‘I’m ready,’ new CHRAJ boss declares

The new appointed Commissioner for the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has affirmed that she is ready to efficiently undertake the administrative task assigned her.

Lauretta Vivian Lamptey, was sworn into office on Tuesday July 26, 2011 weeks after Anna Bossman resigned as Acting Commissioner to pursue other interests, having served in the post for several years. Mrs Lamptey becomes the first woman commissioner of CHRAJ. Speaking for the first time after her appointment, Mrs Lamptey told Shamima Muslim, host of the Citi FM’s Eye Witness News, she was aware of the enormity of the task ahead but she was ready, willing and able to perform to the best of her ability.

On the issue of primary prerequisites of the Commission, Mrs Lamptey remarked that internally, CHRAJ was challenged in terms of resources, staffing and perhaps, additional commissioners but essentially the public required a proper understanding of the laudable work done by the Commission.

Asked how her background as an investment banker would impact on her new role of human rights advocacy Mrs Lamptey replied: “CHRAJ is a very large institution with over 800 employees so it certainly requires management even as we are dealing with the cases that come in. The anti-corruption mandate for one, needs an understanding of the corporate sector and how corruption manifests itself. I think a broad understanding of that would be a plus.

“Prior to being an investment banker I was also a lawyer and we believe that ‘once a lawyer always a lawyer’. Therefore I am required to use that legal training of being fair-minded and principled to assess the situation”.

In an earlier Citi FM interview with the former CHRAJ boss, Justice Emile Short, Mrs Lamptey was cautioned by her predecessor that she had big shoes to fill, although her appointment was welcome.

In her reaction however, the Commissioner insisted that she was ready for the challenge and that she would deal with issues fairly and squarely.

“I would like people to know that decisions, under my watch, would be fair and that the integrity of CHRAJ would be uplifted”.




Source: Citifm

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