Baba Jamal: If gov’t buys sheep, say it’s a cow

Workers of the Information Services Department would have to start looking for a new job if they fail to make government look good.

A new tape recording has emerged in which a deputy Minister of Information is heard threatening to sack workers of the Information Services Department if they fail to project the government in good light.

In the tape, a copy of which is in the possession of Joy FM, Baba Jamal said the core duty of the workers is to make government look good at all cost even if it means lying.

He was speaking to a group of workers at the ISD and the District Chief Executives during a meeting in Accra.

“Yours is to make government look good, whatever the circumstance. If the government buys sheep and gives it as a gift, you are free to say it is a cow. You are free to say that.

“If the colour of the sheep is black, you can say it was a white colourful cow,” he urged.

The deputy Minister also threatened to sack any worker who leaks out information that will expose the government.

“If you take negative public [issue], you give it to us secretly. If we hear you have leaked it to the public we will fire you and we will defend it. I am just making it clear,” he ordered.

“We are going to the elections next year, so the MCEs, any ISD staff who is going against his ethics or mandate let us see him quickly before he sees us out.”

Baba Jamal is in the middle of a similar audio tape recording in which he is alleged to have promised journalists in the Upper East Region cash and cars if they do government’s bidding.

He has however denied the content of the tape or the voice on it and has threatened court action against the media houses publishing the content of the tape and attributing it to him.

National Security has begun investigations into the matter.

Source: jfm

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