Gaddafi Killed By Libya NTC Fighters

Provisional government officials in Libya say former leader Moammar Gadhafi has died after being wounded during a battle for control of the town of Sirte. The reports have not been independently confirmed.

Earlier Thursday, military leaders in the National Transitional Council (NTC) said Gadhafi had been taken into custody, and that he was badly wounded.

NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil is expected to address the nation soon.

NTC fighters raised the new Libyan flag in the center of Sirte Thursday morning, and celebratory gunfire and car horns replaced the sniper fire and heavy weaponry that had sounded through the city for weeks.

The capture of Sirte comes near two months after forces loyal to the NTC took control of the capital Tripoli, forcing leader Gadhafi and his family to flee. His son Muatassim is believed to have been among those fighting in Sirte, where NTC fighters conducted a house to house search of the last areas of resistance.

The declaration of victory in Sirte is expected to set in motion a series of political moves leading to elections, a new government and a new constitution – a massive undertaking country that has had 40 years of arbitrary, one-man rule.

The capture follows NTC success in another pro-Gadhafi bastion, Bani Walid, earlier this week. Fighting still continues in southern areas of the country, the vast desert regions bordering Niger, Algeria and Chad. But control of Gadhafi’s hometown provides a geographic as well as symbolic victory, uniting the main population corridor along the coast from east to west.

Libya scholar Ziad Akl of the Ahram Center in Cairo says Gadhafi forces are in a struggle for survival.

“The forces that are pro-Gadhafi, first of all, they are not politically organized, they are not strategically outlined, and they are not fighting actually to gain ground,” said Akl. “They are simply trying to defend the positions they have and stop the revolution from moving on and this is a time- constrained battle.”

If that is the case, a major portion of that battle ended Thursday. voa


  1. Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Clinton, Obama and the rule of Law

    We are a nation of laws. We are signatories to the Geneva Convention. We flooded Libya with CIA agents instructed, among other things to help the “Rebels” find and capture Moamar Gaddafi. And bring him to justice as provided for by our Constitution and by the Geneva Convention.

    If NATO was able to, with the assistance of the Bush/Clinton/ CIA Cocaine Cabal…if NATO was able to employ smart bombs, Cruise Missiles, radar site jamming and hundreds of CIA agents on the ground, you’d think that they would have equipped the Rebels with stun grenades, tasers and stun guns. And specifically instructed these “Rebels” that, under no circumstances are Gaddafii and his sons and his generals…under no circumstances were these people to be killed! Because…because, these people know where the 20,000 Stinger Missiles are hidden throughout this vast desert land. Because these Stinger Missiles will surely be sold to the highest bidders…and will stalk domestic airliners around the globe. For the next thirty years! And furthermore, because we, a Nation of Laws, do not do business that way.

    Finally, I find it ironic that the disbarred Illinois lawyer/president and the lawyer wife of another disbarred /lawyer President….I find it ironic that these two lawyer politicians, who are increasingly unpopular with Citizens who “elected” them….I find it ironic that it is these two lawyers who are, once again, crowing about the role that they played in yet another political assassination! In violation of the very Constitution that they swore to protect and defend.

    Hillary Watcher
    Little Rock

  2. do we want to be ruled by the same white who enslaved us in the name of donation?

  3. When Nkrumah was overthrown didn’t we in Ghana danced in the streets? What is happening now in Ghana? Are we not worshipping him now? We realised our foolishness submitting our intelligence to the imperialist lies against our great leader. In fact, The people of Libya will realise very soon their foolishness.

  4. Africans have lost a leader yet again under the spiteful intentions of Western governments whose interests are nothing but economics to their own people.

    It surely is heart breaking to see AFRICANS both home and abroad, sing and dance to the tunes set by our former SLAVE MASTERS.

    Until the philosophies that held our mindsets to think that we are inferior to the WEST is broken, there would always be NATO!!

    Until Africans learn to identify true visionaries for African unity, there would be NATO!!

    To the AMITS and MATTS and AWURADEBASAs of this world., l say AFRICANS NEED TO STAND TALL AND CREATE A UNITED FRONT THAT CAN PREVENT certified rogue organistions like NATO to have the final say in AFRICAN AFFAIRS!!

    • Did you see the lifestyles of Ghadafi’s children?
      One of his sons had a share worth $200 million in AC Millan.
      You think that was ok??/
      You’re a million miles behind creation…pity

  5. We Ghanaians will soon go after that BASTARD JJ Rawlings for the killings of innocent Ghannaians and stealings of our industries.

  6. If he was trialed by the UN, he would have been sent to jail for life and would be treated too fairly. I am glad he was killed before that could happen. I doubt his soul will rest in peace since it will more than likely be in hell where he belongs.

  7. The man who told Amin to drive Asians away from Uganda is alas, no more! We hold no grudge against this dictator as such, because we are taught to forgive our tormentors; however, it is a pity that such a vile man lived amongst us in the 21st century creating havoc for his country folk. This only shows that the “world’s voice” in the name of NATO and UN mostly act on the basis of strategic interests of the first world nations like the US, UK and France. Others are second or third grade. However, I will not dispute this point as such; the ground reality is and has always been: “beggars cannot be choosers”

  8. NATO fighters are all murderers. how can you kill such a person without trial.
    col. Ghadafi has every right to call them rats and murderers.

    the NATO commanders have to be tried for murder.
    this is just the beginning of a third world war.

    may he soul rest in peace.

    UN is never fair. it has to be dissolved.

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