Healthline-making an impact across communities

Vodafone Ghana’s Healthline first aired on June 26th 2011 and has made a resounding impact across all regions of Ghana ever since. The TV show aimed at empowering Ghanaians by improving the dissemination of information on common health issues in Ghana, has not only brought credible and reliable information into the homes of all Ghanaians nationwide, it has saved lives across the nation by sponsoring the treatment of many patients who are in need of urgent medical care but cannot afford it.

The inhabitants of the various towns and regions, home to the patients featured on Healthline, have registered their satisfaction and gratitude to Vodafone for these initiatives. Their sentiments have been reflected in an increase in patronage of Vodafone services and products with a significant increase in SIM registration and incidences of some inhabitants even porting their numbers to Vodafone from other networks.

Moving on to its fifth episode, Healthline has contributed significantly to the health conditions of patients across different regions, suffering from various forms of sicknesses and life-threatening diseases. The maiden episode for instance, featured Theresa, a native from Dadwen near Axim in the Western Region, whose motor skills were severely impeded as a result of severe fistula resulting from a difficult child birth. Her family could not afford the corrective surgery needed for her convalescence and Vodafone stepped in to sponsor her treatment at the Battor Catholic Hospital in the Volta Region. Theresa has ever since, spoken of her sincere gratitude to Vodafone for paying for the surgery that saved her life.

‘The success we have achieved so far with Healthline is immeasurable,’ says Carmen Bruce-Annan, Head of Corporate Communications at Vodafone, ‘we have achieved so much using one major tool which we believe is our expertise-communication.

Through a TV show, not only have we empowered Ghanaians with information about their health, we have also saved lives. The feedback we have received from the various communities featured on Healthline has been wonderful and it is evident from their sentiments that they genuinely appreciate our efforts. That is a very wonderful feeling especially since we are all about giving back to the community within which we operate. At the end of the day, it’s about the people in those communities and what we’ve been able to do for them.’

Vodafone has also helped 8 year old Esther from Atronie who was diagnosed with a hole in the heart; Vodafone sponsored an open heart surgery to correct her condition. The telecommunications giant has also positively changed the lives of fifteen patients in Bolgatanga by sponsoring their corrective eye surgeries. In Domenase in the Ashanti region, Vodafone paid for the hospital bills of Bismark, a thirteen year old boy who suffered from a condition that prohibited the normal function of his digestive system for several months; Bismark is now healthy and back to school.

Yeboah Mawempumor who had been battling with the effects of a venomous snake bite for the past three years also received sponsored treatment for his condition. Natives of his town, Wegbe Kpalime in the Volta region have spoken of their gratitude to Vodafone for their intervention measures, especially since he is the only male child of his father.

Viewers have also been given information about Pregnancy, the Eyes, Pain, Hypertension and Infectious Diseases. Future episodes of Healthline will feature topics on Pediatrics, HIV/AIDS, Mental illness and will continue to help patients around the country who cannot afford much needed medical treatment.

Healthline is broadcast on Sundays on Metro TV, Wednesdays on GTV and Thursdays on TV3 at 8.00pm on each day.

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