Nigeria Presidential Election Results: North for Buhari, South for Jonathan

Early results in Nigeria’s presidential election appear to be split between incumbent Goodluck Jonathan – a Christian from the oil-producing Niger Delta – and former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari, from the Muslim north.

President Jonathan was the clear front-runner among several challengers going into the race. He has promised to improve the country’s economy, health and education.

Mr. Jonathan assumed the presidency last year following the death of his predecessor, Umaru Yar’Adua.

Mr. Buhari, who has run for president and lost twice, said he would not contest the results of the election, should he lose. If elected, he has vowed to clean up corruption and invest in Nigeria’s infrastructure.

To avoid a runoff, a candidate must get a majority of votes nationwide, and at least a quarter of the votes in at least two-thirds of Nigeria’s 36 states.

Observers said voters turned out in large numbers Saturday for the election in Africa’s most populous country.

Security was tight at polling stations across the West African nation. And despite two explosions in the northeastern city Maiduguri early Saturday, observers said voting mostly proceeded calmly, with few instances of cheating. voa


  1. I never usually comment on political discourse but feel compelled to do so.
    UNTIL you have running water, electricity, security, good affordable schools, decent heath care, prospects and wealth creation then none of you can up hold PDP or Goodluck as honorable.
    Those of you who choose to bring religion in to politics- The politicians dont give a damn about you or religion otherwise they would take better example from their religious doctrine. To all be careful of your utterances they cause more division than unification and UNIFICATION is what we sorely need.
    Free and fair elections have never been held in a “developing nation” where the encumbent is interested in returning to power. I must say that this election was better than the previous farces the were held. But is still a far cry for what should be acceptable to us. It still needs to be better.
    I was speaking with a palestinain refugee and he told me someting that stuck with me ” I have no country, no passport only travel documents; I was born in a refugee camp in lebanon and I don’t have a home. And my fellow Arab brothers shun me and treat me like a second class citizen. You take for granted all these things so love your country – the good, the bad and the ugly”.
    WE REALLY NEED TO DO BETTER AND EXPECT MORE FROM OUR LEADERS AND NOT GIVE THEM BLIND FOLLOWING TILL THEY JUSTIFY WHY WE PUT THEM THERE. Until the mentality that it is God’s will that they rule is removed from our psyche and we and all elected individuals accept that it is also the will of the people and the people can and will take them to task if they do wrong, then we will continue to be at their mercy and never attain Nigeria’s true potential. These leader’s (past and present) are financially made for life the amount of money they have is beyond your imagination.
    So think about yourselves in congruence- UNIITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! DEMAND BETTER


    Buhari should undastand dat if dis election is 2 his favour or d favour of Ribadu there wudnt v bn any fight in Nigeria now i undastand while d Northerners ova here where runnin home tellin everyone dat there ll be great war due 2d electn but we confronted them makin them 2 undastand dat none is fightin d other not knwin dat their God-father’s(Buhari&Ribadu, Alhajis, Top/Prominent Politicians, Emirs, etc)had already planned it wit them thru communicatn but whether they lik it or not they ll end up killin themselves by same sword nd d BLOOD OF GOD’S CHILDREN ll sweep them off by fire nd by thunder of God in Jesus name, Amen. Above lets join hands 2gether nd pray dat our Xtian brethrens, sisters and other non-northerners ova there ll return home safely in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. When will we Nigerian learn to accept defeat? We always condemn everything based on sentiment. You PDP haters, You always say PDP is bad. It is everyone in PDP that is bad. Reverse is the case now in this election that it was the opposition that does most of the rigging as reported. I also don’t know how we would have wanted the election to be organized in order for it to be free and fair? We should learn to give support to whatever that we are doing in this country. It because we citizen are not giving support to our government that is why our nation is not moving forward. Let us always criticize our government objectively and not based on political, ethnic or religious sentiment.

