FONKAR To Drag NDC To Court Over Nana Konadu Treatment

Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR) say they intend seeking court redress against the attempted scuttling of a planned meeting at the Cape Coast Town hall last Saturday between former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and her supporters by Regional Executives of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Nana Konadu was in the region to address her supporters who voted for her in her failed bid to be elected flagbearer of the NDC to contest the 2012 presidential race, however, a bunch of macho men forcibly took over the venue duly procured for an event and put the place under lock, explaining they were under strict instructions to do so.

Their action also led to some skirmishes.

The macho men claim the NDC constituency office had not been officially informed about the meeting and would therefore not allow Mrs Rawlings to address her supporters. They claimed they were acting on orders from above.

A team of policemen sent to keep the peace, rather tried entertaining and negotiating the illegal take-over of the event venue with the macho men, but failed to convince them (macho men) who had threatened to deal with anyone who went against them, to desist from their action.

However, the FONKAR Chairman in the region, Kojo Koomson, popularly known as Kojo Hobo has dismissed reasons advanced by the group for disrupting the planned meeting, saying they (FONKAR) were under no obligation to inform the regional executives about the meeting.

Besides, he said the venue for the event was not a party office, but a public place and so nobody had the right to have stopped them.

It is on this note he said, that members of FONKAR will go to court to “get our money”.

“If they had anything that is against their constitution, the only thing to do was to report it to the police; but not the macho men. They used their own powers and the town hall is a public place, not a party office. We paid GHC4,500 to rent the place. Decorated the place with GHC200, rented a PA system, we came back and the place was locked and we couldn’t see the one with the keys…So we had to hire some other megaphones for the program to come off. We have decided to go to court; we have spent a lot of money organizing this event,” he said.

A disgruntled Kojo Hobo wondered if members of the opposition NPP will treat another leading member the way the NDC treats no other person than the “founder’s wife.” He decried the act, saying it will only sink the NDC.

“So how should NDC people come and storm the place; let us be fair to ourselves. What are we doing, we are sinking the party. So if we have Nana Akufo Addo saying “all die be die”, it is because of what we are doing to ourselves, that makes him to say this. If we are treating the First Lady; the founder’s wife like this, what about ordinary members of the party?” he quizzed.

Source: XFM

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