90 Billion Cedis of tax payer’s money earmarked for Operation cage the Rawlingses

Preamble: In Ecclesiastics 1:9, we learn that: “That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done. And there is nothing new under the sun”. We read that “what is crooked cannot be made straight. And what is lacking cannot be remembered”.

Is it the beginning of an end or the end of a beginning? Former President Rawlings is obviously not a friend of mine. But of late, I have come to understand him for one thing. If he pursues a cause, he justifies it to its conclusion. He might be wrong in his reasoning or assumption, but you cannot take it from him. He is a man of his own principles, and I respect him for that.

When Kufuor was President and Rawlings was using him as a punching bag, almost on daily basis, at times calling him a thief, some of us protested. But what did we hear from members of the NDC, who today, have made the former President an object of vilification and disdain? They told us in plain unmistakable terms that the former President was just being himself and that nobody could gag him.

When the former President called the then President Kufuor a thief and a murderer and”ordered” the Ghana Armed Forces to arrest President Kufuor, those in the NDC hailed him. We have not forgotten his mantra of, “Kufuor nie” and the NDC apparatchiks would respond “Atta Ayi nie”“Kufuor nie” and they would respond: “Ya Na ti nie”.

If the leadership had advised ex-President Rawlings about his utterrrances, perhaps he would not have continued with his persistent attacks of Presidents. But in line with the statement that “etua wo nyonko ho a etua duam “ if something affects your neighbor it is as if it is affecting a tree, the NDC then had a field day, laughing hysterically with the Kufuor nie, Atta Ayi nie mantra.

Yes, these are the very people, who, today are calling for the crucifixion of the Rawlingses. Some have gone to the ridiculous extent of calling for him to be stripped of the title “founder”. Why this change of attitude? Noko fio! No doubt! I remember how Albin Bagbin, E.T.Mensah and Nii Affotey Agbo criticized President Mills on his lacklustre performance. Which derogatory expression did they not use to criticize and condemn President Mills’s policies? But as soon as they were offered ministerial appointments, all criticisms ceased – thanks to noko fio.

The Tower of Babel: But I am not surprised because the happenings in the NDC have long been foretold in the Holy Bible. If you doubt it, go and read Genesis 11:1-9 and you will get the import of my narration.

“Now, the whole earth had one language and one speech. And it came to pass as they journeyed from the East that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there. Then, they said to one another “come, let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly. They had brick for stone and they had asphalt for mortar. And they said, “come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth. But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, “Indeed, the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do. Now nothing they propose to do will be with-held from them. Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech”.

So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the earth and they ceased building the city. Therefore, its name is called Babel because there, the Lord confused the language of all the earth and from there, the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of the earth.

Yes, these things we read from the Holy Bible have great significance on the NDC. Yes the NDC built its house not on solid rock, but on sand. It is like building your house on a dunghill or with sputum. It will soon dry up. You see, the NDC going by its name, ‘Nefarious’ have laid out a well-orchestrated plan to cling on to power by hook or crook.. But as the Good Lord lives, upon whose words I base my arguments, nothing like that will ever happen in Ghana. Their hawks, rabid dogs, hyenas, wolves, vicious snakes, scorpions, vultures, tarantulas and their Chemical Alis can unleash all the venom in them on peace-loving Ghanaians, but the will of the masses will prevail. The NDC is a “goner”. Nothing will change the verdict.

Eight Year-Terms is a mirage: Whoever put the idea of an eight year term into the skull of these desperados? How long did the Busia’s regime last? What about the Liman regime before it was truncated by their idol who has now become their villain? It was only Rawlings and Kufuor’s regime which lasted Eight Years.

Let us come down to our ECOWAS brother and neighbor, Nigeria. Olusegun Obasanjo was contested for the flagbearership at the end of his first term by Dr Alex Ekwueme, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ruling PDP. In Anambra State, Dr Chinwoke Mbajunuju lost his bid to continue as Governor of the State to Dr Chris Ngige from the Same PDP at the end of his first term.

So, the argument of these ignoramuses and latter day saints to rewrite the history of African, particularly Ghanaian politics will whittle away like saliva.

Use of uncouth language: Most of the NDC people cannot engage in intellectual discourse and so resort to the use of uncouth, uncivilized and unprintable language at the least opportunity. From the highest papacy to the lowest clergymen, they all descend into the gutter.

Most NDC serial commentators, who I am told hold ministerial positions in Mills Government have formed the habit of insulting writers who stance they disagree with. Some of them, instead of absorbing the contents of such write-ups find solace in mudslinging. They have been doing it to me and others who want to ‘nonscientist’ them. And that is what they are also doing to their own Founder. But as long as the Good Lord lives, I remain unperturbed. I will be continue to comment on national issues as I deem fit.

