Ghana Police Ordered To Arrest All Gays

The Western Region Minister Paul Evans Aidoo has ordered the immediate arrest of all homosexuals in the region.

He has tasked the Bureau of National Investigations and all security agencies to smoke out persons suspected to be engaging in same sex.

He also enlisted the services of landlords and tenants to provide reliable information which will lead to the arrest of homosexuals.

His directive follows months of campaigns against the practice of homosexuality in the country.

Only yesterday, the Christian Council of Ghana capped months of protestations against the practice of homosexuality with a strongly worded message against the practice and courting Ghanaians not to vote for any politician who believes in the rights of homosexuals.

The Western Region has been a beehive of activities linked with homosexuality. A recent media report claimed the Western and Central Regions together have a total of about 8,000 homosexuals and lesbians.

That report sparked a series of religious demonstrations with the Moslem and Christian communities in the region hitting the streets to protest what they claim is an ungodly and demonic act.

In an interview with Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng, Mr. Paul Evans Aidoo condemned the practice but also contested the figure being bandied about in the media.

Whilst conceding that the practice actually goes on in the region and in people’s closets, he said the 8,000 figure cannot be correct.

“I don’t believe it; nobody believes it,” he said, adding, “We do not see them; REGSEG does not see them.”

He accused the NGO alleged to have registered the total number of gay and lesbians in the two regions of engaging in selfish practice.

Mr. Paul Aidoo minced no words at all in his dislike for the practice. He stated that “all efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society.”

He said once they are arrested they will be hauled before court to test the strength of the law which frowns upon homosexuality in the country.

But a Lawyer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has challenged the legitimacy of the minister’s action.

Ernest Kofi Abotsie told Joy News’ Dzifah Bampoh that no person can be arrested for breach of morality, explaining that the law on “unnatural canal knowledge” in the criminal code is still ambiguous and cannot necessarily be said to be the same as homosexuality.

He faulted the minister for directing the police to embark on the arrest of homosexuals, arguing that the police by their professional training must be seen to be carrying out their duty, if there is the breach of law, without being prompted.

But he pointed out there is need to test the law pertaining to having unnatural canal knowledge of another person and pursuit should be as far as to the Supreme Court.

Source: jfm


  1. Elizabeth Finney

    This it's absolutely awful. And anyone who thinks this could possibly be okay needs to do some serious soul searching.

  2. I hope all of you mother fuckers that posted on this shit burns in fucking hell. Dumb ass nigger gash fucks. You all deserve to die! And if I have to sell my soul to Satan to kill you then I will.

  3. This is satanic act and must condemned to death with its members.

  4. l think the police must do their best to arrest all gays in the country.

  5. hello I am stephen nyrko I work in LABONE SHS I wil like to be a poilce man to hope me people I am very good man.

  6. christian who loves God

    First of all, God’s love is for everyone! He created us and knows all about us our weakness and our strengths! He knows that some will develop an unholy desire for same sex relationship. I’m very sure that the gay people themselves(initially) didnot appreciate the feelings they had but somehow they didnot overcome it and some even enjoy it. However, gayness is wrong biblically and in socially generally unacceptable. It however can’t be controlled by the state because its a issue! Clearly when gays do ‘it’ no one gets hurt! Unless of course the rape someone or some kids… Which barely happens. I think its so unintelligent and whimsical that a minister should order the arrest of gay men. Then well there are so many moral degeneration aspects of our society that requires arrest! You can’t tell me pre-marital sex(which clearly has been endorsed considering the advocacy for condom use by the youth) is any better than gay relations. Morality should be left to society and the church! The state can’t do anything about gayness! Its funny and such a display of ignorance to think that gayness was imported! Or learnt or copied or …. I mean gayness even existed in the bible days! Instead of seeking to waste energies on a useless venture like taking out gayness from the society( which will never ever happen), the state can try to get this gay people to help them out of it! The men of God who just lash out anger can rather show love and pray and deliver them! Imprisoning gay men? Yall tell me what can that do to them?…I even heard that the prison are a haven for them cos they do there a lot! Truth is we need to help them, love them, make them understand why it is wrong and help them desist from it! God is willing to deliver ppl cos he loves them, why are humans thinking God is seeking to kill gay men. Every sin is forgivable and purgeable and exorcive! Stop cutting down gaymen and women! Cos they will not get finished from the earth! Selah!

