Nigeria U-23 Captain Accuses Ghana Of Using juju To Defeat Them

Nigeria’s Under-23 captain, Kingsley Udoh says Ghana used African charms ‘juju’ and amulets to defeat them in the All Africa games final qualifying match.

The Black Meteors defeated the Dream Team 2-0 on Sunday to qualify for the tournament to be played in Maputo in September.

Holding a 3-1 first led advantage into the weekend’s cracker in Kumasi , the Nigerians crashed out of the race because Ghana won 2-0.

Udoh has alleged that African charms (juju) were discovered in their dressing room, prior to the game in Kumasi on Sunday.

Udoh told reporters that the team did not use the dressing room following the discovery of the charms.

“We were not in the match because some of us were not able to handle the horrific scenes that we saw when we entered the dressing room,” Udoh said.

“I am not making excuses for our loss but when we made to enter the dressing room, we saw charms and imagine the kind of feelings or fears that could generate for young chaps like us.

“There is more to how the Ghanaians attained this win than by playing good football.

“We are a good team which they also know but on that day, some players I felt were good could not play well.

“Juju may not be working in sports but the fear of it could disorientate some people and I felt some people lost it to fear because of what they saw in the dressing room”, added Udoh.

Source: Ghanasoccernet


  1. Kingsley is absolutely correct, the Ghanians used the charms and amulets, I was there and I saw them, after the second goal, I saw smoke comming from the left side of the ghanian goal mouth, I went to investigate and sure enough the witch doctor was there and the smoke was pouring from his ass, I managed to get a water bottle from a supporter and eventually we got the fire under control, unfortunatey not before the ghanians scored a third goal.
    A local nurse provided first aid for the witch doctor, his injuries were not life threatening just a burnt anus and some singed pubic hair, however he reiterated that anyday beating nigeria is a good day by fair means or by ju-ju.

    • George Akundikiya

      Nigerians in general cannot be beaten when it comes to the use of African electronics. Occultism is very pervasive throughout Nigeria. Ghanaians are genrally christians and always work hard and pray to God for for success which they got. So if the ill-prepared Nigerian team came to Ghana expecting a walk over and didn’t get it, they should not try to give any excuses. Were they not the same people who blamed their coach for their defeat?SHAME

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