Ship carrying oil from Ghana seized by pirates off Nigeria

Greek maritime officials say pirates have seized a Greek-run oil tanker off the coast of Nigeria.

Officials said Monday that the Aegean Star and its 20-member crew were hijacked on Saturday.

They say the ship was carrying oil from Ghana to Benin when it was seized 55 kilometers off the Nigerian coast, in the Gulf of Guinea.

The ship’s crew is said to include three Greeks and sailors of other nationalities. There has been no word on their condition.

The Liberian-flagged ship is operated by Greece-based Endeavour Marine Company. The company had no comment as of Monday.

While not as well-known as their counterparts in Somalia, pirates have become increasingly active in the Gulf of Guinea.

Last month, the International Maritime Bureau issued a piracy warning for ships traveling near Benin.

It said pirates have seized several vessels in the area this year, including a Greek-owned tanker on June 16.

The IMB’s top piracy official, Noel Choong, said the attacks off West Africa are worrying because they seem to involve a greater degree of violence against crew members. voa


  1. There were ten ghanaian onboard the m/t aegean star. Some suffered injuries, in this case is the company going to compensate them? And what is the Ghana maritime authority doing about such cases.

  2. The time has come to stop pussy footing around, and to get our navy to intervene in situations like this ,our exports are suffering, our world reputation as a great country is suffering and of course our revenue’s are suffering.
    Let us blast these nigerian bastards out of the water, we have suffered long and hard as a result of these dirty things, force is the only thing these filthy pirates understand.

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