Fifi Kwetey: NPP Was The Most Corrupt Government Ever In The History Of Ghana

The Mills-administration has cleaned up the monumental mess created by the greedy, fat, selfish elephant (New Patriotic party – NPP), a Deputy Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Mr Fifi Kwetey has said.

Ghana’s economy, according to him, has been pulled from the precipice by the government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Speaking on MultiTV’s political programme, Majority Caucus, Mr. Kwetey said unlike members of the NPP who, while in government, were primarily concerned about dissipating the nation’s resources and lining their pockets, the NDC government had spent the last two years restructuring the economy and putting it on the path to unprecedented growth.

The fundamental difference between the NPP and the NDC, he said, is that while members of the Kufuor-administration were faint-hearted and were either too afraid or unwilling to take decisions that would strengthen the country’s economy, the Mills-administration was noted for its astuteness.

Grounding his argument, the immediate past Propaganda Secretary of the governing NDC, said compared to the late former Finance Minister Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu who refused to hedge petroleum products thereby denying the people much deserved cushioning against the vagaries of the volatile world product prices, Dr Kwabena Duffour under the Mills-administration has been astute enough to hedge the product and thereby insulating Ghanaians from the astronomical hikes in the price of the product in months gone by.

He said if the government had not hedged petroleum products, the country would have needed to cough up huge sums of money to buy crude oil on the international market and the citizens would have needed to buy fuel at higher prices and this would have put a strain on both the people and the government.

Touting the credentials of the Mills-administration, Fifi Kwetey said the prudent policies of the government in especially the agricultural sector, had kept food prices at the bare minimum by improving local production and improving the lot of particularly the rural folk.

“The NPP engaged in a systematic demolition of everything productive because their priority was importation, which enriched a few and impoverished many,” he stated.

Touching on other economic indicators which he said sets the NDC apart from the NPP, the minister said interest rates were at their lowest ever and “What has been achieved in the stability of the local currency is absolutely unprecedented.”

“It takes prudence, it takes common sense approach to managing the economy to achieve these unprecedented results,” he maintained.

Desperate NPP

Reacting to NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo’s statement that the NDC government had turned Ghana into a poverty owning democracy, the former Propaganda Secretary said the NPP Presidential candidate’s desperation was understandable.

If as the candidate of the ruling party, with unlimited funding, a friendly media and a civil society that closed its eyes to the ills of the government, Nana Addo was rejected by the people of Ghana, it is obvious that he, in his desperation, will resort to lies and deception in order to undo the NDC.

“This is a man who clearly is desperate. NPP is getting desperate. They simply cannot find an anchor in Ghana… When you find a desperate person and a desperate group, what you find is that they are not very thorough in the analysis of situations,” he said.

Mr Kwetey accused the NPP and their flagbearer of deliberate distortions about the state of Ghana’s economy in an attempt to erase the pervasive perception of the NPP as a property grabbing party. “If there is one thing these people do best, it is lying, congenital lying; the pathological deception continuous,” he stated.

He expressed regret that the quiet modesty of the NDC had been taken for non-performance.

Mr Kwetey believes the NPP which was the most corrupt government ever in the history of the nation and which presided over the “most blatant misuse of power” could not be accusing members of the Mills-administration of incompetence and corruption.

Tackling questions raised by the NPP about the reliability and accuracy of figures released by the Ghana Statistical Service, the deputy minister said it was the character of the NPP to be suspicious of anything that does not feed into their mischievous conspiracies.

For him, it was interesting that the same NPP that flaunted figures released by the same Statistical Service to back their claims that the government had done tremendously well and that Ghana was moving forward, now tended to doubt figures from the Service simply because the indices betray the NPP’s hypocrisy.

“NDC never questioned statistics of the Statistical Service, now NPP cannot stand the reality of the figures,” he noted.

Ghanaians, he stressed, were transiting out of eight years that saw massive insecurity, pain and poverty to a period of refreshment and they must be spared the distortions and lies of the NPP.

“NPP, you are getting desperate; don’t get too desperate,” he teased.

He said the NDC will grant the NPP flag-bearer the right to dream that he will win the 2012 elections.

The host of the show, Mr Felix Kwakye in response to a caller who said Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was going to win the next presidential elections and assume the reins of power, retorted that “Nana (Addo) has been coming to power since I was a baby!”

Source: jfm


  1. Mr. Fifi Kwetey has said alot and it is ordinary Ghanaians who can be in the best position to make judgement on this political development. Ghana, we have a long way to go, if we continue to have leadership that are selfish. I’m not talking about either NDC or NPP but we do have a real problem without solution from political leaders. There are some countries who doesn’t possess half of what God has endowed this country but they have good standard of living. Imagine our currency can’t appreciate on a single day against International Hard Currency like Dollar, Euro, Pounds….We really need really need leadership that can take a bold and constructive steps to stablized our economy, so that Ghanaians can feel at home.

  2. This is another KWASEA FANTI making another noice.
    Everyone who follows JATO behaves like ‘brain constipated’ person.
    This fool never said anything intelligence.
    Your days are numbered …

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