“POTBELLITICIANS” the new leaders in Ghana

Oh comrades! Let’s go on our knees and pray for our beloved country. I’m afraid our leaders have disappointed us. The Ghanaian politics has now taken a “sad” turn. The rich is getting richer at the expense of the poor man. This turn is what I refer to as, “politics of pot belly”.

Dear worthy compatriots this prologue is dedicated to all of us. The goal is to distinguish between a POTBELLITICIAN and a TRUE LEADER. Most people think leadership is all about having power. A typical Ghanaian man would do anything to get power and after he gets the power…? (A question to answer) There is a popular African proverb which goes like this; “when you hear someone is selling power, sell your mother to get the power and after you can use the power to get her back.” Moral: do everything to get power and after you can get what you want.

Most of the time, we deceive ourselves by thinking all politicians are true leaders. But on the contrary, I believe every leader can be a politician but not all politicians can be true leaders. It is however said that there is politics anytime leaders take actions on our behalf in order to promote the common good. If this is true, then that means politics is part of our everyday activities. Also this can further be elucidated by saying every leader who takes actions on behalf of its members for a common good is doing politics or is a politician.

In Ghana, we’re made to believe that politics is only practised by thieves, greedy lairs, and corrupt people. Reason being that; politicians who hold high social offices are given material benefits which under the normal circumstance, won’t be within the reach of ordinary citizenry. That is, they enjoy free accommodation, telephone facilities, electricity, water, transportation etc. These benefits they enjoy are normally used as a tool to reduce the temptation of stealing from the state coffers. But are they satisfied with all these benefits they enjoy? (A question for you) Anyway, some greedy ones still steal from the poor man’s tax. Hmm… (Indeed, politics is for the greedy man!)

Who is a “POTBELLITICIAN”? Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at some notions people have about “pot bellied” men. Many believe they’re men with great wealth and can command respect in their community. (It’s okay, to disagree). On the other hand, others also believe they are rather bullies, corrupt and greedy. Which of these description best suits our political leaders? (We all have different opinions don’t forget.)

Now back to our question. A “POTBELLITICIAN” in my personal dictionary refers to any government official who steals from state coffers for his personal selfish ambition and deceives him or herself to be a leader. People in this category are corrupt, greedy and very selfish. They always seek to “devour” the poor man’s tax for their selfish goals. In our society, politics is perceived to be a “dirty” game and for evil men only. Others even pronounce judgement on politicians by saying; “no politician will ever go to heaven”. (But, please don’t let us forget there always a “good few”)

The good few are those I feel very comfortable in referring to them as TRUE LEADERS. Who is a true leader, then? A true leader is someone who understands the needs of his people. For a leader to understand the needs of his people he or she must develop the ability to continuously communicate to his people, brainstorm, monitor, evaluate his work and set examples to achieve success. A true leader is not only a politician but anyone who takes decision on behalf of his people for a common good. Thus, a true leader must have integrity, be credible, trustworthy and accountable for his actions and inactions.

In conclusion, Potbelliticians must note that; since they’ve stolen from us, they’ve betrayed our memories for putting them in charge. …As 2012 fast approaches, POTBELLITICIANS…your days are numbered!
Long Live Ghana, Long Live True Leaders!!

By: William .O. Opare


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