Nana Addo: NPP will come to office with programmes not with promises

The 2012 flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has stated that the NPP is preparing to win power in December 2012 and take over the reigns of government ready with “programmes” that have been planned, evaluated, priced and sources of funding identified.

Addressing all 220 parliamentary candidates of the party so far chosen, the NPP flagbearer said the party does not want to win power only to find out at that it is not ready for office.

“We want to come to office not with PROMISES but with PROGRAMMES.”

To achieve this, he disclosed that the first team that he put in place, as flagbearer, was a think tank, in order to ensure that his administration would begin from day one on a slate of competence, commitment and with confidence.

“Thus, since my election on August 7, 2010, I have put together a Policy Unit, headed by Albert Osei (a retired senior World bank official) and a Manifesto Committee headed by Prof Yaw Twumasi (distinguished political scientist), who are consulting with various stakeholders to ensure that, with God’s blessing, we win power in 2012, ready for office.” He said.

Explaining, he said the NPP will approach, “Programmes that address the little things that matter to Ghanaians in their communities, like safe neighbourhoods, clean gutters, hygienic food, streets with names, flowing tap water, reducing road traffic, and making sure that rules and regulations are obeyed.”

Besides making access to quality education for every Ghanaian child his priority, Nana Addo has identified youth unemployment as a major issue requiring urgent action.

In outlining the NPP’s programme for office, Nana Addo added, “Programmes that address the fundamental issues of our time, the urgent need to tackle widespread youth unemployment, good skills, good jobs and good pay.”

He reiterated his bold vision which is to transform Ghana’s economy, using the transformational pillars of “industrialised economy, modernised agriculture, a modern, integrated public transport system that links every corner of our nation and our country to our neighbours.”

He said, also, the NPP will introduce“programmes that will enhance the quality of life, like universal access to quality education and quality healthcare.”

The NPP flagbearer recognised that his programme for transformation would not succeed without reforming the machinery of government to serve citizens better.

He stressed, “What the people need are programmes that will establish a public sector that serves them with efficiency, respect and at value for money.”

Nana Addo said Ghana needs to mould her “economic system to our particular instincts for individual freedom and social justice.”

Therefore, “The NPP seeks to create a political economy consistent with basic individual liberties; provide substantially equal opportunities to all citizens; tackle inequalities but not by a centralised state socialism but by a private sector led economy that is allowed to create wealth and the tax revenues that the state can accrue from such free entrepreneurships shall be then invested in the social sectors to create greater opportunities for the lesser well offs,” he said.

Nana Addo said his party would follow the wisdom of the founding fathers of Ghana, who were determined to develop Ghana into a modern state and in freedom.

“Danquah,” Nana Addo said, “believed that the Ghanaian was capable of managing what the socialists called at the time, ‘the commanding heights’ of the economy. We must be bold and intelligent in making this happen. To do so, we should not be shy of introducing policies that look, first and foremost, after our own people at every level of our economy.”

According to Nana Addo, his government would not be shy about discriminating in favour of Ghanaian entrepreneurs or any other entrepreneur operating in Ghana for the benefit of the economy.

He explained, “We must pursue a proactive but pragmatic agenda by picking, stimulating and increasing the number of Ghanaian winners in all sectors and build champions of industry who can compete anywhere in the world. We do so not by turning our backs on the process of globalisation, but by making use of its rules and regulations in such a way as to enhance our capability and capacity.”

He added, “We should be bold and devise and push an agenda that gets people out of the cycle of subsistence wages and informal, ad hoc economic activities, into the formal sector. We must rebuild the confidence of the Ghanaian entrepreneur. We must not shy away from picking local winners and supporting them deliberately to become regional and continental winners. “

Touching on his vision of creating a new society of opportunities, Nana Addo said, it “means establishing a system of governance that provides the very best of public services for every citizen, including an effective, humane public healthcare system, access to a secure and reliable justice system and unfettered access by all and sundry to a quality education in Ghana that rivals any in the world. It means also a governance system that helps unleash the energies of its citizens so that enterprise is appreciated and duly rewarded, not vilified and made the object of envy.”

Source: NPP Communication Team

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