Nollywood Actor Found Dead

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Sam Loco Efe, one of Nigeria’s best-known actors/comedian, whose films included “Tom and Jerry” and “Brain Box,” died on Sunday in Imo state, Nigeria. He was 66.

Mr. Sam Loco Efe was found dead in his hotel room at Rapour Hotel, Nigerian Police said they have not determined the cause but said his death was not suspicious.

Sources told that Mr. Sam Loco’s room door had to be forced open after the Ace actor failed to respond to numerous phone calls on Sunday morning.

Sam Loco Efe is survived by his six children.


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  • Simmy

    I will miss his grammar



  • towongo isaac

    may ur soul rest in peace

  • stella

    may ur soul rest in peace

  • ake

    He will be sadly missed he was one of those bright africa actor comidian whom porate africa act the way it should be without sex gun kinapping etc he put nig
    in picture as fun laugh kind loving friendly people that can make good out of bad without ripping other off with happy ending live you to long for more of africa picture nollywood need more people or actor like he to portrate as good people even when it bad nollywood is not helping much at present with most of their film go back and start making film on everything good about NIG ingnor all bad make the change good nollywood. SAM LOCO PLS do not rest till nollywood start coming up with good story line about NIG IN THEIR FILM INDUSTRY.

  • habib

    May Allah rest your soul peacefully.My condolenses to all Nigerians and Mother Africa.You are the reason I get glued to Nigerian movies.Your death is God sent.Rest,rest,rest.Sam Loco,we shall all join you one day.

  • henry

    oh wat a g8t lose.oga loco rest in perfect peace.

  • Olu Akinola

    true sam was a good actor, not world class but good, but the poor fellow was an addict, i have it on good authority that he was addicted to codiene and barbituates so thats what becomes of the abuser.
    i’ll pray for his soul, may he pass easily through the gates of heaven.

  • Frank Paarima

    what a shock!!!,death is soon he is gone ?.gone forever ?.the cold hands of death as taken a true African from us.Sam was a fine veteran in nollywood.we all will miss you

  • blankson

    Best actor may ur soul rest in peace

  • caliyo

    we loss our great man nigeria may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. and i pray that God will bring a person like samloco ife in this country again

  • Johnson Dei-Kusi

    Sam Loco was a comedic inspiration and his death is a
    great loss to the African Film Industry.
    I’m inspired by him. His films are
    interesting and attractive. His acting
    also on friendly scene seemed as
    informative, educative and friendly. He made my heart very happy and joyful
    when I watched on TV. I’ll miss comedy
    films. May His Soul Rest In Peace With
    Our Creator.

  • Addi m

    the pain was too much to shout only keep troubling me what a lost to the movie in peace.amen

  • awudu pazuki

    thats my best actor sam loco efe……………….rest in perfect peace

  • Lilian Ariuruje

    Eh weeeeeeh….eh woooooooh….eh eh eh eh eh eh eh…..just ds morning i was talking abt baba Samo….eeh eeh eh!what a gr8 lose in 9ja as a whole & nt only in d movie industry…..eeeeh uhmmm…..ooh chuchichichuoooh na wa o,so na so ds life be.Anyway sha i must try 2 put myself 2geda bcoz i truly love and admire Epa Samo.but there must be two things involve in his death,its either it is caused by one bitch or by his own hand.pls let proper investigation b made 2 unravel d tragedy.well may d gentle soul of sweetheart rest in perfect.


    my GOD.what a great lose to nollywood.wat is happening.the veteran sam loco efe is dead.may his infinite n gentle soul rest in perfect peace AMEN

  • Enesz

    baba loco may ur soul rest in perfet peace,we pray dat u wil be in the right hand of God,wat a painful departure we luv u but God luvs u most.

  • Toniakay

    what a great lose. What is really going on in Nollywood? I dey fear my head na ooo. R.I.P Pa Sam Loco Efe

  • Ugu

    Rest In Peace

  • joy

    i can’t believe this, oh what a gr8t lose to Niggas.Pa Loco ur funing acting will not leave our memory, i wish i can tell Almighty God to wake u up 4rm that silent sleep. We luv u but God luv u most nd knw d best. May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace amen.

  • Price Harry

    What a great tragedy to the Nigerian Move Industry , I Urge the Imo State Police Command to Investigate the Hotel Properly and find out if Oga Loco was with any Ose the previous night

  • Antwi Opoku Bernard

    Oooh! Mr Sam loco Efe,what a gr8t loss 2 nollywood movie prod.May ur soul rest in a very perfect peace…ma fada

  • azikiwe cynthia

    it was indeed a great loss to nigeria.may his soul rest in peace amen

  • emeka

    What is the cause of his death, d police should put more effort into dis matter pls. May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of d Lord. Amen.

  • Benjie Decztar

    What a great loss,may his soul rest in perfect peace.justice must take it course for whoever involved.

  • Betterlife uhunmwangho

    D Nigerian Police Force should do every thing possible to get to de root of his death. Nd d details of his burial arrangements should b made public nationwide.

  • teager gee

    why are the actors dying young? is it some kind of epidermic in the nollywood circle?
    Oga Loco rest in peace. we’ll surely miss those funny acts

  • ikhide

    My favourite Nigerian actor is gone

  • Betterlife uhunmwangho

    Sam Loco Efe was an astute figure in the Nigerian film industry. He was a veteran actor by all standards nd without mincing words would be terrible missed. A great Nigerian nd a Great Bini from the ancient city of Benin. MAY GOD IN HIS INFINITE MERCY BLESS HIS SOUL. AMEN.

  • peter

    Nawaoo which hotel is that, pls tell us the name dont hide it, that is painfull may his jentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  • ekwunife rapheal

    may his jentle soul rest in perfect peace.AMEN

  • ekwunife rapheal

    ekwunife rapheal may his jentle soul rest in perfect peace

  • henry oguguo

    WAZOBIA A true nigerian has gone

    may his gentle soul rest in peace.

  • Ifeanyi Emeh

    What a lose to Nigeria movie industry, the lose of a great venteran, Nigeria police should carry out every neccessary investigation to check mate his death Sam Loco Efe may your gentle soul rest in peace.