Sekou Nkrumah Quits From NDC

Son of Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and a member of the ruling National Democratic Congress, (NDC) Dr. Sekou Nkrumah has quit the party.

Confirming the story to host of the Citi Breakfast Show, Bernard Avle on Tuesday, Dr. Sekou Nkrumah stated that his resignation from the NDC is not to support the rebuilding of the CPP now led by his sister, Samia Yaba Nkrumah as the Chairperson, but feels his continuous stay in the NDC is a stumbling block to the progress of her sister.

Dr Sekou Nkrumah, who was seen at the congress grounds of the CPP on Saturday said his resignation from the NDC also became imminent since his role in the NDC has become somewhat insignificant.

“The recent development in the CPP camp where my sister has taken leadership position of the party and in my view, my being in the NDC will appear to be an obstacle to her ambition and to those who are trying to revive the CPP because my position has always been that the NDC has captured the CPP constituency and therefore, the NDC is the biggest block to the revival of the CPP.

“So if Sekou is in the NDC and Samia is in the CPP, I don’t think it will be looking good enough for Nkrumah’s children because we will seem to be fighting each other. Also my role in the NDC has become very insignificant because some of us wanted to champion a change in the NDC for a more energetic and dynamic leader and it did not happen because at the last congress the delegates confirmed Professor Mills as flagbearer”.

Samia Nkrumah was elected as the Chairperson of the CPP at a national delegate’s congress last Saturday, and according to Sekou, he does not want to be seen as a block to her sister’s progress.

Dr. Sekou Nkrumah has been an ardent critic of President Mills, saying on several platforms that the President is not dynamic and lacks the strong will to lead the country.

His constant criticisms of President Mills caused him his job as the Coordinator of the National Youth Council over a year ago.

After his dismissal, he stated that he would never campaign or vote for President Mills even though he remains a member of the NDC.

Source: citifm


  1. Good decision to leave ndc, your presence is detrimental to ndc progres you can’t worship two masters, u are a threater join hand with your sister to revive evil and self. Centre motive of your late dad who only legacy is make future generation suffer and be frustrated around the in other to for better tomoro. Ghana will never be handed over to you nor your sister to carry on the evil ideology of your dad, how wish GOD could raise your to life again to tell tell the youth why he shouldn’t be stone to death. Long leave ndc and npp, cpp must perish for good. King, south africa


    Sekou, you have done the right thing, at last, by resigning from the NDC. Your courage is admirable. I urge you to quickly declare your total allegiance to the CPP – your NATURAL POLITICAL HOME (no one can crucify you for doing so) without further delay – and join hands with your courageous sister, Samia, our well-deserved New Chairperson, and help build the New CPP into an indomitable political force in the country.

    The time has come for the country to chart a new course, amidst the unrelentless imbroglio tormenting the NDC, and the radderless NPP, with a new brand of politicians such as the indefatigable Samia Nkrumah in the helm of affairs so the country can once again become the RISING STAR in Africa.

    With the two of you – Samia and Sekou – coordinating your political experience, knowlege, acuemen, dynamism, foresight, ingenuity, power, and international stature, there is no force that can stop the CPP from becoming the ruling party once again in Ghana.

    Sekou, you did not find a welcoming home in the NDC, because you were not destined for that party. Welcome back home to the CPP; that is where your umbilical cord was tied and nurtured.

    The bones of your beloved father of blessed memory, the GREAT KWAME NKRUMAH OF AFRICA, are turning in the mausoleum urging you and Samia to be STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. They are urging Samia cum Sekou to move ahead with one accord, and take off from where his selfless yet ambitious dreams were thoughtlessly and senselessly nipped in the bud by a gang of callous conspirators, thus prematurely depriving the entire nation, and the continent at large, of his bold and progressive, yet novel national and pan-African agenda.

    Once again, I say, WELCOME Sekou. Be BRAVE, and take up the gauntlet to fight side by side with Samia. The CPP must win the next genereral election, making Samia Nkrumah the President of the Republic of Ghana. Then the whole nation, and Africa, shall once again sing…ARISE AND SHINE, GHANA!!!

    God Bless Samia Nkrumah. God Bless Sekou Nkrumah.God Bless the CPP. God Bless Ghana.

    Andy Gbefo

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