Why is NDC so divisive in Ghana Politics?

It’s difficult to understand the desperate acts of this collection of individuals in Ghana are ruling NDC. At the time the world is bringing people together and the Cold War is a distant memory, the NDC Political Party never stops dividing families, clans, tribes, local communities and the Nation at large.

They divide Ghanaians according to tribal groupings and language and religion and chieftaincy. All for political domination, to remain in power to abuse the little God given resource we need to help poor people of this little country. It’s because of what they would get that they covet power in such outlandish fashion.

This man Sekou Toure Kwame Nkrumah is a man of valour and honour and is beginning to believe in his principles and beliefs. You do not become a child of a Legend for nothing. It’s the same blood of a great man whether you like it or not and as the Fantes say “Okoto nwo anoma”. Didn’t he do well to have boycotted the event to go home, having come to know the vindictiveness and bitterness of the people who rule Ghana?

Ghanaians themselves, even from reactions of these bitter minded contributors on Ghana webs, are just as snivelling and unloving as a people, who are easily taken in by miscreants that undermine good people in the country.

Take this case for example. How many days in a year will this event are hosted to honour Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah’s Birthday? If for one day the family of Kwame Nkrumah sits together will it be a crime? Do we all have to follow the same ideology and philosophy in life? Do these NDC people know that Dr Agama and Clement Sowu have died to leave Ghana behind?

NDC are so divisive it corrodes and discolours the social organisation of a unitary state and the examples abound:

Families: Sekou Nkrumah won’t be allowed to sit with his family because he has left NDC. Why? How can you adore somebody dead so many years ago but despise and reject the blood relation or son of the same person for few minutes of glory? Are families not the bedrock of society?

Clans: Atta Mills even attends mosques to show his caring human side but then he divides the Moslem Abudu and Andaani clans of Dagbon, born into the same blood lineage and only in dispute. How can any sane leader take sides in an ancient conflict? You hear of NDC people saying ewes don’t like NPP; Hausas don’t like NPP; Fantes are for NDC; Adze wo fie oye they cry out aloud…Why? How can tribal groupings be politicised to follow a single party…for what reason? Is a tribe a philosophy or an ideology or rather a group of people with diverse attributes that come together under a single authority for common aspirations? Even among clans they are divided into ‘Ebusua’ and yet they stay together! Why NDC does promote tribalism when we need to be together? Is it not the same “Divide and Rule” of Colonialism Nkrumah fought against to make his mark in the pantheons of great people?

Tribes: Look at what NDC had done to the Gas. This tribe has done a lot for Ghana giving its land to the country at the expense of the poor tribesmen. Yet NDC is the only government to date which has divided the poor Gas by helping to appoint another Paramount Chief even when there is a substantive one in power. Why? NDC leaders were heavily involved in the enstoolment. Preceding this was their open snob of the Ga Mantse by the same NDC government functionaries who refused to give invitation to the Chief to attend State Functions in Accra. Then their refusal to recognise the Homowo before they finally used the BNI to enstool an NDC supporting Chief. They did the same in Anlo when they revived a long standing dispute to impose an ex-convict on as the Awoemefia because he is an NDC financier.

They then turned to Cape Coast where they nearly brought a peaceful community to a war by publicly encouraging its NDC supporting Chief to publicly snob the Leader of Opposition until the chief was abused in public and shamed in an inglorious manner. Since then, no one trusts and respect this chief.

Chieftaincy: The NDC involvement in Chieftaincy is something that shocks me like their refusal to attend the Anniversary of Denkyirahene because he does not support NDC but Boa Amponsem has always remained so; their tragic involvement in the Asantehene in the wrangling dispute between Rawlings and Atta Mills.

Politics: NDC has also divided itself with their FONKAR and GAME factions culminating in their total humiliation of the wife of the Founder of NDC Rawlings in Cape Coast, where Nana Konadu was born. What will have happened if she had been allowed her five minutes of fame in Cape Coast, where I was born and know they have always loved everybody? Is she not a Ghanaian and are we not in democracy; or does the Town hall belong to them. These same people in Cape Coast NDC sat down inept, when during their 19 years the Town Hall and Victoria Park collapsed, until the NPP Government rehabilitated both of them and now they do not want anyone to use it. Ghana now belongs to NDC because they won political power.

