Ga Chieftaincy Dispute: Joe Blankson opens defence

Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, left and King Tackie Tawiah III

Dr Joe Blankson has opened his defence in the longstanding Ga Paramount Stool dispute pending before the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa in which a number of people are challenging his purported installation as Ga Mantse.

On Friday, when the committee resumed hearing, the first defence witness Nii Kwei Ashalley Agbafiotse from Bortianor told the panel that Dr Blankson was rightly nominated and installed as Ga Mantse.

Willie Amarfio, lead counsel for Dr Blankson who led the witness in evidence announced that he was the only one they intended “to bring the matter to a close.”

According to Nii Ashalley, who spoke through an interpreter, there are only three ruling houses in Ga Mashie, namely; Tackie Kome We, Amugi We and Teiko Tsuru We.

Explaining the process for the installation of a Ga Mantse, Nii Ashalley said his traditional cloth; representing the mantle of his authority is sent to the ruling house whose turn it is to ascend the throne.

He said the head of that family is informed by the stool elders about the passing away of the Ga Mantse and requested to nominate a candidate from that house to replace him.

In the case of Dr Blankson, he said he was chosen by the head of Teiko Tsuru We, because the family of his predecessor, Nii Amugi, sent the cloth to Teiko Tsuru We after his death in December, 2004.

Witness said when Dr Blankson was nominated by his family head, two others, whose names he did not mention, also announced the claim to the stool.

Therefore, he said a vetting committee, of which he was a member, was set up to select one person among the three claimants.

After the vetting process, Dr Blankson was declared as the most qualified for the position.

Nii Ashalley said he could not recall the contests of the committee’s report nor the exact date for its work because it happened five years ago.

He could also not identify a document showed to him by Mr Amarfio, which is said to be a copy of the committee’s report, saying he is illiterate.

Touching on the authority of Nii Owula Kpakpa Blofonyo, Asare Akwashongtse and Ga State Akwashong Mantse, (Chief Warrior), who filed the main suit against Dr Blankson Nii Ashalley said the office of the Akwashong Mantse, does not exist.

He said the office was abolished since the colonial era and, therefore, Nii Blofonyo had no capacity to sue.

He agreed to a suggestion by counsel that because the office of Akwashongtse is not recognised, there was no need for him to be involved in the installation of Dr Blankson.

The four petitions before the committee challenging the nomination and installation of Dr Blankson as the Ga Mantse have been consolidated into a single suit.

Nii Owula Blofonyo filed the petition on April 4, 2006, against Dr Blankson seeking a declaration that his purported installation as Ga Mantse in March 2006 is contrary to Ga custom, and therefore, be null and void.

Joined in that suit are; Nii Akropong III, Head of Teiko Tsuru We and Nuumo Tette, Ga Wulomo (Chief Priest), now deceased.

Source: The Ghanaian Times


  1. I am still looking forward to hearing the latest news about the Ga Traditional Area dispute. How long is the Judicial evaluation going to take? Please let Justice prevail. This case is a serious one and therefore try to avoid the use of CALABULE and all other fictitious means and please judge accordingly.
    I wonder why the responsible Judicial Body is still waiting to go ahead with the case.
    Overhere in Europe, people are much interested to know how the so called
    Democratic Ghana handle such cases. We are a group of Judicial Body and we are very much interested in Case Studies from different African States. I am the only African in this Group and we are watching the whole proceedings. I hope to be able to show my friends that we in Ghana are much different as compared to some other African States, when we talk about RULE OF LAW.

  2. After reading this article, I do not see any reason why this case should continue.
    Let Dr Joe Blankson take his place as Ga Mantse as soon as possible to avoid any further disgrace to his opponents because at the end he will definitely take over the Crown.He is the right person and above all the most intelligent among the other so called qualified Royals. It is also for the interest of the Ga people to have such an intelligent person as their leader.

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