Nana Addo’s Camp Is Creating Enmity Between Rawlings and Mills

A Presidential Aide has dismissed as mere propaganda a publication by the “New Statesman” newspaper which sought to create the impression that ex-President Rawlings has once again rebuffed attempts at reconciliation by driving away from his residence…

…a delegation sent from the presidency to confer with him (Rawlings).

The newspaper published that a delegation sent by the President, John Evans Atta Mills and his Vice, John Mahama to seek audience with the founder ostensibly to propose a meeting between the three personalities was literally thrown out of the founder’s premises as he bluntly refused to meet them after finding out what their intention was.

But Nii Lantey Vanderpuiye, in an interview with Shamima Muslim on CitiFM stated: “I don’t think I would have wished to comment on the publication in the New Statesman but for the respect I have for your station and your programme, because I don’t think the paper has ever published anything factual about the president. That is a propaganda paper from Nana Akufo Addo’s camp and so they will continue to fabricate stories like that. We know their agenda of trying to create seeds of discord between the presidency and the former first family…,” he said.

He was emphatic that to the best of his knowledge no delegation from the presidency has been sent to the former first family’s house, adding that if President Mills wants to meet with the former first family, he will not send a delegation but will rather go himself or find other means of doing so himself.

“I am not aware… knowing President Mills for who he is, he would rather call and say I want us to meet, I want us to talk…. but I know there has been a lot of talk…,” he added.

Source: peacefm

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  1. Everythig wrong that goes on with this bastard and his NDC crooks is blamed on the NPP..
    Why don’t they blame the NPP whenever JATO eats fufu and cow meat soup instead of his usual (yoo-ke-gari)?

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