Pastor Arrested For Licking Woman’s Private Part

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“Pastor Addy came to my house, asked me to pray with him and that he has had some bad revelations about me. While we were praying, he undressed me and started licking my vagina ….”

These were the words of a 32-year-old woman who alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a pastor at Omanjor near Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra.

The pastor, Stephen Addy-Powell of Crown Miracle International Ministries, Omanjor, was therefore arrested by the Sowutuom Police to assist in their investigations.

According to the victim, the incident happened on the afternoon of April 15, 2011.

“I was in the house that afternoon when I heard somebody banging on our main gate, so I rushed to see who that person was.”

She said when she went to open the gate she saw Pastor Stephen Addy Powell holding a Bible together with two others.

“Pastor introduced himself as a man of God, and also founder and leader of Crown Miracle International Ministries Omanjor and that he had a message for me. So I ushered him into my sitting room.

“He then asked his friends to excuse us by going out while he told me the confidential message.

“He said God had revealed to him that I had been engaged spiritually by some evil spirits. He said if we did not pray to break that evil bond I could neither marry nor have a child,” the lady told the police.

She stated that they started to pray about it, and in the process, Pastor Stephen Addy asked her to promise him that she would do anything she was asked to do which she accepted.

The woman alleged that after some moments of prayer inside her sitting room, the pastor lifted her dress, removed her panties and started to lick her vagina.

“He licked me for quite a long period before concluding the prayers,” she said.

The complainant said after Pastor Addy had left with his colleagues, she became afraid of the actions of the pastor and so reported the incident to her church pastor.

“Some family members also asked me to report the matter to the police but because I had no evidence, I intentionally called Pastor Stephen on the phone to question him about the consequences of his licking my vagina.

“I also asked why he licked my vagina and then he confessed that he loved me and wanted me to be his wife.”

After the conversation, the victim averred that a formal report was lodged to the Sowutuom police where Pastor Stephen Addy was arrested.

Confirming the story, the Crime Officer of the Odorkor District Police Command, Superintendent Barfour Apenteng indicated that 31-year-old pastor Stephen Addy was indeed arrested by the police for questioning.

“Our investigations indicate that the pastor actually committed the act and so a charge of indecent assault had been leveled against him,” the police said.

He maintained that when an earlier recording was played to Pastor Addy, he got confused and then confessed to having committed the act, but said he wanted the girl as a friend.

The Odorkor crime officer stated that investigations also revealed that the pastor is married with an eight-month-old baby.

“He would be arraigned before court soon,” he added.

Source: Daily Guide

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  • Tina Lartey

    some women are disgracing all women ,she went there becos of that if why did she allow a pastor to undresss her or the pastor told her that he is praying fr her vagina,wat kind foolishness is this ,GOD hve mercii .the pastor is a human being nt a stone pls stop blaming the poor pastor …..

  • mike

    kwame u ar a goat,dat how u pipo die b4 ur time,u ghanians is dat how u pipo talk like fools,believe me u ar a big idiot

  • Tunde Akinola

    The girl is a bloody liar. What was she doing when her undies were being removed? What was she doing when he was licking her? It was a consensual thing. I’m even surprised d police culd allow themselves to be dragged into this game

  • Emel

    Case dismiss,if d lady was’nt enjoying it while did he allow him undress him to d extent of licking her cunt. Fuck ghanians expecially kwame

  • me

    Did you all really see it fit to publish any of what you said.
    What is a non-Ghanaian or non-Nigerian suppose to think reading all your comments?
    I hate to say it but each and everyone of you is a problem.
    Can we not focus on promoting the positive sides of each other and stop comfirming the world-wide negative views of our two nations.
    You are all part of the problem.

    • christof

      You all wonder why the world hates africans, among other groups of people around the world. You are all a bunch of freaks that the better part of the world’s population wants to segregate, control, and destroy.

