I Had Sex With Pastor’s Wife

The head of International God’s Way Ministry, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has finally admitted having sex with the wife of one of his junior pastors, William Fobih.

Pastor Willie, as he is affectionately called, was until recently one of Obinim’s right-hand men who usually read the Bible for him when he (Obinim) was preaching.

But a couple of days ago, he started making allegations to the effect that the Bible-wielding bishop was having an affair with his wife, Gifty Pokua.

Though Bishop Obinim’s wife, popular gospel artiste Florence Obinim, had sought to justify her husband’s action that it was the lady at the centre of the sex scandal who lured her husband into bed, the Bishop himself has admitted his guilt.

Speaking on Accra-based Happy FM’s ‘Ensem Pii’ programme on Monday, the audacious Bishop said, “The truth is that the devil is powerful so in the course of assisting her, I had sex with her.”

“In fact, I wept uncontrollably on that day because of what God had told me about women since I realised if I didn’t take care, I could lose my God-given talent,” said the pastor who is engaged in an ongoing battle with another Kumasi-based pastor, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadiom.

Obinim claimed God had instructed him not to have an affair with any other woman apart from his and therefore felt guilty after the incident.

However, Obinim, who has his headquarters in Kumasi where he commands a wide following, denied claims by his junior pastor to the effect that the incident happened on May 26, 2011. According to him, it took place some five years ago.

When he got home that fateful day, the ‘Man of God’ said he could not even eat since his conscience did not serve him right, compelling his wife, Florence to inquire from him what the problem was.

Later, Bishop Obinim broke the news of his adultery to his wife to which she expressed extreme surprise since she only knew him to be helping (Gifty) out of her financial and spiritual problems.

He said his wife consoled him and advised him to put himself together because even though he was a pastor, he was not the first man to have fallen victim to adultery.

When his wife asked him why he was telling her after the incident, Bishop Obinim indicated, “I told her I knew what God had told me so I was afraid I would lose my God-given favour, my congregation, my reputation including my wife and children.”

He said they prayed throughout the night till the following morning when they both fasted and asked God for forgiveness.

After the incident, Bishop Obinim claimed Gifty kept pestering him for them to meet but he turned her down since he had learnt his lesson.

Not long after, he said Gifty started threatening to either disgrace him or expose him. His wife later invited the lady and spoke to her and warned her to desist from the threats.

Bishop Obinim admitted having been the one who blessed Gifty’s marriage with her husband who also happened to be his right-hand man and that he knelt and wept before the entire congregation, saying that he knew how the marriage was going to be but God would be in control.

He claimed to have done this because the lady had told him that after the marriage, she would continue to date him.

When they were taking pictures after the wedding, he said Gifty kept disturbing him to the extent that she told him (Obinim) she loved him and not Willie.

Obinim said he thought Gifty’s husband would either see or suspect something but unfortunately, he did not.

The ‘Man of God’ said he thought it wise to impregnate the lady, which he did spiritually with three orange seeds which he gave her.

But that did not deter Gifty since Obinim claimed she kept pestering her after giving birth, compelling him to paralyse the child spiritually since the lady promised to come after him when the child began to walk.

Obinim said he had cause to disgrace Gifty in front of the entire congregation in Accra and sacked her from the church, the result of which she and her husband have resolved to destroy him in the media.

Source:Daily Guide

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