Prepaid meter- a bane to the ordinary Ghanaian

The prepaid meters replaced the postpaid meters in Ghana in the year 2005 up to date, this is done to ensure efficiency in the usage of electricity and also to reduce the cumbersome nature of the work of the electricity personnel at Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The electricity company of Ghana has enumerated quite a number of advantages that are associated with the use of the prepaid meters. Some of these advantages were stated by Mr. Fred ennison (spelling of name stands for correction) of Electricity Company of Ghana in charge of the prepaid meters, he stated that the prepaid meters are convenient to ECG and the personnel because there is no need for the distribution of electricity bills to various houses or residence. Also he stated that the use of the prepaid meters will ensure that no bills are left by tenants for landlords when tenets are ejected or they leave one compound to the another, Mr. Fred continued that the prepaid meters has made things so easy to the extent that there will be no more monthly bills charged on any user of electricity in this country. All these advantages are well considered by the ordinary Ghanaian but the situation or the usage of the prepaid meters has also brought numerous disadvantages that far outweigh the advantages, these disadvantages were stated explained by ordinary Ghanaians during data collection about the prepaid meters.

First, to the ordinary Ghanaian the prepaid meters are very expensive. Here the ordinary Ghanaian means that the amount of money that goes into these prepaid meters is more than the postpaid meters. a statement made by civil servant was that the ordinary civil personnel receive not more than three hundred Ghana cedis a month and with that amount of money the ordinary Ghanaian spends about 25% on prepaid electricity alone. This gives the understanding that the prepaid meters are expensive to operate in a country like Ghana that is now developing. Another reason for it being expensive is the fact the meters run very fast than the postpaid meters and for that reason one need to buy as much as possible as directly related to the reading of the meters.

Second, accessibility for the prepaid units is also scarce for this reason people need to form queues at ECG offices throughout the country in order to get some of the units. This problem of queues has put a lot of workers into tights corners since they have to leave their offices with or without permission to get some of this unit. Productivity in the private sector is also reducing gradually because with most private sectors without electricity production can proceed.

Technical faults with the meter are a crucial point that can never be overlooked. The meters are so faulty to the extent that people need to sleep in dark for months after struggling to get the unit. The meters go off at any time, uploading of units onto the meter is also another problem not forgetting the so called expiry date with the unit cards and the remotes.

Also the problems that the ordinary Ghanaian faces with the prepaid meter is all because the education the was suppose to be a forerunner for the installment of the prepaid meters was not thorough or enough, due to this operating of the meter by ordinary Ghanaians has never been successful.

All these disadvantages can not be stated without mentioning the behavior of the workers responsible fro seeing to the installation, repairing and responding to the needs of the users of these prepaid meters. The behavior of the workers is too awful that they give no respect to any person in the process of responding to the needs of their customers. They report to work late, and do not give any advice or education to Ghanaians.

There is the existence of partiality in the installation of these prepaid meters; this is because the vice president John Mahama stated that there would be installation in all 4000 or more ministries, government departments, and all governmental agencies throughout the country, is this thing being done or has it been done.? Government indebtedness to the ECG more than eighty million Ghana cedis (80000000) and yet nothing has been done about it.

Mr. fred once said that as time goes on ghanians would be abreast with the way the prepaid metrs work, I do not accept that statement because Ghanaians can never be abreast with the faulty and burdened prepaid meters.

Government need to do something about this for the ordinary Ghanaian is suffering day in and day out. The government when taking actions and making policies should have the ordinary Ghanaian who can not afford a three square meal a day into consideration and stop burdening them.

Lamptey Alfred

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  1. “Massa” you have published a very good story and the points are well considered. However, I would advise that you improve on your writing style. Please be sure that you reference claims and do good editing before you publish Thank you.

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