Libyan Rebels Demand Algeria Extradite Gadhafi’s Family

Rebel leaders in Libya have demanded authorities in Algeria extradite Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s wife and three of his children, after the group entered Algeria early Monday.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry announced that Gadhafi’s wife Safiya, daughter Aisha, and two of his sons, Mohammad and Hannibal, had all crossed into the country by car. They said the spouses of the Libyan leader’s children and their offspring had also arrived.

Officials in Algiers said they reported the information to the United Nations Secretary-General and Libya’s opposition Transitional National Council. Rebel officials have previously accused Algeria – Libya’s only North African neighbor that has not recognized the council – of backing Gadhafi and providing him with mercenaries to suppress the revolt. Algeria has denied the charge.

Gadhafi whereabouts

The Libyan leader has not been seen since rebel fighters seized the capital last week, but the White House said the U.S. government has no indication that Gadhafi has left Libya. The whereabouts of Gadhafi’s other sons, who played important roles in Libya’s military and economic life, also remains unknown.

Meanwhile, a U.S. human rights group says it has uncovered evidence of possible war crimes by pro-Gadhafi forces in Misrata.

Physicians for Human Rights said in a report released Tuesday that forces loyal to Gadhafi carried out murder, torture, rape and forced internment. The report says the troops forced civilians to act as a human shieldS to guard military munitions from NATO attacks, and blocked civilians from receiving humanitarian aid.

The group said its findings are based on interviews in Misrata in June, and said it was unable to confirm allegations against rebel fighters and NATO made by Gadhafi officials. It also calls on the Transitional National Council to establish rule of law in Libya to prevent further bloodshed, and to fully cooperate with the International Criminal Court.

War crimes accusations

The report comes days after Human Rights Watch said pro-Gadhafi forces committed possible war crimes as rebels moved into Tripoli last week. They say researchers have documented more than 110 corpses in four locations in Tripoli. Many of them appear to have been killed execution-style either while in detention or with their hands bound.

The World Food Program said Tuesday it is sending 600 metric tons of food to Tripoli along with other urgent supplies, including water, medicine and fuel to help people affected by the fighting. The group says the food will be distributed by the Libyan Red Crescent and help feed 35,000 people for one month.

Rebels advance

In Libya Monday, rebel forces drew closer to Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte, as NATO carried out airstrikes in the area against radar sites, missile systems and armed vehicles. A rebel spokesman Sunday said anti-government forces will seize Sirte by force if negotiations with tribal leaders for its surrender fail.

Leaders from governments backing NATO operations over Libya are meeting in Paris Thursday to discuss ways to help Libyans now that the opposition has gained control over most of the country. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is among those who will attend the talks.

France said it dispatched a team to Tripoli Monday to reopen its embassy after closing it for six months as rebels fought for control of the country.

The International Organization for Migration said Monday its ship evacuated about 850 stranded migrants and displaced Libyans from Tripoli one day earlier. voa

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  1. African governments would be utterly insane to trust the rebels, there is something cynical and weird about Africa. They will turn their own people to kangaroo rebels and courts, while a western would never turn a single blood soaked mercenary for trial to Africa. Want to dig some dirt on the Western world, here is some info from wiki.

    More than 2000 world wide US-collaborators publicly exposed 1. September 2011

    The US-led Northern Atlantic Terror Organization NATO still bombs the towns and people in Libya and sends their armed stooges to hunt black people and other alleged supporters of the Libyan government. Though there is not much, what the Libyan people can do against the terrorists’ bombs, today is the first day of international revenge.

    Wikileaks just published an editorial taking pride of contributing to the US-led series of regime change operations in the arab world publicly known as the „Arab spring.“ The terrorists just admitted that their predatory war of aggression against Libya has already cost the life of 50.000 people. Wikileaks did not find a single word of regret for all the black people murdered in Libya by US-led terrorists, but expressed only regret that a recent breach of Wikileaks secrecy publicly exposed US-collaborators.

    But the most cynical sentence in Wikileaks’ statement is this one:

    Every day that the corrupt leadership of a country or organization knows of a pending WikiLeaks disclosure is a day spent planning how to crush revolution and reform.

    A Cryptome Timeline of 19 July 2010 shows, that in July 2010 Wikileaks got the secret US-embassy cables well before July 2010 and the whole world knew it at that time. But instead of publishing the material instantly, Julian Assange decided to hold the cables back until the end of November 2010. Even then Wikileaks did not publish all cables, but only small portions, it let the corrupt propaganda outlets of NATO-countries set the spin for the cables and strictly censored all the names of the collaborators with the global US terror regime.

    In the meantime the US-led global terror regime had enough time to plan on how to deal with the leak. In August 2010 Barack Obama signed his secret „Presidential Study Directive 11“ in which he ordered all US agencies to prepare for a series of US-led regime changes in the arab world. The US plan was to stage a set of regime changes, switching one corrupt governemnt of US puppets against another regime of US puppets, to mask these US-led regime change operations as spontanous revolutions and to deflect public attention and shame from the most corrupt governemnt in the world: itself.

    It is the U.S. goverment which invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, causing the death of millions of innocent people there. It is the U.S. government which based devilishly uses predator drones to more or less randomly kill people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. It is the U.S. government who sends special operation forces to perform „kill operations“ and has the nerve of calling the rumors to identify targets for the killers „intelligence.“ It is the U.S. government which enables the zionist apartheid regime to oppress and slaughter the indigenious population of Palestine. It is the U.S. government which supports all wars of aggresion of the zionist regime against it’s neighbor coutries and shieds the zionist regime from being persucuted for it’s world wide acts of murderous terror. It is the U.S. government which regularly performs regime change operations in the whole world to bring puppet governments to power, which do not serve the interests it’s people but it’s masters in the U.S. The U.S. government does all this for the sake that their banksters and corporations dominate and plunder the world.

    The recent most criminal act of the U.S. government was murdering tens of thousands of Libyans and bombing Libya into ashes so that Libya will need it’s financial assets for reconstructing Libya instead of being able to invest it in other African nations to help Africa overcome the neocolonalism of World Bank, IMF and CFA-Franc. And Wikileaks claims to be proud to have assisted the USA with that murderous plunder, censoring it’s cable leak to help the U.S. terror regime to keep it’s collaborateurs secret, so that these U.S. collaborateurs can continue to act as U.S. agents of infuence. But #Fail.

    It’s a mistake to trust the U.S. government. The U.S. terror regime is not trustworthy. Not at all. For nothing. Who ever talks to the U.S. govenment and it’s agent of terror in it’s world wide fortresses it calls embassies shall know that now and forever. The Wikileaks cables are out as undeletable Torrent in the internet – uncensored, with all names of US-collaborators exposed, plainly readable in clear lettersf ro everyone.

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