  7. i cunt believe this.i thaught our black parents thaugt us manners,we had cultures? ,now look what some stupid white people and some uncercumcized idiots telling us about some ungodly imported human rights?i hope i dunt live to see the day when fire comes up from heaven to consume us just like the days of sodom and gommorah.God hav mercy on us.

  8. “Culture” in this context is merely a euphemism for collective mental and moral retardation. Normative relativism, as Wikipedia says, is incoherent. Any culture that acts to persecute people is to be crushed mercilessly and ground to dust. Neither countries or cultures have rights; people do.

  9. Nobody deserves to be discriminated against. Never mind race, colour, sexual orientation or any other “differences” we may see in eachother. We are all people, human beings, and we should all treat each other as such. We need to open our hearts to all people so that we may all live in peace. We are all brothers and sisters of the earth. Rejoice in differenes so that we may unite in love

  10. Wowow preacher man your work is in the holy surrounding not getting excited about individuals doing what is their own forgiven rights.Maybe as ponted out above,you will learn a lot more of a person’s bio chemistry and why no two people are built the same.In New Zealand we tolerate with all types of individuals and everybody gets on with their lives.Our law says we do not discriminate against,colour,religion,ethnicity,homo’s,gay’s yes even age and against female or male.You will certainly be brought before the courts forthwith.So Ghana be tolerant to your fellow man as the lord says.”Love Thine Neighbours”that does not mean u have to jump into bed with them

  11. This is very sad indeed, tourist must boycott this country as a holiday destination. Ghana is going pre historic, thanks to hatred created by religion. Another win for religion.

  12. I’m straight but I really like the gay parts of our European society. They add so much to our culture, to arts, movies and so on. Just look on the Christopher Street’s Day parades, it is just beautiful, a once in a lifetime experience.

    And what does Ghana do? Instead of being happy that they have ~ 8.000 gays – which is not a very high number, we’ve got more in just one city – they hunt them down, they literally HUNT THEM DOWN. This is facism just like the bad times Europe had to survive, with Hitler and Stalin. This is as bad as people hunting coloured members of the society. What would you say if the world would follow your lead into facism and racism again? Who would be the victims? After many years of racism against coloured people especially Africa should have learned something about tolerance! We all should let people live just the way they want.

    To Etunimi Sukunimi:

    Sorry, we can’t boycott Ghana in the western world – there is nothing Ghana is exporting to us. And there never will be, as long as this country doesn’t respect basic human rights. And I think the western world will turn away in shame. ( But still I hope the UN will react and fight for the rights of the gays. They are fighting for the suppressed libyan people, so why not for the suppressed gays in Ghana? )

    Stop Ghana committing genocide, because this is where it will end.

  13. Whaat? I and my companion have lived in Accra an loved each other for just about 10 years (end of August). We have not even thought about the matter of loving same sex or not, we are a married couple (married in Europe).

    We have never ever had any doubts or queer eyes from anyone. I can not or have even not enough energy to discuss about this matter.. to whom does it concern?

    To love someone is a priviledge and for more to have a life long marriage as well, as for our society it is not so easy to marry without substancial marriage portion. So to marry male/female is a matter of parents, not so much for the loved ones.

    Sofar our parents and family have are customed to us (after 12 years) and accustomed to the fact that “Tom and Jerry” are not giving grandchildren.

    What is this fuss now? What?

    We are both law obeying tax paying civil servants, and are now both getting on our fifties of age. We never ever thought that there would be any such discussion or debate as this “politician” is now crying loud!

    To anyone’s beliefs (not to mention christian fanatics), We do not think there is anything to matter anyone’s beeing, concidering love and happines, and even more what ever you do on your private life.

