‘Missed Call’ – Ghanaian Sitscom starring Agya Koo

New comedy series starring Agya koo and others. Written and directed by Oheneba Yaw Boamah, ‘Missed Call ‘is an educative and entertaining television drama series designed purposely to bring to light mobile phone activities in our everyday lives. It showcases the good and bad sides of the mobile phone with respect to gender, social class and other dynamics of a modern society.

The series features a blend of seasoned and fresh actors like Kofi Adu( Agya Koo), Kojo Dadson, Pascaline Edwards, Papa Nii(Taxi driver Fame), Kumiwaa (Things We Do For Love), Black Rasta (Hitz FM) a taxi driver, Kobi Kusi Appiah, Bridget Bright as Akua Wendy the villager, Rufyda Hayford and others.

The story revolves around Kelvin who came from the US after a long stay to hook up with his old girlfriend Maa Abena; as well as to set up his mobile phone business in Ghana. Maa Abena, a humble and trustworthy young lady who vows to patiently wait for Kelvin is pressured by friends and relatives to forget about Kelvin and move on with her life. Meanwhile Wendy, a maid servant from a village who later was transformed into a city girl by her boyfriend (Stain) becomes Maa Abena’s best friend. Wendy later starts dating Kelvin (now Biggy) who is in town without the knowledge of Maa Abena. Wendy convinces her boyfriend, Stain that Kelvin is an uncle who had arrived from the States.

On the other hand, Mr Ansah (Stain’s father) abandons his son’s education and chases after a Senior High School girl, Ofeibea instead. Unknown to Mr Ansah, Ofeibea is a girl who would do anything possible to get mobile phones from men. Rass also experiences real life challenges after his boss bought him a phone. Will Kelvin get in touch with Maa Abena? Will Mr Ansah change his lifestyle and cater for his son’s need? How will Wendy take it when she gets to know Biggy was one and the same as Kelvin, the boyfriend her friend Maa Abena has been talking about?

By: Ameyaw Debrah



    On which station please let me know

  2. Agya koo is my favourate and entertaining comedian.And i like him very much.All i have to say is keep it hard.

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