Museveni: Police too soft on protesters, I will end “this Criminality”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says he will not allow protests in the country to continue, after weeks of anti-government demonstrations.

Mr. Museveni said in a written statement Tuesday that he will use all facets of the law to end what he called “this criminality.” He accused the police and judiciary of being too soft, and said there are weaknesses in the law that allow for “indiscipline” to persist.

The president also accused local and international media of cheering on the demonstrators. He said those who support what he called “irresponsible people” are enemies of Uganda’s recovery.

Uganda’s opposition has held several weeks of demonstrations in the capital, Kampala, to protest the high cost of food and fuel. Human Rights Watch says government forces have shot and killed nine people during a crackdown on the protesters. More than 250 have been wounded.

The protests started slowly but gained momentum several weeks ago when police arrested opposition leader Kizza Besigye for the fourth time. Video footage of the arrest showed police smashing Besigye’s car window and spraying the opposition leader with tear gas.

Besigye lost the 2001, 2006 and 2011 presidential elections to Mr. Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for 25 years. Besigye and his party accused electoral officials of fraud during February’s polls.

President Museveni was sworn in for a fourth term last week. He has defended the actions of security forces. He blames Uganda’s inflation on drought and global oil prices. voa

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