Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills wore a Juju Ring. Is he a Christian?

Our forefathers warned us to run from a chicken that pursues us at dawn because he might have grown some teeth during the night. It is also not for nothing that Jesus warned us to beware of those who use His name in vain.

The President Professor Atta Mills says he owes nobody an apology for turning the Castle into a prayer Camp. But whom does he serve? It is common knowledge that even pagans or atheists offer prayers to their idols/deities. But the question is: “Does the President serve the Living God? In the light of the recent revelation about his reliance on a mysterious ring, which he discarded after achieving its desired purpose, Ghanaians can come to the logical conclusion that “all that glitters is not gold”. There are serious question marks about the President’s claim of being a devout Christian.

I am not at all enthused or worried about jaundiced commentators who have criticized me for believing in the powers of darkness. Such people have come up with the argument that in this twenty first century where nature has endowed man with the ability to invent many things, it is unthinkable for people to believe in the existence of such powers.

Well, that is their belief and they are entitled to it. But the Living God whom I serve has made it abundantly clear that evil forces abound. There are copious examples both in the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran about the existence of evil/occult powers. If such people disapprove of the existence of such evil forces, they should stop attending Services in the Churches and the Mosques altogether.

But the Bible has given us the weapons to neutralise the powers of darkness and principalities. We have to fast and pray. Yes, these are the two potent weapons. But instead of our President to go on his knees to seek the face of the Lord in his hour of travails, he went for a ring, whose source, till date is shrouded in mystery. And his devotees proclaim him as a devout Christian. Well, until he comes out publicly to answer those questions I posed to him a week ago, nobody is ever going to convince me that the ring the President wore over a plaster on his finger for a period of about four months was not a juju one. And I am not alone in coming up with such a preposition. Many Ghanaians share similar sentiments. At least that was the impression our Junior Chemical Ali created in the minds of many Ghanaians!

I posed some questions to the Presidency but as I write now, Ghanaians are yet to receive responses to any of the issues I raised in my previous write-up. The only statement coming from the Presidency stood in the name of our Junior Chemical Ali. And it doesn’t do the President any good. It portrays the President as a very vindictive, divisive, clueless, wicked and selfish personality who does not care about what happens to Ghanaians provided his parochial interests are satisfied.

Instead of answering the probing questions I asked by countering them with logical arguments, what these serial and jaundiced commentators succeeded in doing was to heap up insults on my person.

I never for once dreamt of the day when a 19 year old “toddler” could call me a mad person. What was it in my write-up that portrayed me to be mad? Such a thing could only happen in Mills Ghana when respect has gone down the drain and your own gate-keeper would demand money from you before he opens the gate for you.

These serial commentators in the NDC have been negatively affected by the juju ring worn by the President. This has led to a loss of their sense of reasoning. It is therefore no surprise that they walk and act like zombies on their way to purgatory. You see these serial commentators think they are clever. Their dangerous mindset is to cow me into submission by descending on me with their scud missiles from all angles. But, they will fail woefully. They have narrowed their focus on the wrong target. I shall never be cowed by their threats of mayhem and intimidation. As long as God gives me breath I shall continue to comment on national issue without fear or favour. The President has a date with Ghanaians. He will have to come out with satisfactory answers to the issues I raised in my previous write-up. Silence will not do.

The NDC cannot take Ghanaians for a ride. Have they forgotten so soon the “letter to Diawuo Vampire” column in the Ghanaian Lens which ostensibly had Koku Anyidoho as Sports editor, but in actual fact had the “capricious” and “whimsical” Anyidoho as its author? What negative thing did the column not attribute to ex-President Kufuor for being spiritually responsible?

I am not suggesting that because Koku and his fellow “conspirators” did that to Kufuor, I will follow their footsteps. No, I am too decent for such hatchet job. I take my inspiration from what our Junior Chemical Ali told us about the President and the magic ring. Ghanaians are concerned about the negative implications of the ring but if the Presidency thinks silence is the best option then they may be living in the fool’s paradise. Ghanaians have been asking questions and I, Daniel Danquah Damptey represent the conscience of the down trodden masses. You may call me all sorts of names, but I remain unperturbed in my quest to unravel the mystery behind the ring worn by President Atta Mills.

Ghanaians are suffering. We have never had it as bad as this. Unnatural occurrences have been the bane of our woes. The spate of deaths of many children under mysterious circumstances in the early days of Mills administration is yet to be explained. There have been many suicides, assassinations, road accidents, increase wave of armed robbery and above all the decline in football at all levels defy logical answers. Readers should not forget that Football is the only thing that unites us as Ghanaians. We have not forgotten the spate of fire outbreaks which gutted down some public buildings including the official residence of ex President Rawlings.

These happenings are unnatural. We are therefore asking our President whether these unnatural tsunamis have got anything to do with the strange ring he wore between the months of September, 2008 and December, 2008. This is part of the information we got from some NDC members who might have gone with the President when he went for his magic ring.

It is true that the President during the last quarter of 2008 wore a ring. We are all resolved on that. What kind of ring it was, we do not know and can only make guesses. But why did he stop wearing it? Why did he wear the ring on a plaster? Where was his wedding ring? And by the way, where is the ring?

Ghanaians expect a better explanation from the President and his Communications Director (Koku Anyidoho), who, incidentally used his position as Sports Editor of the Ghanaian Lens to concoct nasty, “nebulous’ and nefarious stories about exPresident Kufuor – stories which sometimes bordered on spurious unsubstantiated allegations and mere hatred for the face of the ex-President.

Is the President a Christian? I pause for an answer!!
Daniel Danquah Damptey

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  1. You need to clean your colonized mind. Every African/Ghanaian does not have to be a Christian. You need to stop bowing down to a religion that was used to enslave Africans. If he is a bad man he is a bad man. Don’t use him to further demonize African/Ghanaian traditions it is not fair or wise to do so.

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