  • Kenny

    @kwame!…young fool,,,if your father who suddenly turned out to be fake pastor,,was suffering spiritual vagina licking congee,you should have pimped him up.look at an amateur like you throwing insults to Nigeria,well rejoice that I did not catch you to wipe you and land you dirty acrra or pof-pof ought to be in is you ghanians that tarnished the image of Nigerian long ago by useing our passports to travel,and commit fraud.pls shut your dirty mouth.local champion

  • nana kwame

    can someone tell me where we’re going with all these fake ass pastors? they call themselves men of god, but look @ some of the shit they’re getting up to. if this were medival times, i’ld have them all burnt @ the stake…fuckin’ idiots. you call yourselves men of god….let me get my hands on your daughter…i’ll lick her pussy & see whether you like it.





  • kenny

    kwame you are a very big fool all your familys are all fools

  • Daniel

    Kwume and the rest of u, can u listen to urselfs, who is comparing Nigeria with Ghana, is it about ur good roads or ur money values, when i can buy a mansion in ur country with just 2 to 3 thousand Naira and u need upto 50 Million cedis(ghana courrency) just to buy pure water or bicycle in Nigeria. Lets call a spade a spade. Ghana is never in anyhow compared to Nigerians (hooha). If u don’t like my comment, make u go hug transformer.
    But in a nutshell, we need to come together to make africa a better place to be.
    Great things re done by series of small things brought together.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless Africa

    • christof

      good on you, maybe you can keep your people out of my country. Once all you dogs stop coming into my country, the world will be a better place.

  • siwaju

    Olosi ni bobo Kwame yi sha…what do u mean by he must be Nigerian.what do u also mean by the man of devil? No be Ghana get headquarters of witchcraft?my guy,u cn like to park one side.u r part of the cause why Nigerians and Ghanaians arent moving closer and instead are moving apart.why must every bad thing be Nigerian?why cnt it be from any other Nationality residing in Ghana?are are a disgrace to the nice Ghanaians I know.ask God for forgiveness.I no wan curse u.u are just a bitter and illeterate person

    • christof

      you can’t read or write any better, you should learn English before you criticize his English.

  • Olu Akinola

    Definitely a nigerian, who else would develop a racket like it,the world over nigerians are known for being the best tricksters, fraudsters,thieves,and bottom of the barrel scum.
    This however is a new low for them posing as a man of God just to lick some pussy, but looking at the excuses put on these oppinions by the naiga scum above does not surprise me.
    My beloved country is always going to suffer due to its proximity to the anus of Africa Nigeria, I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again any Nigerian commiting crime is Ghana , immediate beheading end of story.

    • christof

      both countries are cum-guzzling scum-buckets, and deserve to burn in hell. In fact, Central Africa is the Anus of the planet, why do you think it takes a black woman nine months to shit?

  • naija 2 death!!!

    to all you nigerian haters, maybe if ur ghanaian ladies were not so dumb nd loose then y’all wud not be hatin on us.look at y’all sayin it might’ve been a naija man cos he did sumfin sly, but look at it, d stupid person here is d lady, she shud stop sayin she was assaulted and admit these facts:
    1: she was too stupid to realise that it was an obvious scam
    2: her moral standards have dropped so low that she didn’t see anything absurd with what the man was doing, to her getting licked by a random guy was a normal thing.
    3: even if she knew no 1 & 2, she was lovin it too much to do anything about it.
    i trust my naija women, even if it is a hooker, she wud have slapped d tongue out of the bastard for wanting free v-candy and dis whole story wud never have occured, so please ghanaians, focus on training ur women properly and stop accusing us nigerians. and while you guys are at it, kiss my hawt nigerian ass!!!!!!!1

    • christof

      fuck off, your women are the biggest whores of them all. Your women have been raped and enslaved for 800 years.

