Konadu And Mills Camps Called To Order

Progressive Forces of the Northern Region, an NDC youth group in Tamale, has called on party bigwigs loyal to President John Evans Atta Mills and former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings to stop “The media war” and go about their campaigns devoid of rancour and personality attacks.

The group expressed worry at the apparent rivalry displayed on the airwaves byso me leading members of the NDC supporting either President Mills or former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings contesting the July 8-10 2011 Presidential primaries in Sunyani.

Such unhealthy competition in the observation of the Progressive Forces of the Northern Region could destroy the party and affect its electoral fortunes in 2012.

Abdul Rauf Junaid, the group’s Spokesperson made the call at a news conference in Tamale. He underscored the need for the NDC Council of Elders to call the feuding factions to order for a unified team to emerge after the internal election.

Much as Abdul Rauf Junaid highlighted the urgent need for President Mills as leader of the NDC to caution his appointees against attacking especially the party’s founder former President Jerry Rawlings, he also advised the former President to be circumspect in his criticisms of the government.

“His Excellency President J.EA Mills should caution his appointees against using unhealthy language especially on former President Rawlings who on the other hand should also find suitable ways of criticizing the government” he said.

Abdul Rauf Junaid was categorical in his statement that the NDC youth will hold their leadership accountable for any actions that will lead to the party’s defeat in 2012. “We don’t want to believe that the current state of the party’s internal wrangling is a deliberate attempt by some of our leaders to destroy the NDC
because they have achieved what they needed to the detriment of we the youth” he noted.

Source: citifm

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  1. My dearest NDC party leaders, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, I appreciate your leadership to fulfill the BETTER GHANA AGENDA despite both physical and spiritual challenges you’re facing with opposition (NPP).

    It would be unfaithful on my part as NDC strong number to keep such a real and factual dream I had concerning the FRICTION between President John Attah Mills and our former President Jerry John Rawlings unannounced.

    It was revealed to me in a dream on 14 – 05 – 11 that the NPP leaders organized themselves and consulted a spiritualist and performed rituals on President Mills and J.J. Rawlings in view of disorganizing them. I mainly saw the statues of Professor Mills and the former President J.J. Rawlings being tied in the opposite form (not facing each other).

    Furthermore, in the dream, the spiritualist asked them the purpose of segregating Prof. Mills and the former President J.J. Rawlings? They replied that X – President Rawlings wholeheartedly campaigned for Prof. Mills in 2008 which lead the NDC party to victory and failure to them (NPP). So the one and only means to regain power in 2012 is to set a massive spiritual confusion between them (NDC).

    My dreams are real so I advise you the leaders to quickly take strong spiritual steps to bring the above mentioned leaders to UNITY. And please remember that DIVIDED WE FALL BUT UNITED WE FIRMLY STAND.

    I dearly love my party (NDC) so PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE MEASURES.

    I will also continue PRAYING for the party particularly Prof Attah Mills and J.J.Rawlings.


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