Zambia: The dawn of ‘Rupiah-Bandacracy’ in Africa (2)

In all functional democratic nations, electioneering campaigns are always characterized by many promises by the contesting groups. Manifestos which are documentations of each party’s propramme of action, if voted into power, are always put to the back-burner while empty promises freely flow from various types of mouths on campaign plat-forms. Self-decency and respect for the intelligence of the ordinary Ghanaian then become the first casualties in order to pave way for abject senselessness by absolutely block-headed vagabonds to engage in frenzied ‘abodam-talk’.

Political opponents are literally torn into shreds with highly caustic vituperative nonsense. What the become the order of the day is metaphysical promises of how lives of the poor will be changed, within a twinkle of an eye, into levels of prosperity that will make even the oil-sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, go green with envy.

Rupiah-Banda’s campaign message

Banda, whose election campaign was rumored to be funded by China (an accusation he vehemently denied while refusing to disclose who his financial backers were), promised “stability, security and prosperity” through “cementing the warm and strong relationship” between the two countries. He promised to ensure that the foothold the Chinese have in Zambia became even stronger if given a second term.

He knew he owed them because, when international copper prices dropped steeply in early 2009,as a result of the global financial crisis, Western mining corporations retreated from Zambia, leading to the closure of mines and the loss of thousands of jobs. Chinese investors stepped in and rescued the sector.

In 2010, Zambia’s copper industry raked in a total of $7.2 billion mainly due to higher prices. With that, copper was responsible for 70% of Zambia’s export earnings. However, these revenues hardly benefited Zambians. No investments were made to improve standards of health and education. There were also widespread allegations of Chinese firms ignoring environmental and labor laws to reap higher profits while the government turned a blind eye.

Inspite of this glaring discontentment amongst the citizenry, president Rupiah-Banda insisted that business relationships with China were a “win-win situation” for both countries and creating economic stability in Zambia. Again, The Chinese Deputy Commerce Minister Chen Jian, shamelessly, told the Associated Press that “Chinese investors have brought not only capital and technology but also job opportunities and tax revenue” to Zambia.

And to make matters worse, the people of Zambia virtually lost control over their resources while China’s grip on Zambia’s economy actually pinnacled in August when China opened a branch of its Bank of China in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. There, customers can deposit Yuan without having to go through foreign exchange which is the first in Africa.

Zambians opt for Rupiah-Bandacracy

In the end, all the excessively high affinity for Chinese loans woefully failed to perform that single magic of ensuring the retention of Rupiah-Banda in power for a second term. This trail that has been blazed by the Zambian people, must be a wake-up call to hopelessly visionless block-headed African leaders who are under chronic illusion that, once voted into power, they will always end up serving two-terms in office irrespective of their shambolic performance.

And to honour the good people of Zambia for being this bold to display such level of boldness, I have decided to rename their system of governance as “Rupiah-Bandacracy” instead of democracy. And for those who might be wondering what “Rupiah-Bandacracy” is all about, it simply means:
1. The rule of a president who used to be a vice president and won the presidency with a slim margin.

2. High appetite for massive Chinese loans

3. His tenure is characterized by being extremely slow to act, weak to lead, excessive appetite for bogus Chinese loans, collapse of health service, massive unemployment and inability to control his frighteningly incompetent but efficiently abusive appointees.

4 The largest opposition party with Michael Sata as its flag-bearer, has the name, Patriotic Front (PF).Here there is “PATRIOTIC” in the name just like the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which is the current biggest opposition party in Ghana.

5. The then governing political party, led by now defeated Rupiah-Banda, is called Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD). The catch-word here, again, is “DEMOCRACY” which is also part of the name of the current Atta-Mills-led National DEMOCRATIC Congress (NDC).

6. Finally, and most important of all, he is a one-term president.

Rupiah-Bandacracy award

Now, after commending the good people of Zambia for this great electoral feat, and to keep the hopes of citizens of all African countries very much alert, when it come to dealing with their non-performing leaders, I would also advocate for a foundation to be set by the comatose AU.