  4. This is the real Buhari, gap-tooothed tribalistic taliban.
    Wish his children are also among those fighting so that they will share same fate as the martyrs sacrificed in the North.

  5. Who are u KOOL? Jigga amongst other things has made provision for press freedom & participation at the election. So how come you seem so “left-behind”? take your complaint 2 AIT if you are sure of yourself. it’s your right to air your view but not lik a coward that is not sure of himself. What do you wish Nigeria & Nigerians? peace or war? My bros lets build our nation we have no other than this. believe me..There is no place like HOME!

  6. Thanks be to God 4 a free and fair election in last their is hope for the masses,youths and the less nigeria,one heart,2gether we stand,divided we fall.lets work for a beta nigeria and stop tribalism.stand with jonathan,dream with him,2gether we can make a better nigeria.gudluk 2 sambojonathan,gudluck jaga,gudluk nigeria.

  7. congratulation to all Nigerians
    well,the election was free and fair i am very very much happy about it
    i believe that what god have choosen nobody can disagree with…
    god have choosen Mr.Ebele Jonathan Goodluck to be our president,we have to give thanks god almighty fot that, north / west / east lets join hand to thanks god almighty
    for good things we are looking for in the contry Mr.Ebele Jonathan Goodluck ,he need
    our suport while we need his help may god bless all Nigerians.
    north / west / east you say progress to Nigeria Amen.
    yours good brother,living in Japan Osaka city

  8. We thank God for the peaceful,free & fair election we have been experiencing in Nigeria.The message I have for Nigerians out there is that instead of criticizing others we should examine ourselves & ask ourselves
    ‘am i doing the right thing?” let us commend INEC for a job well done. GOD BLESS NIGERIA !!!!!

  9. Emeka {NYSC corp member}

    @Eddie, no b lie. In Kebbi, d CPC suporters wer busy screamin ALLAH IS D GREATEST afta thumb printin 4 Cpc, imagin dat. Wen r we goin 2get 2a point whr al dez religious divisn wil stop in Nigeria? God help us

  10. Why do some of we Nigerians think like monkeys?? Before a Nigerian president is elected, they’ll say he’s God sent and after 2yrs in power they same pple that said he’s God sent will b the onces cursing him accusing him of bribery and steeling. Why dont we wait and see what this Goodluck really will do to change Nigeria before we start saying he’s God sent. AS far as i’m conscined, they’re all thieves fighting for power and MONEY. Until i see the road leeading to my village fixed and tarred, then i’ll know that Nigeria is changing. Give us light, security and jobs before you enter into power then i’ll know that Nigeria is getting better. We r tired of promises, empty and useless promises. Goodluck will only be beneficial to those criminals that put him in power and not to the akara sellers and struggling market traders on the street. We all know it. It is a trend that is difficult to break. the code is do and say what ever you can to get into power, when you get in chop as much money you can. I am not against Goodluck’s succes but i’m just keeping it real. money talks and bullshit works in Nigeria. a tree cant make a forest. if you are depending on Goodluck to bring change to Nigeria, u must b really joking. Change can only come from ourselves as Nigerians. Lets chage the way we think, our mentally sometimes sucks. we speak good in the public and at the same time we get paid to shut up and oppose wot we say. thats a typical curropt Nigerian for you. I love Nigeria and i’m proud to be a Nigerian. God bless Nigeria.

  11. Its was clearly a fight btw the north and south: the xtian n muslim…i served in d north, n states like Adamawa, Taraba, etc…dt Jonathan captured r mstly xtian dominated…4 the southerners is more of a minority cum personality fight dan its a religious fight. THE TRUTH B TOLD

  12. This is great news that the presidential election in Nigeria went well as expected.
    Nigerians now look forward for the candidate that emerges winner , stands a test of good leadership. GOODLUCK NIGERIANS

