President Mills beats Nana Konadu to win NDC flagbearership race

Provional results so far shows that President Mills has won the NDC’s Congress by a whopping 2,771 votes against Nana Agyemang Rawling’s 90 votes.

President Mills took the lead in all ten regions of the country.

By this, he will lead the NDC in the 2012 General Elections.

Details soon.


  1. The Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings that the sunyani congress was is total false.

  2. We must realize that as a nation, negativity and divisive fear mongering tactics will get us nowhere. We are going to need each other to succeed. What if NDC sympathizers in the Volta Region become apathetic and decide not vote for either party? Mills loses and the NPP wins! Is that what NDC wish for? Stop insulting JJ and wife for challenging the President. Whatever their motives were, the votes discounted those schemings and it is time to bring them back into the fold for the good of everything NDC stand for. Or else you would be laughing on the wrong sides of your mouths come 2012.


    Congratulations to prof. for that overwhelming defeat.I must say we are grateful to him.I am going to look for Media investors to establish an FM station to be called MILLS FM on 96.9 megahertz.This figure is waiting for N.P.P 2012

  4. It’s quite abusive the kind of language we use sometimes..I just wonder how wrong it was for Nana Konadu to feel she could stand up to the race for presidency. I don’t think anything prevented her from exercising her political right. Yet, for the hatred of Jerry, people are raining all sorts of insults. Was it not the same in the case of Hilary Clinton who was the wife of a former U.S president? It’s about time we understand politics as diverse opinions and ideologies. As such, our individual ideas will forever differ unless of course we choose to go back to the millitary regime. Let’s stop the use of strong abusive insults cos it shows imaturity in our politics.

  5. congratulations mills.

  6. congrates President ATTA MILLS, you deserve your votes and shut up that BASTARD JOHNNY JUST RAW and his SHREK 2 UGLY WIFE, it’s time you let these swines know you are the boss, put those RATS where they belong and their subordinates.

  7. alex k. lamptey

    God we thank you for a resounding victory fof Prof. Atta Mill, huraaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Thanks to all Ghanaian media houses for a great job well done.

  9. E.k.nkansah gyimah

    God bless all é nation’s media houses

  10. E.k.nkansah gyimah

    Nana oooo nana 4 2012.wonsi-mpia.We’re now ready 2 take npp 2 opposition infinity

  11. E.k.nkansah gyimah

    Jj shal 4ever b part of é umbrella family.jj n é ndc have shwn wht politics is all abt.good party n good leaders within 2 move ghana 4ward.God bless all é political parties in é country n God bless ndc é most in 2012. NANA Addo go shock n die n on é 26th day ET Shal ressurect him wif GPRTU director’s Position.Nana ooooo nana no chance 4 osu castle 2012.NPP’S eye go see osu castle bt demma leg nogo touch castle ground.AMEN.AMEN.

  12. E.k.nkansah gyimah

    NPP go fear now. God bless 2012 4 prof 2 2016.Ghana go b keke

  13. it is a big shame for JJ and his Jezebel wife. I am really proude of Ghanaians and the results. dis has proof to Rawlings and co and they should keep shut and let the wise brain-child Prof Mills lead da NDC to de victory.

    Rawlings should also be aware dat the NDC party does not belongs to him as he claims. knowing dat he did not ormed the party just by hisself.


  14. jerry talks too much and he seems to become irresponsible. he should now be quiet and watch what God has got for Ghanaians through prof.

  15. Advice to President Mills.
    I urge you to FIRE all your leading NDC members who were vowing to vote for JATO’s wife to unseat you.
    Okujato Ablakwa should be the first on your list.

  16. Now that the BASTARD has realised how intelligent Ghanaians are,what’s next on his BRAIN DEAD Head?
    Jato ,be warned that Mills will ask paliament to vote on the Indemnity Clause so you could be prosecuted.

  17. Emmanuel Mireku

    The President doesn’t talk much but ahmmmm, he leaves the votes to do the talking… Splendid one who is next..

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