Why abandon “dzi wo fie asem” mantra? Even though, President Mills said, “we should dzi wo fie asem” I refuse to abide by that principle. Why? Because the poor miserable man at Akwatia who decided to adhere to the President’s admonishing saw dark clouds hanging over him when he was bundled into “illegal detention” by Baba Jamal and the NDC instigated Ghana Police who shall one day be called upon to give account of their stewardship before Ghanaians and the Living God.

It was the President who first breached his own principle when he decided to annoint a Flag-bearer for us. But I shall be generous. I shall come to the defence of the Rawlingses because of the injustices that are being perpetrated against him, even though I detest vehemently his insistence on jailing former NPP officials without adequate proof. But I am a Christian and the Bible tells me to love my neighbor as myself. .

Is there a level playing field for the contestants? My blood started boiling when Asiedu Nketiah went on his tirade against ex President Rawlings. The NDC has been condemning perceived injustices in the country. But I am surprised that, till date, nobody from the party has come out to condemn their General Secretary for his open bias and act of indiscretion on the day President Mills went to collect his nomination form.

Asiedu Nketiah said the ex-President had, the previous day, made some unsubstantiated allegations against the party hierarchy. And he chose such an ungodly period when Konadu’s rival/opponent had come to collect his form to respond to the allegations. Couldn’t he have chosen a better forum or call a Press Conference to make such a rebuttal?

What Asiedu Nketiah did that day was ungodly, uncharitable, unthinkable, unpalatable, unGhanaian and completely absurd! May God save us from the clutches and misdeeds of these Satanic Agents and Chemical Alis in the Nefarious and Cancerous Contraption!

Who are the Satanic Agents in the NDC? Fred Agbenyo has proved beyond all reasonable doubts that he is a leading member in the satanic camp. Why am I saying so? Today, on Asempa programme being hosted by Nana Bobbie Ansah after his interview with President Mills revealed his satanic intention when he alleged that Herbert Mensah has been holding nocturnal meetings with Nana Akufo-Addo, Boakye Agyarko and others on how to destroy the NDC. Boakye Agyarko quickly called into the programmed and denied having ever sat down with Herbert Mensah to discuss the NDC. He challenged Fred Agbenyo to provide evidence to that effect, but the latter, in spite of his ‘akakabinsem’, ‘atuturasem’, ‘patapaasem’ and his ‘paa paa’ chickened out with the explanation that he would do so at the appropriate time. Which time would be more appropriate? Isn’t it the time when the person against whom the allegations were made against was on the line?

Liar that you are, Fred Agbenyo! I dare you to provide the so called evidence if you have balls dangling between your two legs and if indeed, you are the true son of your father? I dare you to do so within two days, otherwise, you should recoil into your shell in shame!

The satanic agent, Fred Agbenyo also came up with a ridiculous assumption or statement. He alleged that Hebert Mensah is an NPP spy on a vengeance mission against the Rawlingses because the latter had confiscated Hebert’s father’s property and even went to the ridiculous extent of cautioning the Rawlingses to be careful with Hebert. Is he telling us that the Rawlingses are dummies to be fooled by their enemies? Who is Fred Agbenyo to caution the Founder of the party of which he, Fred is a member?

Is Satanic Agent number One telling us that once you become a member of a political party, you do so for life? I would like to offer free tutorials on political issues to Agent Number One if He, Fred has no objections. Dr Kwabena Agyei had supported an independent candidate against the accredited NDC candidate before. Today, he is the National Chairman of the NDC. Osama Bin LADEN had been an ally of the U.S before he turned against them and became the number enemy. Today, he is no more, killed by the Americans. General Manuel Noriega had been a staunch ally of the United States. But his insistence on controlling the Panama Canal gave the United States a lot of worries. He became their enemy.

The legal luminary, Sam Okudzeto was with the National Alliance of Liberals headed by the late Dr. K.A.Gbedemah, and was sent out of Parliament when he refused to withdraw a statement which was found to be in couched unparliamentary language. Today, he is a member of the NPP.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo started his political life as a socialist and a believer in Nkrumah’s ideology. There is documentary evidence to that. Today, he is Flag bearer of the NPP. Mr A.A.Munifie was a staunch member of the U.P Tradition, but later joined the NDC and was made Ghana’ Ambassador to the Ivory Coast. The same applies to Messrs Kwaku Baah, J.Owusu Acheampong. There are many more examples. Fred Agbenyo should not think that he knows Ghanaian politics more than any person and so he could throw dust into our eyes. No, we will not give him that opportunity

Rawlings support for his wife: A lot of people have and are condemning ex-President Rawlings for supporting his wife’s presidential bid. Left to the evil minds in the NDC, Rawlings could have supported any other person but his wife. What do they want the former President to do? Go to the moon and groom another person? The truth of the mater is that the former President has lost trust in every other person in the nefarious contraption but his immediate family. The American acted in a similar manner when they unilaterally went on a vengeance mission against Osama bin Laden without informing their Pakistani hosts.