  13. Prince Henry Uchechukwu Ohaji

    Diogenes, a famous Greek philosopher of ancient times wandered the streets of Rome in daylight with an oil lamp fully lit, and when queried by passersby as to why he was carrying a lit lamp in daylight.. he responded;; “I am looking for an honest man!”.Yes, Goodluck Jonathan has really shown the world that honesty still rains among Nigerians. We are proud of you our amiable President! We the entire Nigeria based in Malaysia and across the Asian continent are proud of you.. PRINCE HENRY UCHECHUKWU OHAJI a Nigeria based in Malaysia

  14. Weda u like am or not,GEJ don “blow”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @Emeka (NYSC corp member).

    You have said it all.
    God Bless you.
    God Bless you all.
    God Bless Goodluck Jonathan.
    God Bless Nigeria.
    God Bless Africa and the world.
    I love you all.

  16. Emeka {NYSC corp member}

    Am in a very good position to comment on d election becos i conducted it in Kebbi state. I am very hapî hearing dez nice comments about the election but lets b sincere wit ourselves, CAN WE HAV AN ELECTION THAT WIL BE 100% FREE & FAIR? Its not posible. Even if d Abia story is true, its part of very little percentage of irregularities from d 100. Some people just hav dis hatred 4 PDP bcos of d past experiences of their rígging but i am telling u wit al sincerity that d structure Jega put on ground greatly limited rígging. 4d PDP haters, wot wud u say of doz hu used UNDER AGE children in d North 2 vote in dis election? I conductd it n i saw a lot of them. If u try preventing d children 4rm voting, d people were ready to cut d throats of d workers wit daggers n knives.
    Al i knw is dat if at all there were rigging, it was very very minimal, to a gr8 xtent we wud say d election wuz free n fair. Coming back 2d Abia story, apart d rigging as claimed, which oda party wud hav won? Mr Kool n odas please answer me. Is it ACN or CPC? U knw its not posible. D people hav voted 4 their choice, the man Goodluck. I rest my case.

  17. Hi I always believd elections were rigged in d past.I’VE tried 2 follow dis election by paying attention 2 d media a long time before now n thru dis period.anyone who is not in the habit of listening to nigerian news but spends all d time watching only things happening on d international scene wil only be left in d dark as far as what is happening in nigeria is concerned.dis is not about rigging but about God hearing d cry of his people mandating them to not only pray and then sit back at home.but made dm decide 2 believe d govt as dey repeatedly persuaded d electorate 2 go n vote that deir vote wil count.we believd d govt dt our votes wil count and those of us who would normally not vote cos we never believed in d system went out dis time n thus d result.tnx

  18. Nothing can be further from the truth than the headline of this piece – Nigeria Presidential Election Results: North for Buhari, South for Jonathan. Your reporter has it all wrong for the following states are not traditionally regarded as southern states:- Adamawa, Kogi, Nasarawa, Benue, Plateau and Kwara. The incumbent president, Mr Jonathan Goodluck, in addition winning in all the southern states with a clear majority, won in the above stated six (6) traditionally northern states as well as putting up a very good showing in many of the of the other states he did not clearly emerge the winner. CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT GEJ. Goodluck to Nigeria and Nigerians. Our dawn into a new era of moving forward and great things has begun. To GOD be all the glory. Amen.

  19. Good talk everybody,my own contribution is that nigerian do not have interest in party but personality.Good Luck.

  20. Ignorance is the worst enemy of man.I am surprised that only KOOL, SB and a few others here, who were keen enough to observed the ‘behind the scene’ massive illegal thumb printing and stuffing of ballot boxes by PDP, have good brains. Every other person here condeming the observations of the people above, has a still and cold brain. You are all by-products of BANDWAGONISM. I am from Abia state. I voted 4GEJ. But My 6 causins came home on saturday after the election with dirty collosal amount of money gotten from massive illegal thumb printing,stuffing of ballot boxes and other electoral sins for PDP and made jest of me for not joining in the crime.The election u descibed as free,&fair,was just pseudo free & free. I voted for GEJ though, but PDP is a cankerworm. I WEEP FOR MY COUNTRY.

