Anna Bossman As Nana Addo’s Running Mate?

The Ghanaian Lens has picked up credible information from within the NPP that, Ms. Anna Bossman, the immediate past head of CHRAJ, may well become Akufo-Addo’s running-mate for the 2012 elections.

While some in the NPP, including some key members of Akufo-Addo’s kitchen-cabinet are rooting for Anna Bossman, others, especially certain individuals of northern extraction who believe that the party must stick with the unwritten understanding of North-South or South-North permutation in relation to its presidential tickets.

Those pushing for Anna Bossman are said to be kicking against the supposed North-South South-North permutation pointing out that there is nothing in the NPP’s own constitution or in the National constitution that debars the NPP, or any other party for that matter, from fielding a South-South or North-North ticket.

Ms. Bossman’s supporters are said to be pointing to the fact that former President Rawlings won two straight elections with or without the NDC having to field South–North ticket, whereas even though the NPP fielded a South-North ticket for the last four general elections the Party did not make any appreciable impact in terms of securing northern votes.

A highly placed source within the NPP, confirming that Anna Bossman is being seriously considered, pointed out that “the bulk of our votes come from the Akan areas, and if we must reinforce this by fielding Akan-Akan ticket, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.” “In any case, we cannot continue to ignore the feminine gender constituency. This is a very large constituency that cuts across regional, tribal, or ethnic lines. Going for Ms. Bossman, a woman who has distinguished herself in public office, would help in our outreach to the feminine gender,” the source enthused.

Asked whether Ms. Bossman has already been approached, the source said he is unaware that she had as yet been approached.But another source, who is strenuously against the NPP fielding a South-South ticket, says that those pushing for Anna Bossman or for a South- South ticket do not mean well for NPP.

“This is a party that has a huge perception problem about it being a party belonging to Ashanti’s and Akyems. Just as we are fighting this perception so as to bring other tribes on board, some people are coming up with this proposal. This cannot be good for the party,” the source observed.

Asked whether Ms. Bossman had already been approached on the matter, the source could not confirm that. “I don’t know whether she has been contacted or whether she would be interested in taking up the challenge. But some of us find the timing of her resignation curious and we suspect that she may have been primed that is why she resigned early enough to position herself in readiness for it,” the source stated.

As at the time of going to press, all efforts made to reach Ms. Bossamn for an interview proved futile.

Source: Ghanaian Lens

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