Ingratitude at its Zenith: If all these people who were brought from nowhere and groomed by the Rawlingses to become what they are today could descend to the gutter and call ex-President Rawlings and his family names, then we should “suro nipa na gyae osaman” (Fear man, not ghosts.). The most pathetic aspect of the whole show has to do with Hanna Bissiw who had the temerity to unilaterally impose a fine on Nana Ohene Ntow for using a Government bungalow, which, according to her, had been converted into a shito and kenkey making factory. I learnt the plane taking her and others to Cuba had left her behind and it took the personal intervention of the former First Lady to get her (Hanna Bissiw) on board.

Infact, when I saw E.T.Mensah and other so-called allies of the Rawlingses falling over themselves in showering words of adulation on President Mills, by whispering into his ear what he (President Mills) should do or say, my mind went straight to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I realized how Caesar might have felt when he saw his trusted ally and confidant, Marcus Brutus amongst the conspirators. This was “the most unkindest cut of all” and the mother of all betrayals. I have since rechristened E.T.Mensah “Judas Brutus Mensah”.

President Mills has caused Financial Loss to the State: The Nefarious Destructive Cancer has caused Financial Loss to the Republic of Ghana. The Party was elected to serve the people. But can the party honestly look Ghanaians in the eye and tell us that it has discharged that mandate? No! On the day the President went to collect his nomination form, the whole government machinery was grounded. Ministers and appointees of Government including M/DCEs from all the Districts left the affairs of the nation behind and accompanied the President to the Party head office and then to his Campaign Office at Kuku Hill. If you count the number of man hours that were lost as a result of playing a “yoyo” with the collective destiny of Ghanaians, you will come to the conclusion that this inept and clueless regime must be booted out of power at all cost!

Collection of nomination form is a private affair. The presidency could do it with a little fanfare, nobody will complain. But to ground an entire government machinery to a halt is unforgiving and a breach of the social contract the NDC Government signed with Ghanaians. You remember the criticisms that trailed the rally of the 17 presidential aspirants of the NPP. And that was even on a Sunday! Don’t forget the number of people who were bussed by the NDC to the Party Headquarters and Kuku Hill! Surely, God and Ghanaians will never forgive the NDC for such open display of opulence and arrogance. I remember what a fellow AFS Returnee told me some time ago. She said Africans spend their monies on pleasures but beg for necessities!

Pick Pockets at Mills campaign launch and Mach men at Konadu’s own: One thing. I learnt was that, pick pockets had a field day doing what they know best – picking the pockets of their unsuspecting victims. I learnt some of the organizers are sponsors of such criminals and they ‘bussed’ the people ostensibly to make the President appear popular, but in actual fact to enable their “assassins” empty their victim’s pockets of their valuables. That was what I was told but cannot vouch for the authenticity of that report

I was told macho-men harassed and maltreated journalists who went to cover Nana Konadu’s campaign launch. But in my discussions with some hard-core NDC members brought out the fact that the macho men might have been infiltrators from the Mills camp to make it appear as if Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings was not receptive to journalists. You remember the so called journalist from Kwesi Pratt’s stable who was alleged to have been kidnapped by the ex-President’s body guards when they went to take photographs of the latter’s house at Ajirigano. The whole incident turned out to have been stage-managed. And the funniest aspect of the whole thing was Judas Brutus Mensah whispering into the ears of the President to apologise for the “manhandling” of the so-called journalists. The events happened at the party headquarters. Why should the President, not the General Secretary be the one to apologise on behalf of the party? All these point to one thing. The events were stage-managed by the Chemical Alis from the Presidency to portray the Former First Lady in a bad light.

Are we safe in Mills Ghana? It is an acknowledged fact that the President is the Commander in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces and the number One Citizen. But some few weeks earlier, when the NDC held a stake-holders forum at the Trade Fair Site, the action of the President and his Special Advisers, including the Security Capos gave Ghanaians a lot of concern.

The meeting was a Do or Die Affair. The President was there; so also was the Founder, his wife and Spokes-Person, Kofi Adams who also doubles as Deputy General Secretary of the party. Whether or not the NDC paid for the use of that State facility, I cannot say.