  21. My Good people of Nigeria you have said it all but I have to address these evil beings amongst us in the name of KOOL, Amir and their likes. you are a disgrace to yourself and people. He who hates good will never see one. if you have stood up against this country’s progress beware for Allah have remembered us and will punish all that by words and deed try to thwart his blessings on us. They entire world commends this Election despite your evil plans to send the wrong signals by bombing our people and burning their homes. Definitely you are part of the biased Northerners. Goodluck and Jega has proved themselves to be of good example why don’t turn a new leaf and be patriotic for once. I am afraid something terrible will happen to you soonest if you don’t desist from your evil doing and have a change of heart filled with love for Nigeria and its people.

  22. The most high God be praised; the prayers of the saints are answered. The election was peacefull and violent free(to an extent) not as planned by hell

  23. We are humans , and we are not perfect,, even as we are trying to live up to it, yet will never arrive untill we die,, Nigeria is not the only country in the world where things are never done well,, every country has her weaknesses, so Nigeria will never be an exception of such,, for the first time in my life to see Election conducted in such a perfect way. Believe me whether you like it or not indeed it was a free and fair one. So people like KOOL or FOOL who does not want to live and see a new Nigeria should go to hell and Die Quick before i catch Him,,, up you PDP.

  24. Nigeria good pple great nation but bad leaders.pls pdp leave us to vote ,and stop spending our money in ur politics.

  25. amir, ur comments are evil. i hope u not an illegal imigrant. wonder which country u from. i think u need to tell us how ur country started from nowhere to the paradise it may have reached and possibly what an evil thinking person like u, that obviously hates this country is doing here. just incase u not as worthless as i think, i want u to know that anyone that knows this country is celabrating where we are. not the low stakes, but that we have finally started the journey, to overtake ur country very soon. that name amir doesnt sound like coming from anything other than a banana nation. just remain behind curtains and make these kind of comments. if u come to the open, we will stone u to death.

  26. even at dis stage people are still not appreciating the transparency behind what president goodluck has done by not influencing the electoral body. i wonder what we are upto! it seems to me that the average nigerian does’nt really know when he or she is been misled. NIGERIANS be up and doing goodluck is God sent whether he wins or loses let who ever we lead follow his already layed steps. his really a sincere man. Long Live Nigeria as more kudos goes to Professor .A.Jega good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. goodlucky will win dis, by grace of almighty.

  28. @ Amir Its a good thing you admit you are not Nigerian because you obviously know nothing about us. Else you would have observed that we have done much more than in the last election process. We can only keep advancing and someday we will be one of the top 10 wealthiest countries. Just imagine…… The United States of Africa!!!!! We have the human resource, we have Natural resources, we have the most condusive weather and now we have got the right to make things happen. God bless GEJ!! God bless Naija!!

  29. To my contry 9ja I say congratulations,to those that believe in her may you eat the fruit of the land,to federal govt and inec God bless the invisible thomas may God help you it is not your fault,let just pray for this nation,at least we are moving and not in wrong direction.But me I think PDP run on Goodluck Jonathan’s PLATFORM not GEJ on PDP.
    Peace to ALL

  30. Kool is an enemy of democracy, as a British/ Nigeria; am really proud of my fellow country men and women on the way they have conduct themselves so far in this election. This will encounrage people like myself to consider relocating to Nigeria or as least offer the country the wealth of experince we have gained living and working in Europe.

    I was really moved and closed to tears of joy to see the way Nigerian are conducting themselves waiting paitently for their turn to cast their vote.

