Two presidential Candidates will die before election 2012 – Prophet predicts

A prophet with the Christ Adventist Church, Apostle Addo Agyekum has predicted that two presidential aspirants will die before the 2012 elections.

According to him, the prophecy was revealed to him by God as a warning to Ghanaians to change from their evil ways so the prophecy can be reversed.

Apostle Addo Agyekum, who was speaking on Nyame Abode Ye Hu programme on Adom FM Thursday, disclosed that one of the candidates will die in an accident while the other will die from a chronic ailment.

He stated that the death of the two presidential candidates will force the Electoral Commission to postpone the general elections which will cause tension, may result in armed conflict and the death of several people.

Apostle Agyekum said Wednesday’s devastating flood was an initial warning and reminder from God that Ghana has sinned against him and needs to return to him and ask for forgiveness.

He warned of more disasters if Ghanaians do not amend their ways. “We will experience another devastating flood in January and that will be the beginning of more serious floods to come in the rainy season of 2012,” he said.

He was quick to add that God has offered Ghana time to amend its ways and declare a stand on homosexuality and other social vices that are detestable to Him.

Apostle Addo Agyekum, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tete Atempong Herbal and Prayer Centre said he plans to meet the President to inform him of the prophecy.

“I will do it when the time comes and I don’t care if the security officers will beat me, I will present it to the President at God’s own appointed time,” he said.

The revelation is just one of the many predictions by men of God concerning the upcoming general elections.

Source: Adom-news


  1. I think the pastors should rather pray for the nation to continue shouldering the PEACE she has before and now.Sometimes some people want their names to be heard.God has blessed this country already.The ONLY person who wanted to destroy the nation is Rawlings but God did not give him upper hand.God bless Ghana Ameeeeeeeeeeeen

  2. Why some pastors are awesome,sme says God is 31st may some too say rain wil fall 3 day continuesly now president wil die b4 nxt year election.God 4gve them 4 they nt kwn wat they r doin.

  3. These pastors are idiots.

    • These so-called Prophets should be charged with inciting violence and if found giuty, be given long prison sentences.

      •  Kofi and Acquaye, If you don’t understand or believe any word from Pastors or Prophets, you shouldn’t make unnecessary noise. You end up speaking against God and the Holy Spirit. I will advise you keep silence if you don’t understand or believe any word from a Pastor or Prophets.
        We need a national repentance as the people of Nineveh did during Prophet Jonah’s time. >>> “a word”

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