very proud for the firm stand our Honorable Leaders has taken against homosexuality. Nature even tells us it never right for a moral man or woman to practice this filthy act. This act is not even known among the animal kingdom. This act is insanity upon insanity. God never intended man to live such a life. We the Africans call it taboo and God calls it abomination. Homosexual which the Bible calls Sodomy is sin against God and man. Ghanaian should continue to stand for their moral right and encourage other nations to follow and see Ghana prosper. Ghana will forever trust, obey and serve God. Mother Ghana will continue to be VICTORIOUS and PROSPEROUS. GOD BLESS MOTHER GHANA..!

  12. I realy tank d president 4 his sensibl speech. God is realy going to punish dis stupid white prime minister. The president shud hav evn told dem to go to hel

  13. Good day to all Ghanaians, I would precisely like to thank God Almighty for His chosen President for Ghana. Such a peaceful, humble, acceptable, respectable and most of all God fearing man of God as our President. He has really started building up the nation. I personally totally agree on President Mills statement on the homosexual art or the so called gay. Such an abomination act would never be accepted before implementation in Ghana. God keep Prof. Atta Mills and Ghana as a country.

  14. Nobody should dictate what other nations should do but at the same time we have to respect the rights of every individual. I dont think we should go lynching everybody who is gay or lesbian in Ghana. If we do that then we are not better of than the KKK in the States. They lynched blacks just because they were black. We should instead try to understand why someone is a Lesbian or homosexual. People don´t become lesbians or homosexuals they are what ever they are. We should not deprive them that right.

    • Please shut up, how can you compare racism to this case of faggots?
      people are born black, they can change the pigmentation of their skin. A man born with a dick decides fat he wants to shove it up another mans ass. And you think that is the same with being black? Are you stupid? In fact I don’t need to ask, it is evident.


    Well done President.So the Queen supports this shamefull and babaric act in Britain.We regret Britain is our colonial masters.

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