    The Governorship & State Assembly election next weekend is equally very important and we pray for a trouble free election. Thank God Adedubu is no longer alive in Oyo-State, may the best candidate win in Oyo-State

    God bless Nigeria

    • If Adedibu were to be alive in Oyo State today, all this division of Ibadan must rule by force wouldnt be because the poor old man was in control politicaly and all this dirty politics of betrayal, evil collaboration wont be happening today in Oyo State, so what do you say about Lagos State now that a family is gradualy turning the state to his personal property

  31. The so call Mr Kool may actually be nobody. But if he is, then he has no fear of God in him. He also has no conscience and that is why he can come out openly to condemn what has been described and confirm by Heavens and earth as being one of the best in the history of Africa. For coming out to lie to the world against his fatherland, he has shown himself to be one of the true enemies of this great nation whom God Almighty has reserved for imminent and permanent distruction. As the old saying goes; ”It is only a Barstard that points to his father house with his left hand” so you can see that he is one. The running of his mouth therefore is of no consequence.

  32. Kool! You seem to be too bias, sentimental and confused. Where were others parties agents when the rigging was going on? Stop spreading lies that can foster tension and commotion in this peaceful transition period. Do not be an enemy of peace! Moreover, w

  33. just want to say well done to inec chairman, for once again we have all seen a free and fair election in our states. congrats to GEJ he is the people’s mandates. God bless Nigeria


  35. Allahu akbar nigerians! Mu ‘yan arewa mun ji kunya don kuwa manyan mu duniya suka zaba sun manta lafira, kuma wallahi gaba daya Allah zai yi maganin ku. Kuma yau mun tabbatar da nuhu ribado ba na Allah ba ne kuma Allah zai sakawa buhari! Dama kai dan PDP ne, an turo ka ne kawai ka hana buhari samun rinjaye a arewa Allah ya isa.

  36. Emma Osha when people like u say harch word about your country then how do u want things to work,do u know the power that is in your tough.when Americans say God bless American do you think them too dont have their own problem?.have ever pray for Nigeria? when Bankole lost every body say is a perfect Election, now u are in the losing side u are now complaining.IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER OK. God bless Nigeria

  37. First of all, I’m not Nigerian though I live here. Sadly, most Nigerians appear to be happy with the election, INEC, and even the likely outcome of a continued rule by the incumbent president. Forget the USA and Europe, it is South America and Asia you need to look at, and they are all leaving you far behind! There is no hope as long as you set the targets so low for yourselves and your country…. God will bless Nigeria when Nigerians do more themselves to change their future!

  38. I think very strongly that we as sincere nigerians should pat INEC on the back for a peaceful,free and wonderful election conducted.We should not fail to also praise the courage of GoodluckJonathan who appointed and gave Prof. Jega the room to operate.For me we are moving in the right direction and I expect every right thinking Nigerian to appreciate this.

    Good,selfless leadership is the answer to our problems in Nigeria.

  39. My area is anti- PDP but the people voted massively for Goodluck Jonathan. It was based on pasonality and not party. Mr kool or whatever your name is I want u to be objective. Do you want to tell me that underaged voters did not vote for Buhari in the North or is it leagl for underaged Nigerians to vote?

    • Good observation @ Yinka, now Mr. Kool answer that, and i need u to show ur evidence as well as give credit to Nigeria for the much that was achieved. guess what, it is little by littel one step at a time. we are getting there

  40. The man from Abia mr kool is not sincere to his nation, by his word; he’s not the kind of person we should reply on such important issue. He has no name;means he may be very irresponsible man even other
    respondent who are not interested in nation building equally stated Chinese name means they’re similar.They need not talk about issue that concerned Nigerian: I’m sorry for my comment. I thank God,INEC,Nigeria forces and most of you that voted in the presidential election. Our dream of good governance will come to pass, since we’re desiring for change. Whoever emerged winner is my president, above all should look forth for the needs and desires of Nigerian but not people like kool and infisible who didn’t know the dream of their country.


