Ashanti NDC Chairman escapes assassination attempt

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Yaw Obimpeh, escaped an assassination attempt on Thursday night June 30, as his car was attacked by unknown gunmen at the KNUST Roundabout in Kumasi, information reaching indicates.

The unknown assailants opened fire at the vehicle and shattered its windscreen, but Mr. Obimpeh, who was not too far from the KNUST police station, managed to drive to the station where he sought assistance.

His statement was taken after which he was escorted by a Police officer to his home at Ejisu.

The attack on Mr. Obimpeh comes days after he received text messages that threatened his life and warned him to stay away from this year’s June 4 anniversary which was held in Kumasi.

The messages were believed to have come from supporters of the Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, although no independent corroboration has been made.

Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC, Joseph Yamin, who confirmed the attack to Citi News, said Mr. Obimpeh appeared traumatized but was safe.

“I got the information around 10:00pm last night and called my Regional Chairman who was indeed at the Police Station at that moment where he told me he was being escorted by the police to his house. As he told me, the incident happened just around the KNUST Police station. He said whiles he was initiating the Roundabout, he heard a gunshot which was targeted at him but fortunately he escaped and it got the car. So he immediately turned into the Police station and he was rescued by the Police.

“It happened between the hours of 10 and 11pm. Fortunately he was with his driver so he was not driving alone on his return from one of the normal campaign rounds.

“He told me that he escaped unhurt so I am sure the car has some damages but he himself was fine and told me that there was no call for alarm”.

Mr. Yamin, who has received similar death threats since he declared his support for President Mills, is not ruling out the possibility of the attack coming from political opponents within the NDC.

“You can’t rule it out, but again since we don’t have proof of it, it can only be a 50-50 situation. I am sure as he wrote his statement, investigations into the gunshot will be ongoing as at now. But if yesterday there were text messages threatening someone’s life, and just some few days after there is a physical attempt, naturally you can just point to it. However if it is indeed true that this is where our Congress is leading us to, then it must be condemned” he said.

“Just some few weeks ago, when the Al-Hajj newspaper published that there were assassination plots against me, people thought it was a mere publication, and then it moved on to my regional chairman. So if it is as a result of the congress that some gunshots are being targeted against some persons, then it is going to be very dangerous for our party. May be there is no need for us to even go to Sunyani. Just because one person wants to be a leader of our party, should somebody’s life be lost?

“These attempts are not only on the regional chairman but on me as well. I have been receiving wild allegations and rumours as to how I should manage my life and the need for me to even stay away from the Congress. Are we supposed to be losing our lives just because we are championing a cause? I think that if it is true, then leadership of whichever side that is planning this against whoever must condemn it” he noted.

Source: citifm

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