President Mills should check the insults – Kwabena Sarpong

A member of the opposition New Patriotic Party’s [NPP] Communications team, Kwabena Sarpong has called on President Mills to check the politics of insults emanating from members of his party.

According to him, the NPP does not condone politics of insults but “if you insult the leadership of the NPP, your leadership should also be insulted.”

Speaking on Multi TV’s political talk show Minority Caucus on Wednesday, Mr. Sarpong noted that if the rate of politics of insults is not properly checked, it could affect the perception new voters would have about the NPP’s flag bearer ahead of next year’s polls.

“If these things go on and on and on and nothing is done to it, those new voters who are coming; [those who in] 2008 were 13 and 14 and 15 and the only thing they hear is negative things about our political leader, what are they going to say? They are going to say those things are true” he argued.

A group calling itself the Young Patriots recently issued a warning to the NDC that it would not hesitate to respond to the insults being hurled on the character and person of the NPP’s flag bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo by members of the NDC.

Reacting to the arrest on Wednesday of John Kumah, a leading member of the Young Patriots group for allegedly insulting President Mills, Mr. Sarpong said the order to arrest Mr. Kumah came from the President since the Police could not clearly state the offence committed by Mr. Kumah.

The NPP youth activist was arrested during a radio discussion programme by the police for what sources say was his offensive comment.

He is alleged to have called President John Mills a homosexual in apparent reaction to a similar insult hurled against the NPP flag bearer by an NDC activist on the same programme.

Mr. Sarpong noted that “because they knew what they were doing, when they took the guy they and asked him to write his statement [on] offensive conduct, and we had a smart lawyer there… Adwoa Safo, who said ‘wait a minute, what is offensive action? If it is offensive conduct, I ought to have done something that is offensive so tell me what that offensive act is and I will let my client write his statement’, based on this the Police could not [say] anything. Until Okudzeto Ablakwa came on air and said the President had ordered the Police to release the guy, which means the President asked the Police to arrest the guy because they said they had an order from above asking them to arrest the guy.”

According to him, John Kumah did no wrong in issuing those utterances that called for his arrest since he was responding to insults against the character and personality of the NPP’s 2011 flag bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

“The guy (John Kumah) is alleged to have insulted the President by way of replying to what Otorkono said – who was by the way insulting the leadership of the NPP – but mind you Mills is also the leaders of NDC, so if you insult the leadership of the NPP, your leadership should also be insulted,” he stressed.




Source: jfm

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