  42. may i first congratulate goodluck johnathan for setting up a new inec with jega as the helmsman, then allowing the man that once gave general babangida sleepless nights while asuu chairman in those days ibb was head of state. i waited patiently to see what he will do and for a start, jega should be praised. i now believe he was qualified to do the wahala he did with the then government. inec has done well. the sincerity of both jega and goodluck is a good starter for us. even if goodluck looses, he has written his name in gold on nigeria. let us remember that these pipol are not angels, they are regular nigerians like the rest of us, trying to solve very complex problems that are older than their fathers. wherever there are lapses, lets allow the observers to point to us and we improve on that for the future. to use our mouths in self centeredness to destroy these noble efforts is sinful. pls lets be careful, good pipol. God bless Nigeria.

  43. Nomatter how we try naija can never had a good credible election P.D.P has all d superior dat they can use to rigg election they just use the word free&fair to deceive naija people what happen in river state last election in d state they use J.T.F to do thier normal did while they daceive us dat they were protectin d people of d country.naija people dont worry god will fight for us

  44. Those talking of election are those who never appreciate good things from others, to me i congratulate Jega,am happy that we still have credible men of policy, let us appreciate good things whether in our favour or not, Dimeji Bankole,for you to accept defeat in good faith, you will become the president of this country rgds oku

  45. people voted 4 Goodluck not PDP. Goodluck Nigeria!

  46. KOOL or whatever you call yourself its a pity maybe the candidate you received money from has failed but i want to assure you that Nigerians are no more listening to people like you who only bend on destroying her efforts

  47. God we thank u 4 free and fear election in nigeria.

  48. America, America, America; America is many years older than most of the African countries including Nigeria, and even at that there are things they are still gunning at because they have not hit the marks on those things yet.So also, we have started with the mind that we shall perfect the process of electing our leaders without any fault, probably; just like America, UK, etc but it is necessary that we start, detect our our mistakes, correct and apply it, detect again and again and consequently apply it again and again; Bros and Sis we shall be quoted and patterned after just as we are quoting America today. Can we ? yes we can,. Possible ? Yes it is. So no opinion should be thrown away, lets go with all our observations to the lab of learning, corrections and implementations and we shall suprise the world tomorrow. Bros and Sis NIGERIA MUST RISE OH.

  49. Are u sure of what you’re saying? Because in the south where I voted,Warri to be precise, there was peaceful election. For me, I would say this is the first time credible election has be held in Nigeria because in all my 27 years in life, I have never seen a ballot box being placed in my ward talk more of voting. This is the first time I’ve ever voted! And security men were’nt forcing people to vote against their will but they were there to ensure peaceful election. I think the election has been fair, so let us all accept the result in good faith and wish our Nation Nigeria GOODLUCK!


  51. the election was free and fair THANK GOD FOR THAT

  52. let those people that is against pdp victory go to hell.
    Are they blind that they haven’t seen the good work which jonathan has done and the pending ones?
    Even b4 the election every body planed to pdp.
    So goodluck is wHO NIGERIA deserve to make the change;(

  53. Its seems some does not know that abia state is suffering from the act of producing just and competent leader to take on the mantle of leadership for them, that’s the reason why someone could boldly tell you that elections in those places were rigged, its just a normal way of life in a place were their leaders jump from one party to another seeking for greener pastures, at the end of the day some mouth runners will blame jonathan for the mischief of some low lifer.

  54. Nigerians have once again proved to the world that we are indeed a great nation with good people. Whatever irregularities that were observed need to be looked into with a view to correcting them in subsequent elections. Afterall, even our ‘big brothers’ too still have issues with thier elections. Thumps up all the Nigerians that made the elections a turning point in the anals of history. God bless Nigeria. To God be the glory.

  55. Talking about this election.I thank God for the peaceful election in Enugu.I think we know a good leader and let us all stand for unity.God bless our motherland

  56. From what have seen as far as this election is concern, Nigeria is a great country, the election is smooth, I luv da way it’s going, it’s improving all the way. May God appointed leader win!

