Poem: The sinners cry!

Oh Father!
I’m a killer, a thief and a lair
I’ve soaked myself in “drugs” instead of your blood
Oh Father!
The things You despised;
Are the things that brought me joy
I’m unclean and filled with evil
Oh Father!
I’ve betrayed Your love
And defiled Your Temple
My world is dark; I can’t see the light…
Above all; I’m a sinner!!
Oh father!
Sin has separated me from you
And I can’t imagine how that makes you feel
You were nailed to the cross for my sake
Only, if I knew the pain you went through…
Oh Father!
I remember,
The blood and tears you shared for me;
The shame and disgrace, because of me
Above all, You died, so I can be saved
Oh! Why do You love me so…?
Oh Father!
I’m not worthy,
I’m sorry for the pain, I’ve caused…
And I regret my past errors
Forgive me Lord
And take your rightful place again…Amen!!!

By: William .O. Opare

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