Libya Rebels Reject African Union Peace Plan

Libyan rebels are rejecting an African Union peace plan because it does not demand the immediate resignation of Moammar Gadhafi. The African Union wants a multi-national peacekeeping force for Libya.

Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, the spokesman for Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council says the African Union plan is not complete because it does not call for Colonel Gadhafi to give up power.

He says rebels will not approve an AU plan that does not include a clear statement that Moammar Gadhafi step down and resign all duties, because Ghoga says such a plan does not satisfy the demands of their revolution.

The leaders of South Africa, Mauritania, Uganda, Mali, and the Republic of Congo drafted a plan that calls for the immediate suspension of hostilities, a comprehensive ceasefire, and a timetable for democratic reforms along with the release of all prisoners of war and the lifting of all sieges.

It says the United Nations should send a “sizeable peacekeeping force” to Libya in cooperation with the African Union and the Arab League, and calls for the Security Council to lift the no-fly zone that authorizes NATO air strikes.

Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim says the Gadhafi administration is ready to discuss a peaceful resolution with all parties in Libya, but only when hostilities against it cease.

“I am sure you agree with me, you cannot have a productive dialogue under the umbrella of rockets and bombs,” said Ibrahim. “You have to stop hostilities, bombardments, all parties announce a ceasefire and then we have a way to implement and enforce the ceasefire.”

Ibrahim says the Gadhafi government has been consistent in its approach since this conflict began in February.

“We are for peace and democracy in Libya,” he said. “We are the only party that signed the African road map months ago. We have been saying for months now that we will talk to all parties and we will sit down to find a peaceful resolution or solution for this crisis. Finally it seems that other parties are coming to our position, which is very productive, although it is quite late now with all deaths and martyrs and the suffering and pain that the Libyan nation has been taking on for months now.”

Rebel spokesman Ghoga says there is no solution to this conflict that includes Moammar Gadhafi.

Ghoga says rebels will have no choice but to pursue a military operation if Gadhafi does not satisfy the demands of the people that he resign so the country can have a transition to democracy.

The Libyan leader had already agreed to stay out of African Union-led negotiations on that transition. But rebel representatives at last week’s AU summit in Equatorial Guinea made clear their demands for more from the alliance. The summit’s final statement offered no criticism of the government in Tripoli. Moammar Gadhafi has long been one of the African Union’s largest financial supporters. voa


  1. NATO nations supported rebels?.
    The same nations invented barefaced lies to create a casus belli against Iraq, where none existed, lying that Saddam Hussein’s government had tried to get yellowcake uranium from Niger, then forging documents to back up the claim, then getting their (pig-)ignorant media to claim Baghdad was trying to obtain it from (wrong country) Nigeria; then there was a doctoral thesis copied and pasted from the Net providing “wonderful intelligence” for Colin Powell to present to the UNO. We had chemicals factories which were providing milk for babies and we had evidence of WMD and pinpointed locations as to where it was, except it did not exist. As Saddam Hussein himself said.

    We had the media demonising the Iraqi President and tying him to Al-Qaeda, even though he and bin Laden hated each other. Meanwhile we have had NATO countries complaining about cyber hacking yet doing the same thing themselves time and time again against Iraq, against Iran and now against Libya.

    And now we have NATO lying about the casus belli in this north African state, claiming that poor innocent unarmed civilians were being attacked when what really happened everyone knows – thousands of armed terrorists, unleashed by NATO itself, ran amok torching government buildings, raping girls and slaughtering people in the street. They never mentioned the UN Report providing the basis for a humanitarian prize to be awarded to Colonel Gaddafi in March this year, they never mentioned any of his many actions in the African Union, providing services for free whereas beforehand, Africans had to pay fortunes for the same to western providers.

    NATO, the same gang which organised the kidnapping of Slobodan Milosevic and his illegal detention in The Hague, its kangaroo court which has not yet tried a single NATO member for war crimes, despite tremendous evidence towards this, now makes overtures to Muammar al-Qathafi to stand down and accept immunity.

    Muammar, believe that and you may as well give a million dollars for that second-hand Romanian wristwatch.

    The fact of the matter is NATO sees what is happening in western Libya, sees that Gaddafy is genuinely popular there as indeed he is with most tribes across the country and knows that in military terms, their crusade has failed, miserably. They never expected to be spending 50 to 100,000 dollars per aircraft per day, flying 100 sorties a day, in July 2011, they never expected the Libyan Armed Forces to have weathered the storm and gone onto the offensive against the terrorists NATO supports.

    Once again, the way forward is for NATO to disengage, claiming the no-fly zone has been imposed and to allow the African Union to broker talks between the sides without making offers, neither did anyone ask for NATO’s opinion. Nobody should believe them because given the recent history of this organization, NATO has as much credibility as a heroin addict desperate for a fix.

  2. Who do these Rebels think they are ? What if their French and English mercenaries abondoned them !! Would they not be crying like kids ? They sense an opportunity to rule and ignore the mass calls of African leaders who have the best interests of Libyans at heart and keep listening to their good samaritans !! Dear rebels, your todays masters will turn out to be tomorrow’s monsters – be warned !

  3. Well, this was to be expected. Gadd knows every trick both in the book and out of it to cling on to power. Once the World’s attention shifts, he will go back to massacring Libyans who oppose him. Gadd has to step aside, leave Tripoli, and go into seclusion so that he is completely cut off from his chain of command before there is any talk of peace.

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