  57. This is another free election after june 12 1993 election, let the criticts have their say but majority of nigerians will give kudos to Jega. INEC has open a good vista for the country. Who ever emerges as the president of this nation ihas gotten the people and Alimghty God mandate. GOD bless this great nation

  58. though GEJ seems a humble guy,PDP,his party does not deserve to be rewarded with another term.
    If GEJ should win,his party will bring his downfall.Mark my words

    • I can see you are so evil minded for you to be blind to the fact that this is no more about any party, so If Ribadu had won, will Tinubu not turn this country to his own personal estate as he is doing to lagos state? PDP or no PDP, what we have on ground now is beyond any party

      • Guyz, I am really proud of so many things I have heard about this election,I am not in the Country right now but i want to urge everybody to wait for the Final results, there is no need for campaigns after election, The vote has already taken place and it was declared Peaceful by well meaning people home and abroad. So Guyz stop the back-lashing and and wait for the Results……………….Good Luck

  59. The elections cannot be free of irregularities but to say there was blatant rigging going on in Abia State,in the open at that,I’m afraid to say is a LIE. The structure of electoral process is such that rigging is reduced to the barest minimum. @KOOL-Can I ask you how exactly they rigged the election in Abia State?

  60. It is quite unfortunate to say that many Nigerians don’t actaully understand how they tanish the image of their country with sentimental, rootless and vain words that has no proove, i must advise all Nigerians to be careful of what they tell the world because it will ever effect their international prestige as citizens of Nigeria as they can not wipe it away. And why i said this is about people who just voice out anything they like without geting the true fact of what they are saying, remember the eyes of the world is watching and ears wide open to see and to hear your childish, foolish and faulse comments you voice out about this election. All we pray for is for the chosen leader by God irespective of tribe he come from. you must be wise because a fool at fourty may become fool for ever.

    • It is very unfortunate that some people are still supporting buhari after he truncated our democratic process. Had it been he allowed shagari the civilians must have corrected themselves by now. It is either Good luck Nigeria or Bad luck Nigeria. Nigerians have made the decision. Let us wait for the results.

  61. best candidat is buhari, but pdp used money power to rade pool units in many part of the country we nigerian we need to be prayerfull of nigeria farao (pdp) and let us vote with love of this country not with money pdp is given GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND NIGERIAN

    • When others win it is free and fair, but when PDP wins it is fraudulent. Remember that you are not the most sincere person and your own will cannot be the most appropriate. Be empirical, sincere and constructive in ur criticism.

    • @infisible, maybe they call you that because there is nothing feasible about you. Nigerians want a president that can speak proper English. Nigerians want a president with a qualification. Nigerians want a president that can represent his people, that can deliver. Please, we have been liberated from military rule, Let’s not put ourselves into bondage again. If you are claiming that some parties rigged this election, prove it and stop blabbing. I’ m sure you didn’t even vote. So stop painting Nigeria black in front of the world because there are other Nations that are far worse than Nigeria. Be proud of our achievement as a nation and this election is one because it has been fair.

  62. Akolade Adewunmi

    Nigeria is on the verge of global development. As this election results had clearly shown that we are already on the run.

  63. Election was free and fair in Abia state , It is one of the best so far there was no rigging the security was very strict the Army, police, civil defence work very hard to make sure there is a credible election in Abia state. Congratulation Nigerians.

  64. Thank God for the peaceful election in my area.
    It is regretable that some people can still cohort with the people in government to allow electorate to show there choice after all what Nigerians faced for the past 12 years.
    My advice to whom the INEC announced as the president of this country is to tried to solve the major problems been withness in the country. ( electricity, Health, Education, Unemployment, Poverty etc).

  65. There was no election. What we had was a PDP’s day of Jamboree. The INEC, The Army, The Police and other security agents worked in favour of PDP(Jonathan). Example, in Abia state where I come from, massive rigging for PDP(Jonathan) was seen everywhere/everybooth, done in the presence of the Inec, Police etc.
    Security and Inec helped/assisted in rigging the election/s for PDP.
    This ugly situation happened even in the House of Sen/Rep election, and will happen in the next Governorship election.
    The Security and Inec know about this but will not do anything as they are heavily bribed by PDP.
    Nigeria, Take heart for the evil PDP is doing to you.