  • GH

    Kwame shouldn’t have said that fair enough but for all of you to attack the rest of Ghana for one persons statement only puts light on you as an individual and not your country. Why is there this rivalry between these two great nations? Do you not realise that we both possess the potential to be world leaders. If we paused for a minute to put aside our differences it would be clear to see if the whole of Africa worked together with the great mind and a huge proportion of the worlds resources we will be unstoppable? Shame on all of you. Stating the obvious that Nigeria is bigger than Ghana won’t get you anywhere. Look at the size of Britain and look at the mass of countries they had included in the British empire ‘Great Britania’. The size of a country doesn’t matter, its the brains that run it and the resources they hold which determines its success. If you were not aware, Ghana is the fastest growing economy in the world and this is only the beginning. Let’s work together to make this a policy for the whole of our great nation. Put your energy to better use and help our brothers and sisters in need in Somalia. Both Ghanaians and Nigerians talk of your great nations, but what are you actually doing to contribute to your nations success?

  • Nana

    that pastor is Nigerian I can swear

  • naija4life

    Nigeria i hail i not sey we nor de carry last.We are solomon sons and we remain at the top anywhere we go we rule even in Afghan we are the actor umm as for Kwame i know him very well yes..he live in a mold house with his family no bathroom no toilet Gosh why cant you change and break the CURSE of poverty in your family.haters will always be under we Naijas Kwame contact me let me change ur life by washing my cars big fool small boy.As for sister sorry but no sorry as i know u enjoyed it as Ghana girls like to be lick alot by their boys thats why the boys dont have sense to think of how to make money GOD FORBID such pastor using his mouth to suck pus…a mouth for preaching haha wonders shall never head in Gh Pastors WHAT OF SO CALLED BISHOP OBINIM?? having affair with his pastor wife NA WA. I REST MY CASE

    • christof

      Atleast they have religion you Godless Dogs


    come to think of it, why must people try to rest their failure to another person. the two people committed the act and both enjoyed it and get satisfied. the woman coming at back to throw black finger to the pastor who gave her one of the most sweetest love making any reasonable man can give to his wife, honestly it is an injustice as long as we are in the world. free the man so that both can still go in their private and settle the case and also ask for forgiveness from God. no rape, no assault pls. To kwame, you are a disgrace to ur country, i beliv u ar an armd robber. because only a thief can easily point an accusing finger to an innocent person. secondly u kwame must be suffering from fraustration. why not bend down and look for what to do than to be throwing hatred finger to a great country like nigeria. my regards will everly be given to Rawlings to have changed ghana to what it is today. remember that ur past leaders were very corrupt and most of them failed as a result of what is inbetween womens leg. shame to u kwame. vulture like u. udele

  • GHbwoy4lyf

    @Nigerian, u fi diss kwame cuz he’s such a stupid ass niqq. buh for u to RUN GH, damn yu, tht ain’t possible cuz me & ma niqqaz dey on board, 24/7. berra go bck to ur land to RUN thangz durr, not here.. we dnt deal wiv fUCKing assHoles nd dumb niqqaz lyk ya.. get LOST! WorldUp!

  • Omo Baba

    Many ghanaian are sensible while some are not like kwame. a county that can not stand for their right throughout month of may, no church play drums during worship in accra. & you call ghana a country? all they know is to insult people they have no respect for their president. majority are illiterate.

  • kwame guy

    kwame hw far na, dis one ur not talkin again, still wondering how possible it is to lick and pray at the same time. dat pastor must be a genius to do both

  • destiny

    I think there is something the woman is not saying here, be 2of them are friends before the buble burst

  • funny as hell

    This is why I love my people!!!!! This kwame fellow will think twice before talking trash….where is he anyway he has refused to show up and rite more trash!!!!

  • urus

    Oh Kwame, kwame, kwame! This is a typical case of had I known lol! As for anti, pastor licked you for a long time before concluding the prayers!?! Licking and prayers are completely different! CASE DISMISSED!

  • Nigeria we hail thee

    @kwame, if you are a ghanian, you must be a foolish idiotic frog with no respect for your senior brother Nigeria (The Greatest Country in the World).

    How there you make such an accusation? piece of shit. God punish you and your country.

