Nigeria Extradites 30 Million Dollars Scam Suspect To US

Nigeria has extradited a man to the United States for his alleged role in a multi-nation scam that defrauded law firms of more than 30 million dollars.

Nigerian officials said Friday the suspect, Emmanuel Ekhator, who is Nigerian, was handed over to U.S. officials earlier this week and charged in the eastern U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

They say Ekhator was involved in a complex scam that involved several people.

Officials say a typical scam would involve a con man pretending to be a victim who sought help from a law firm about a debt he owed. Another scammer would falsely claim he would pay off the victim’s debt using a bogus check that would get approved by another con man posing as a bank employee.

In this way, the scammers would collect money from law firms before the firms realized the fake checks they received were worthless.

Nigerian officials say 80 law firms and lawyers were swindled in the scam. voa


  1. @Paul Ohia its really hard to understand at times, ”a single nigerian”, i’ve yet to meet one that was’nt a scam artist or a 419 profiteer, that was’nt a bogus asylum seeker or a welfare fraudster, that was’nt stuck in some kind of illegal activity, the whole world knows nigerians for what they are , basically the bottom of the barrel, when a country needs to rebrand itself to try and improve its image it says something :),
    Our beauiful country Ghana is blighted by its proximity to this shithole and the people in it, its infected by its maggots, we all cannot be wrong, guess who was voted the worlds most hated nation last year ??????

  2. our blessed land lies next to the filtiest nation on the face of the earth, hated by all and sundry,I can only pray that our glorious Ghana is not infected by the devils anus called nigeria.
    i hope them bastards are given the electric chair.

    • @Olu Akinola, with your name, I doubt if you’re really a Ghanaian but the words you used here are very inflamatory. If a single Nigerian commits crime, it doesn’t make the country the filthiest nation and if you hate Nigerians, the whole world does adhere to your hatred feelings. We Nigerians would not prefer to be Ghanaians.

      • Attn. Paul Ohia,
        Having a foreign name while calling yourself a citizen in any other country doesn’t meant you’re not.
        There were so many Nigerians born in Ghana as compared to Ghanaians born in Nigeria.
        The former president on Ghana music association by the name Alhaji SIDU KU BUARY was born in Ghana some 60 years ago and he never really lived in Nigeria.
        Ever heard of NADIA BUARI ? that’s his beautiful daughter.
        By the way your last name ”OHIA’ means POOR in Ghanaian.

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