    “Happy together” Osu couple soon retiring.

  14. Etunimi Sukunimi


  15. Akash Asengupta

    Clean Africa up, some places are designed for exit, homosexuality is dirty, dangerous and very unhealthy, it is immoral ro engage in white man’s faggot and freakish manners, they use it to penalize other nations in order to loot national tresures and natural resources, what type of human rights are left in Africa when the white men has always try to find every available satanic pretext to divide and conquer Africa, purge those disease spreading useless bastards, you will see a reduction in scabies, anal diseases and sexual contracted filth through drilling another man through the anus, take those homosexuals and deport them to Europe, if they are that useful.

    • Homosexuality is NOT dirty, NOT dangerous, NOT unhealthy, NOT immoral. Why don’t you learn about human sexuality and you will understand homosexuality is a normal variation in human sexuality. Your writing is full of hate and it is targeted to wrong people. What the hell human sexual orientation has to do with the national treasures in your country? WHAT?

      • Come come Jean you must admit it is a little dirty, when dung comes out of a pipe the only way to clean it is to flush it out, please do not tell me that all those lovely gay people out there flush out their anus before the big event?
        So really Jean there must be some residue left in there and for sure that is not very clean and you must seriouly admit it is a little dirty.

        • Dear Friend,
          Why are you interested only about the hygiene of anal sex? Sexuality is more than the sex act only. The issue here is the right for two adult person to do anything they want in the privacy of their own home. If they want to do “dirty” sex, it is their business and nobody else has right to judge them. And you should remember, that not only gays do anal sex. Straight people do it too!

    • In fairness Akask you are being very racist in your statements, its not fair to say us blacks are all straight and prefer to bang the fairer sex, for your information there are a lot of black gays as well as white gays, its absolutely true that the whites brought a lot of diseases to Africa, but its also true a blacks brought diseases into their own homes, after all aquired immune diffiency originated in africa as did malaria and ebola.
      You might consider also if Europe decided to deport all blacks back to Africa our welfare systems would collapse, and we would have nowhere to put them all, furthermore they would have picked up the useless ways of the Europeans and spread them to the god fearing people of this blessed country,we would have harlots on the street corners and heroine and crack smoking everywhere as they would deport all the drug dealers as well and ju-ju will not help us then, so think wisely my friend before making such racist comments.

  16. Idiots. No wonder Africa has huge problems if this is how your leaders use their power and time. Shame on you.

  17. Funny news. No wonder really. A totally fudged up country obviously has no interest to really develop out of the mudhut society it currently is.

    Why is this news even published?
    Just let them be by themselves for another century and see what if anything comes out.

  18. Looking from northern european family man, that is pretty hard to understand. I mean, really REALLY hard. The picture you are giving to world outside Ghana borders, is of stone-age cavemen, who wan’t to destroy everything they don’t understand themselves. I do know that this isn’t the truth, don’t get me wrong, but I just can’t understand how a nation can be like that. Snap out of it, those gay people are just like you, they work like you, they might even believe in god like you – and who knows, since it is forbidden, maybe your best friend, brothers, sisters, parents or kids are gay. They can’t change, we did try to force them back in the day. Just like straight doesn’t turn gay, gay can’t become straight, no matter how much you beat or pray.

  19. Well, let us in the west remember that it has been less than 100 years since homosexuality laws started to be abolished. At the end of the day the Christian people of Ghana Need to go through all of the same developments as Christians in the west have and still some Christian people in the west still have an attitude problem about homosexuality…. At the end of the day what I’d like to say to the Christian people of Ghana is this…. The reason why the west has almost completely integrated and excepted homosexuality is because all Christian cultures sooner or later come to the realisation that god loves unconditionally. And the Christian people of Ghana have to learn the same lesson just the same.The only way to god is through me? If any one in Ghana has been taught what this really means i implore you to protest against the unloving actions of those in power and demand that at the very least they show mercy. -V

    • That’s all fine and good, there Venus 17, unless of course you happen to be (or perceived to be) gay in Ghana right now.

