Vodafone Offers Free Calls To GMA Registered Doctors

Telecommunications giant, Vodafone Ghana offers a Closed User Group (CUG) package to all doctors registered with the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) as part of its contributions to the health sector. The unique‚ value-adding service, which was implemented over three years ago, is aimed at providing customized communication solutions for doctors by enabling members of the GMA in all regions of Ghana to communicate with each other on the Vodafone network completely free of charge.

Aside from reducing the cost of communication for doctors considerably, the service has been designed to facilitate the flow of communication for doctors within and between regions‚ and thereby increase productivity of doctors within the CUG. Through this package, doctors can communicate for unlimited hours at absolutely no cost, to discuss medical cases with their superiors, colleagues and specialists across all regions.

This initiative marks Vodafone’s dedication to contributing greatly to the health sector in Ghana; the CUG service is dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of health information between doctors and their colleagues.

Speaking on the CUG service, Carmen Bruce Annan, Head of Corporate Communications at Vodafone asserted that, ‘Vodafone is passionate about empowering Ghanaians to take charge of their health and contributing to the development of the health sector in Ghana. We are at the forefront of providing efficient and cost effective communication to our customers and Ghanaians in general and we want to leverage our expertise to contribute to an area we are very passionate about- health. The role played by our doctors everyday is all-encompassing and very demanding; offering this package is our way of acknowledging the magnitude of their work and we encourage all doctors to take advantage of it.’

All doctors who are members of the GMA in all regions of Ghana can take advantage of Vodafone Ghana’s Closed User Group Package by contacting the GMA secretariat.

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