This body will be called “Rupiah-Bandacracy Foundation”. All African states will be levied and a special account set up. Moneys accrued in this account will then be used as the prize money to financially reward citizens of any African nation who display amazing level of political awareness by kicking out of office, a leader who promises them honey during electioneering campaign and deliver to them a highly concentrated concoction of chloroquine, quinine, Alafia-bitters and living-bitters. This money can be used to either build a school or health centre, in a deprived area of the awardee country.

Qualification criteria

1. The voting out of such a leader must be after his first term. In other-words, he/she must be denied a second term of office through a legitimate, free, fair, transparent and EC-invading-free.

2. The defeat must be convincingly comprehensive.

3. This award ceremony must be organized on the scale of the Nobel Peace Prize and broadcast live to all African nations. The venue must be at the national stadium of the country in focus and the citation accompanying the award must be read by the losing one-term president.

Mission of Rupiah-Bandacracy

The prize money to the awardee nation must be invested in the area of health and education. So for example; a school or clinic can be built in an extremely deprived area of the country where the people have bore the brunt of the immediate past administration.

And when this happens, citizens across the length and breadth of the country, particularly the rural dwellers who are often taken for granted by gluttonous and deceptive criminals masquerading as politicians, to be aware that if they put useless dogmatic political activism aside and vote according to the level of hunger, emptiness of pockets, on-existent health-care facilities, dilapidated school structures and so on, then they will always be the ultimate winners.

Vision of Rupiah-Bandacracy

The current phenomenon of greedy political office holders and visionless presidents who deceive their citizenry with heavily sugar-coated promises during electioneering campaign, only to turn round and stuff their own pockets with state monies, while neglecting the ordinary voter to continue wallowing in grinding poverty, will then be a thing of the past.

The shameful practice of totally incompetent leaders who ride on the backs of their poor masses to get political power only to neglect them for four years and return to them with ‘kako’ and salt to buy their votes, will then be a thing of the past since the people would have then come to the point of realization that, they stand to gain, in the long-term, by voting out a useless government after its first term in office, than trading their voting power for a calabash of salt, a piece of ‘kako’,bentoa,kuraba’ and other demeaning items to a people by a leader whose very total visionlessness has resulted their peoples’ impecunious.

And when this is done, the poor people who must have felt deceived by this one-term president will then get a direct feel of what a determined people stand to gain when they put their dogmatic political lenses aside by making decisions that has direct bearing on the level of hunger in their stomachs and emptiness of their already tattered pockets, at the polls.

Ghana is ready for Rupiah-Bandacracy

So Ghanaians, please take note and make the necessary adjustments to both your English vocabulary, and also, go to the polling station in December 2012 and make a decision, motivated only, by the untimely death of STX, one-time health insurance premium, our streets becoming just like those of Switzerland in terms of environmental cleanliness, fight against profligate expenditure.

Ghanaians, a second term for a sitting government is not a right but a privilege which must be earned by way of delivering on very lofty campaign promises. Those who win elections by propounding excessively delusional promises during electioneering campaigns, only to turn round and engage in senseless diatribes against political opponents instead of delivering on their illusionist campaign promises, must be shown the exit at the polls with much alacrity!!!

Lessons for Ghana

It is only when we rise up and emulate this shining example of good people of Zambia, that we can see a change clearly on the horizon. This will guarantee us a leader who will think outside-the-box and be in firm control of his position as an able and competent first chief executive officer of the state of Ghana, and a true commander-in-chief of our nation’s armed forces who people will not dare take critical and sensitive governmental decisions, solely reserved for the president, at his blind-side.

Long-live Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, long-live the great ‘Osono’ family and God bless our home-land Ghana!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

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    Did not read the whole article… is one..Bank of china has been in Zambia for over 13 years…depositing yuan…is not a threat to to zambia..but to the dollar as a reserve currency lol….average journalist…if the blind leads the blind….u finish the rest if you are educated…or should we invite the whites back who know it ? not sure…white or chinese….at least they will bring KNOWLEDGE….rather than this nationalist factual ignoramus nonsence….

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