Pregnant women queue to deliver at Ridge Hospital

The Ridge Hospital in Accra may soon halt further admissions if urgent steps are not taken to expand facilities.

The Medical Superintendent at the hospital, Dr. Obeng Apore says in the absence of facility expansion, the measure is the obvious choice to save lives.

He told Joy News the hospital is struggling to cope with the number of patients visiting the facility daily and he is particularly worried that pregnant women sometimes have to queue to deliver at the hospital.

Patients thought to be doing well are sometimes charged ahead of time to save space for other patients needing care.

“Go to the Maternity (Ward) people queue to deliver. Go to the OPD we have just moved to what they call the Tent Ward otherwise (about a week ago) people were being nursed on benches at the OPD.

“Everywhere is jam-packed, we are bursting at our seams and a time will come when we cannot admit anymore because everywhere is full.”

Source: Jfm


  1. There is a need to introduce more family planning and sterilization,the amount of unmarried pregnant women in our country beggars belief, its no wonder really if you consider that the present themselves at every street corner in Accra .
    The strain on our hospitals and the public purse is unbelieveable.

  2. Alordome Godson Kwashie

    As a health worker, I think there is a need for an expansion of all the maternity wards throughout the country. Due to the FREE antenatal care without putting-up the structures to meet the daily pressures at our facilities, this kind of pregnant women queuing for delivery will continue at the Ridge, since some of the pregnant women do not have confidence in other health posts. If the government is thinking of enforcing the medico-legal law that will take hold of any health worker who due to over-crowding at the various wards, and at the same time working under workload which as a health worker don`t need to complain of; because we have to go by the word COPE. May God Almighty give us strength to work. Amen!!

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