Rojo Mettle Nunoo: Gov’t has learnt lessons from Prof Boateng’s fiasco

Government has learnt its lessons from the drama and controversy that characterized the dismissal of Prof Kwabena Frimpong Boateng.

The deputy Health Minister Rojo Mettle Nunoo said, going forward, the right thing will be done in future similar circumstances.

He described the dismissal letter that provoked the huge controversy as imperfect.

“Going back to the Public Service Act and the rules and regulations that govern the service institution, it is expected that the right thing will always be done and that due decorum would apply in writing and crafting letters of that nature for who ever it may concern. Unfortunately we do not have a perfect situation in this particular instance and definitely the lessons learnt by government will be that in future some kind of moderation will be the order of the day in dealing with that kind of situation,” he told Joy News.

He said he had personally apologized to Prof Boateng and explained the difficult transition and government’s regrets about the mode, form and style the dismissal letter took.

He said they will make sure the right thing is done in the future.

Mr Nunoo also challenged the surgeons to strive to be like the sacked Prof and take note that they must not hold key administrative positions when they attain the statutory age of retirement.

But the surgeons at the Korle-bu Cardiothoracic Centre have defended their decision to close the doors to new patients in protest over their dismissed honorary director Prof Frimpong Boateng.

The surgeons came under a barrage of criticism for turning away new patients to the centre.

Maverick politician Kofi Wayo even recommended an immediate arrest and prosecution of the surgeons on charges of man slaughter if it can be proven that a life was lost whilst the surgeons closed their doors to new patients.

He said their action was illegal and inconsiderate.

But the spokesperson of the surgeons, Frank Edwin told Joy News their action was the best under the circumstances.

He explained the summary and unceremonious dismissal of Prof Boateng dealt a heavy blow on the surgeons most of whom considered him (Boateng) a role model.

He explained his colleagues were so agitated it was going to be difficult to operate on new patients, who needed new treatment plan to be designed.

He said their action was in the best interest of the patients because the patients were not going to have the full compliment and the “optimum patient care” even if they were admitted to the facility.

Frank Edwin explained further that other facilities at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital could always take care of the new patients during the difficult period.

He said the dismissal of Prof Frimpong Boateng was a “disincentive” to patriotism.

Edwin noted the sacked Cardio boss on his own, with his own funds built the Centre and deserved a lot more respect in dispensing with his services.

“His contribution to the field of Cardiac surgery and even health care in general is so enormous. And he has served as a role model for a lot of the young doctors. He is a hero.

“…I think some one of that caliber, the way you manage his exit from the Public Service sends a very important message to the public. They way it was done; we felt was, a big disincentive to patriotism in the country. And I think it is one important lesson we all must learn.

“A country must honour its heroes in a way befitting their contribution [to society]” he stated.






Source: Jfm

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  1. I am not sure what Rojo Mettle is trying to say. Is he apologizing for the misconduct or apologizing for slowed response in proposing measures to reinstate Dr. Frimpong Boateng? What is he apologizing for?

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