Red Cross Visits Former Ivory Coast President Gbagbo in Detention

The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has visited former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo,who has been detained in the west African nation since April.

A Red Cross spokesman said Friday officials from the organization met with Mr. Gbagbo and several others in detention or house arrest to make sure they are being treated humanely after the Ivory Coast’s post election crisis.

The visits this week included stops in Bouna, Boundiali, Katiola, Korhogo and Odienne.

The Red Cross says it has visited 500 detainees at 60 different locations across the Ivory Coast since the beginning of the year and will continue to visit them.

Violence erupted in Ivory Coast after Mr. Gbagbo lost November elections to President Alassane Ouattara and refused to give up power. More than 3,000 people were killed in the subsequent power struggle. VOA

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  1. Akash Asengupta

    Laurent Ghagbo is paying the price for being sympathetic to the French, he had cornered the Utter Nonsense (UN) and the French troops in Ivory Coast, instead of shooting and killing those bastards and stupid imperialists, he kept talking, talking and talking, the foolish African leaders came and sided with the imperialists, bribed, bullied and what a pansy. His ignorance will lead him to pay with his life, he should have kicked or killed the French ( frog men ) out of his country first, and sort their internal problems with the other brother who is now the French imposed president of Ivory Coast, just another power hungry, blood thirsty and educated fool. Africa has too much sense of complex inferiority. Laurent Ggagbo had the patriotic youth on his side, instead of supplying them with real weapons to arrest the rebels, purging or killing his French backers, he still wanted to be another Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King in Africa. In actual sense Laurent Gbagbo was on the right side of history for Africa, starting to keep the wealth in Africa, he sympathized with the freaking French Jewish devils, they will kill him, ask Patrice Lumumba, and try to make peace again with the devil, it will take a massive generation to be enslaved in Africa again before Africans regain self confidence, the people in that continent are still divided to understand who represents their interest and too stupid not to look besides white supremacy and white imperialism, the slick, sweet and slippery words of the white man got them confused and fighting each other, shame on Africa, and big shame on modern African so called toothless democratic leaders, nothing, but a new breed of indoctrinated white washed fools.

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