    • Fiifi Atchison

      u got me laughing, i like that whoever u r! bringing humor to the forum. at the same time, Ghana is the gateway to ur eye opening, hahahahahahaha and lol.

      • gha9ja

        which eye opening? guy puhlease…we all know u dey follow follow 9ja. until we hop..u dont even dare hop

    • christof

      You got it all wrong. Nigeria is a piece of shit country and you know it. Nigeria is the country my plane dumped a load of shit on from the passengers using the washroom. Nigeria is the shit receptacle of the world. Your people are a bunch of pack animals, and have been enslaved on and off for almost 1000 years. You are nowhere near the best in the world, unless reffering to having been the best at being enslaved by others.

  • Nigeria we hail thee

    She is just a liar. She was having a trilled day and climaxed to her satisfaction, and now she gets him arrested? she should also be arrested or she equally give him a blow job to be even.

    Stupid evil liar.

  • g.i.joe

    Kwame must b am ignoramus of dis generation! Must u blame Nigeria 4 yur failure? Pls stop beefing our success n get a life!
    There seems to b something hidden in d story, i guess d lady edited it. How possible is it to b licked n remain calm? Guess she was in another realm then, or what could hav happened? R we sure he only licked her? Abeg, abeg, abeg, we need d tru story.

  • Sutty

    If the pastor is Nigerian then I think all Ghanians shld beware bcos we r coming to lick all the viginas but we don’t need to Ghana gurls give it to us Easy

  • pretty nigerian

    There is no case here. The woman was not raped or assaulted. She gave her consent and later regretted like most girls. Yes, the guy is a fake but he shouldn’t be punished because he did not rape her. The lady is not insane she did what she did with her senses

  • don b

    Besides what was she doing while he was undressing her?receiving divine intervention?really there is no case of rape or forceful entry.

    • christof

      doesn’t mean it was consensual. She may have been afraid for her life. Although, she should have just shot the Nigerian bastard responsible.

  • don b

    Kwame @ this day and age,you are bodied with racism?I am ashamed of your comment,please be rest assured you are not worth the effort being a true african,on the other hand,if the story is real,I am sorry for the young lady,to have been subjected to this.

  • Miss M

    Kwame. You stupid dick head. Did the story say that he was from Nigeria. Ignorant fool. How about the fact that there are good and bad people in all nations. Nonsense. You’re clearly not educated you imbocile. Some charcoal lookin square head.

  • which kind name be kwame sef

    Kwame…mayb the pastor is ur uncle…go visit him for prison u fool

  • girl

    the pastor must have been speaking in tongues LMAO!!

  • Achimugu

    What a stupid idiot Kwame is? If I didn’t know other wonderful Ghanaians, I would have given you a piece of my mind. Go get a life, its obvious your very existence is pathetic.
    Vibe Ghana must also be a rubish organization for publishing Kwame’s comment!

  • Nigerian


    • Fiifi Atchison

      Now, Nigerian, u r going too far! If I was the president, like history thought us that in the 80’s Nigerians sacked all Ghanaians from ur country, I would do same to u guys now. u Nigerians now know Ghana is becoming a land of opportunity a reason u think “u run our own town 2 ?” I got something for u, the tides will turn in the very near future and Ghanaians will ask Nigerians to go home too just as u kicked us out of ur country. Go on and check the statuses of armed robbery in Ghana now and the presence of Nigerians who r being killed after the robbery. it will shock u so please don’t generalize when u open ur big mouth.
      young Ghanaians r getting ready to take back our country from some of the 419 people who claim Ghanaian citizenship and committing fraud and tarnishing Ghanaian names aboard.

      If u don’t know ur history, go back home and learn the inhuman treatment ur people meted to Ghanaians when we once came to live in ur country but now that life is getting bad for u guys, u want to destroy what we have going on?

      Don’t start what u can’t finish, Nigerian. That’s history lesson for ur pocket, abi!