But one thing caught the attention of concerned Ghanaians. An Armoured Personnel Carrier was stationed at the venue of the meeting. What it was stationed there for, no one can say. But it was there all right! The place was cordoned off and no one was allowed within 100 metres of the venue. But a few minutes after the meeting which was held under closed door had ended, details of the discussions began to filter in. Why the ‘detainees’ decided to leak the contents of their deliberations a few minutes after regaining their freedom, I cannot conjecture other than to say it was for mischief purpose by portraying the Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings as somebody who has no respect for the incumbent President.

My grouse with the Security Capos is why an armoured car should be placed at a venue of a meeting of members of the same political persuasion. Yes, the President should be protected; I don’t have any grouse with that. But to send an armoured car to “protect” him is something I cannot conjecture. Has war been declared, some one asked. It was then I remembered that the President had, a few weeks earlier, been ill-advised to place the entire armed forces of the country on red alert.

Yes, I know the mindset of the President. It is dangerous and frightening. He envisaged what was going to happen and so prepared himself for it. Yes, that was a dress rehearsal for the D-Day when the NDC will decide who becomes the Flag-bearer of the party.

Hey, you there! Come to think of it. A president who feels unsafe in the midst of his own devotees! Hmnn … asem beba dabi. Nobody is ever going to make me change my mind that the Nefarious Destructive Cancer does not harbour many satanic agents in its midst. If this type of Government which Mills and the NDC are giving us is what they describe as a Better Agenda for Ghanaians, then, I prefer we reverted to the State of Nature. There, you know that it is the survival of the fittest and you condition your mind to that effect. If we were in that state the four men would not have been butchered right in front of Agbogbloshie Police Station. They would have put up strong defence to resist their attackers and not put their trust in Rose Bio Atinga Police,About two months ago, two students on their way to Pentecost University had their lap tops and mobile phones snatched from them at Israel Football Field and the Lorry Station. And the time of the day? 6.05 am! The two criminals used machetes to carry out their nefarious act.

This is just to tell you how unsafe the country has become. And a whole President of the country is ferried away in an armoured car! And you tell me all is well. Even though the security capos have denied it, my unimpeachable sources say the President was actually taken away in the armoured car. And I tend to agree with the whispering birds. If they did not put the President in it, why did they place it there in the first place?

This reminds me of the former Filipino President, Mrs. Arroyo who went and hid under her bed when she heard a coup had taken place in her country. If an armoured car was placed at the venue of a meeting of birds of the same feathers what message are they sending to the international community? That the country is unsafe? How many armoured cars will they send to the venue of their Sunyani Congress when they elect their flag-bearer? And will that not amount to causing financial loss to the country? What will then happen during the General Elections in December, 2012?

My main appeal is that the President and his hawks should not (in their attempts to annex the flag-bearer ship) do anything to destabilize the peace of the country. Ghanaians will never forgive them if they went that way. Nana Akufo Addo went to collect his nomination forms without much ado. But the NDC has taught Ghanaians how to chop money. Betty Mould, on her assumption of office as Minister of Education insinuated that her predecessor and my boss at Ghanata Secondary School, Alex Tettey Enyo had placed juju on everything in the office and instructed that the doors, window panes, locks, tables and chair which serves as her seat be changed. Like the she, who must be obeyed, she gave the word, and it was done. Then, the state money, our money, your money went down the drain, just to satisfy the opulent taste of Betty Mould. And she and Alex Tettey Enyo are members of the same political persuasion! And as is written in the Holy Bible, there is nothing hidden under the sun

This is food for thought to all Ghanaians who cherish peace in the country. The President and his Team B Cabinet are “blowing” 90billion of state money to prosecute an agenda aimed at cutting the former President to size. And they have instigated National Security to threaten Herbert Mensah, the one who made the disclosure of arrest! What an abuse of incumbency!! What high handedness!!!

At the end of such opulence and profligate spending to market an unelectable and tired driver who has to be kept awake and alert by doses of coffee, the Nefarious Destructive Cancer will not remain the same. There will be re-alignment or amalgamation of forces. In the final analysis, one of the two, President Mills or ex-President Rawlings will be acclaimed Hero or Villain. But the thousand and one question is who qualifies for what?

The past cannot be changed. But we must work through the present in order to shape the Future. And this is the reason why we are asking you to embrace the ideals and tenets of the New Patriotic Party under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. He will not disappoint you. He will take decisive decisions which will have positive impact on your life. Nana oo oo Nana! Nana all the way!

Daniel Danquah Damptey (0243715297)
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