Look at how they shamefully demonise Nana Akuffo Addo in such lewd and disparaging terms stretching to dead people like noble Dr J B Danquah and dead Judges, who are described as murderers and bribe takers when they are not here to defend themselves against NDC supporters’ allegations.

6. Why is NDC always dividing Ghanaians? Look at the behaviour of Anita DeSooso who ordered her driver to run through her fellow Ghanaians only for political interests. These people can cause civil war just to stay in power for its monetary gains and untold riches in these days of Oil Exploitation. P/NDC people have always exploited the insidious envy and jealousy of Ghanaians as a people by lying about people and casting them as those who do not seek the interest of the poor because they are educated or rich; even though the poor will always be in the majority.

These NDC people are just too bitter and divisive and antagonistic and rancorous. If you listen to them on Radio it’s like we are different from each other because of common Political differences. Why? I listened to Anita Desoso saying that she does not want to eat with any NPP supporter because she is in NDC. Why? My cousins and uncles and friends and townsmen I have grown with are NDC. And so should I stop relating with them because they join a Party formed only twenty years ago and do away with over fifty years of good relationship? Jesus of Nazareth, save Ghana from such divisiveness!

Back to Sekou Nkrumah: To me, he did well to have joined the NDC and campaigned for them to win power. He knew NDC took his mother’s house for Rawlings girlfriend at Labone and saw the corpse of his Beautiful Mother taken to a public place other than her own house for final preparations but since he cannot join NPP (so he thinks) he joined the next thing to his Father’s Political ideology, which was NDC. Has he not done enough for the NDC Party then? And so why does he become an enemy so soon to these people because he has decided to join CPP for the sake of his sister becoming its Chairman.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? I remember my days in Adisco when the military ruled Ghana: We were even lucky there was no Party politics to divide us, as we all lived as Ghanaians and that is how I wish it to remain. NPP and NDC and CPP and Kube are all Ghanaians. When we are doing any National event, the Protocol must reflect a spirit of Unity and not conflict.

I still do not understand why Sekou Toure should be slighted on his Father’s Birthday Anniversary in full view of the World, and blame all these numerous young bitter minded NDC apparatchiks who now think because their party is in power they can choose to do anything they want by disgracing other non-NDC Ghanaians.

Nothing lasts forever! And one day all shall be quiet for nothing, nothing and I say nothing on this earth will last forever except the word of God. Where is Nkrumah himself, President for Life, Osagyefo; Leader of One Party State; the Divine Master of all that he surveys, Owner of Ghana? He even wanted to insert in the Constitution that this same Sekou should succeed him. Look at what they are doing to his own son from his loins on his Birthday of all days: cast asunder like a piece of bottom cloth! His ideas might live on but where is he as a person. Where will these NDC be shortly? When can Ghana stop hating one another and destroy its own fine people.

This Sekou Toure must be left alone by NDC. NDC must leave Nana Konadu Rawlings in Peace. Even NPP left her and the husband in peace and will have provided a house for them when theirs was burnt by fire. They must stop lying about Nana Akuffo Addo in such disgraceful terms and leave NPP in Peace for we are not on earth to be always bullied and insulted by such common people in NDC. And that is why I hate NDC. I saw NDC using the same ploy to destroy my wonderful Lawyer Brother and the lasting effect on me has been devastating. I just despise these NDC people but if they go on with this divisiveness, one day what will come upon them no one can describe, for nothing, even Gaddafi, does not last forever!

NDC owe it to mother Ghana to keep us together and not in pieces. I pray to God to touch the hearts of their hypocritical Leader who preaches virtue and practice vice. NDC are always dividing people like they sided with Gbagbo’s faction in Ivory Coast and supported Gaddafi against the wishes of Libyans.

Leave everybody in peace, NDC “sakabo wodze kusi ye nkwan”!!!!

By: Obeng Rago

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