      • gha9ja

        er..Ghanaians kicked nigerians out 1st…my grandma was part and it was very very inhumane. so i guess Aki-ola history shod be ur bestfriend and keep the history lesson waii..u need it more

  • wasiu

    @Kwame, ur father!!!!!!!! U stupid ‘Ghana must go’ offspring

  • folu

    Apparently at 32 she’s vulnerable and desperate, she was probably scared too when the man of God came with worring news, which must have made her let her guards down… But she must be really brave to want to press charges cuz the opposition lawyer is gonna have a fun filled day in court asking her very embarrassing questions… I pity her sha hope she can handle the psychological trauma that comes court cases of this nature… And if there is no circumstantial evidence to prove she was made to open up against her will I’m sorry but the judge might throw the case out of the window… So help her GOD!!!

  • Don_solo

    Kwame or watever ya name is, U’re a fool. Big one at dat.
    Mayb d Pastor iz even ya Brother. Idiot.
    D woman iz not sayin d truth…

  • obt

    wait d woman being think say na holy spirit de undress am??..and who is dat unsanitized buffoon named kwame pushin d work ov his country to my precious country

  • indo

    @kwame ur an idiot! Don’t u know ghanians are more stupid n shameless?

  • Eke

    i blame the lady also, “licking u for so long” that means u are enjoying it.
    otherwise u would have kicked him off when he was undressing u.

    • George

      Eke,you are telling the truth.They have been doing it for years. When you plant a seed it will come out so,why should they blame the Paster only. Pasters has feeling just like anyone. It sweet you, it sweet me,so who go pay? May be the Paster could not work it good that day.Every man love to lick before sex.I love that.

  • kody

    i don’t see a case here. According to her story, the licking thing lasted a while and there was no struggle, and as Didi stated,”wat was she doing while he was licking her”. i will say its a stupid act from the pastor but i still feel they both consented.

    @Kwame whats your beef with Nigerians or is ur ex a Nigerian? …… just joking

  • hannah

    @kwame…opinion is like a mouth,everybody has thiers..madam,you must have craved for it for you to stay calm,then u were undressed and u were licked didnt even struggle or shout at him. there is something not clear about this story

  • Didi

    but mam, while pastor was licking you to his heart’s content, what exactly were you doing? still praying????

  • isaac

    i didnt c where he forced her so maybe he lied to her to suck ha pussy but it wasnt forceful, therefore i dont c any case here. She wasnt hypnotised either cos she remembers it in detail. It was a stupid and unethical and immoral thing yet it doesnt warrant a case of sexual harrasement/assault. @ kwame, y do u hate nigerians?

  • bim

    @kwame u are a fool

  • Naija

    U be idiot

  • kwame

    this man of devil must be originated from nigeria

    • nathaniel

      Stop pushing d shameful act of ur pastor to my country!.

    • Emeka john okoye

      @kwame u are a fool.a state in nigeria is bigger than entire ghana.ghana must goat.

    • Shola

      Kwame you fool!

    • Daks

      Idiot oshi. See your mouth like Nigeria, better shut up there. Anuofia.

    • boss man

      Your an idiot kwame and just became one of the reasons I’m about to dump my ghanian girlfriend
      And lol at that comment about the lady still praying while getting head

    • kwame guy

      E don de madt abi??

    • James

      @kwame you are a fool….is it only Nigerians that do bad things….why labelled it Nigerian.. and if we found out that the pastor is Ghanians will you jump down from ur building….Idiot hater….

    • giffty

      Kwame u are a fool, ghanians are the most corrupt people nd u are shifting the blame on Nigerians, if i ve nt meet good ghanians i would ve said u all are the same.

    • ade

      why would u say such a silly thing. He is Ghanaian why don’t u embrace him and keep him in ur prayers

    • olawale

      i no that dat pastor is ur father, when ur father commit bad scene why do u say he original from nigeria definately u knw ur father…


  • Donkor

    Fake pastor,AYEKOOO!