      Should we have just let the Nazi’s evolve into their acceptance of Jews? There is a stark difference in “having negative attitudes” toward people and rounding them up and imprisoning/executing them.

  20. Ghana Is A Goner

    Ghana – get with the times! Such a hate message, religion should be promoting tolerance, love and peace… at least that’s what most deities seemed to be on about. Maybe I missed something?

  21. God help this blessed country in its time of great impoverishment, are their not better things for our police to be doing like arresting robbers and corrupt polititians, than running around after shit stuffers, do we really care what the gays or lesbians get up !!!!!!!!!!!! who cares, I’m not gay so I do’nt give a damn, unless those that are complaining feel like they want to try a little back passage action or such like????
    Let them alone , forget about them , let them get on with life, there are more important issues at hand like the corrupt idiots running our country, biggotry and zealots have no place in a modern democracy, ghana is after all the longest surviving democracy in Africa ———-is it not ??

    • Come on, there’s no reason to be so antagonistic to gay people. They’re just ordinary people whose sexuality is different.

      • how dare you i’d never be antagonistic to gays, live and let live I say and say it out load,as far as i’m concerned they can do whatever they want as long as they do’nt try to stick a tail on my ass.
        My view point is very simple there is too much time spent worrying about them when there are much more important issue’s to be looked after such as corruption and poor governance.
        Sex is a humanitarian matter a man should have the choice to stick his member anywhere he wants as long as he does not disturb the peace, likewise a woman should be allowed to put anything she wants in her glory hole if it makes her happy, but do’nt bring such matters into the governance and politic of a country

  22. Christianity is cruel religion ….. sad

    • Genuine Christianity is not cruel and I am so sorry this horrible thing is being linked to what some see as appropriate. This is not of God and it is certainly not what Jesus would do. I am so sorry. I will pray for your country.

  23. We all have rights, yet we should not forget that we have not the same culture and tradition. We Africans are blind, very blind in practicing the cultureS of other nations. Homosexuals have always been around from time that could not be recalled. The fact that the Western World have publicized for its own political and economical gains does not mean it fits into every culture. In some parts of the United States carrying a gun hs been legalized, in some parts of the same western world sleeping with a girl so long as she is not 12 is legal and other places so long as she is six years older than the former is permitted. see, one stinky culture is not for all. why are we importing the absolute wrong into our country and continent? Sadly enough, One prominent African American Man told me that that one day the African will come to the U.S. and pay to learn his own culture. THIS! is a prophecy. we are loosing it!!!! ALL!!!! A BIG SHAME!!!!! Africa and Ghana as a whole is unique in its own ways. why throw it in the dump because the WESTERN WORLD SAYS IT IS UNCIVILIZED??? Are they not coming to africa to learn our healthy manners of life while the polutant is left ot our minds or rather we SELL OUR GOLD FOR THE PRICE OF SILVER!!!

  24. This is primitive act to arrest them.
    Is there any law to arrest those who had abortion or those who failed to take care of their children?
    JERRY RAWLINGS stole our industries but he’s a walking free BASTARD.
    The next law will be to arrest those who like to ”MASTURBATE”

  25. its a voilation of United nations Humans Rights Law which Ghana did vote for. Those hunting Gay´s will be arrested sooner or later and send to the United Nation court of Human Rights,
    Its a big Shame that such behaviour on same sex from this NDC goverment shows how Premitive we are and moreover how isolated we are from Reality
    Its wrong to arrest people for LOVING themselves either been SAME SEX, STRAIGHT , or WHATEVER…. is even STUPID

    • who is the United Nations and how does it or since when does he or she come to wash our plates for us? arresting is a little hash i will say, but know that the United Nation hs no culture or rather you will say is multi-cultural. who lives and dies as a citizen of the United Nations?
      not being primitive does not mean that you practice in your home what some one esle is doing in his of her home although it dies not fit yours. where is your dignity?

      • Where is *your* dignity in supporting a law that infringes on the private lives of others? Since when is “culture” a weapon used to justify oppression and violations of human rights?

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