    • Why are u so pessimistic. Chief, am sure u are one of the people that rigged for your party. Just because u did not succed, u are angry. U ought to face the firing squard

      Inec……well done

    • Mr Kool,
      Why have you refused to follow the path of truth for a better Nigeria? This is a new era entirely with mobile phones wt cameras and recorders. You should substantiate ur allegations with proofs.

    • Im very sure kool is of ACN because it is only the people in this party that cries wolves when there is none, are you the only one in Nigeria? When ACN is not able to rigg and succeed, they said there is rigging, Congratulation, Nigerians, we now have a credible president on ground.

    • Kool or whatever your name is, to say there has been no election because of what you said you saw in one polling station of a state is defeating your position and dismissing yourself. The fact that there has been few incidences, here and there of persons, whether in the north, east, west or south, who may have done what they are not supposed to do does in any way invalidate the result of all the other polling stations in the federation. I am sorry you were unfortunate to be in that type of polling station. Multitude of persons, all over Nigeria, did not have your type of experience. So take heart. Calm yourself or çool down if your name is truely Kool. Nigeria and Nigerians have already spoken through the ballot box who should be at the helms of affari in the country for the next four (4) years and so shall it remain. May the Almighty God be praised for a largely peaceful election nationwide. The enemy did not have his way otherwise, much more persons would have been killed. Thanks to INEC and the security agents who put in their best to ensure the safety of all. God bless you all and God bless the president-elect and God bless Nigeria. Amen.

  66. Buhari is a good man we all know,but if he is voted in,there will be chaos in Nigeria. This is because His heart is ful of vangiance.
    For Ribadu and Shekarau,I think Nigeria is too complex for them.
    I must applaud Nigerians for making this election violence free,fair and credible. Thank also to INEC for the good and transparent work they have done.They have made us proud,even the international community have applauded Nigerians.I can see that We are good people,it is only very few bad eggs that are painting the good image of Nigeria.Let us also come out en-masse to elect our various Governors of our choise to ensur beter leadership in our states.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  67. Ajamagbiso Adekunle

    We thank God for peaceful presidential election.God take all the glory.

  68. This is no election. The INEC, The Army, The Police and other security agents worked in favour of PDP(Jonathan). Example, in Abia state where I come from, massive rigging for PDP(Jonathan) was seen everywhere/everybooth, done in the presence of the Inec, Police etc.
    Security and Inec helped/assisted in rigging the election/s for PDP
    This ugly situation happened even in the House of Sen/Rep election, and will happen in the next Governorship election.
    The Security and Inec know about this but will not do anything as they are heavily bribed by PDP.
    Nigeria, Take heart for the evil PDP is doing to you.

    • What are your proofs to ascertain the rigging? It’s a pity you’re still being too critical at this point. You’re entitled to your opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that but you must not be too critical. Perfect elections don’t come that easily. Maybe when we stop looking at America we’ll understand ourselves better.

      • God bless you for those comments my dear

      • Even the elections in the United States of America are not yet perfect even though they have experimented with democracy for over 200 years now. This was comfirmed by the present Secretary of States, Rodham Hilary Clinton when she visited Nigeria last year. The hiccups we have experienced in this election will be done away with as we continue to fine-tune the electoral process in the most populous country in the Africa. God bless Nigeria!

    • Man, be sure of your claims, because I am sure if the election had been rigged in your favor, you wouldn’t come here to talk about it. The problem is not only rigging elections in Nigeria. The very fundamental problem is that we are not sincere to our very selves! An average Nigerian has lost his or her conscience. No values, no good intentions for others, everywhere is full of evil. The man in the market will lie to cheat and sell his goods at the expense of others. The one in a public service office will lie and forge documents to get through to his or her selfish gains. Nigeria will never be better without our conscience and values at little things we do in the public, our homes, and our businesses. So it’s time we stopped making noise about elections and face the things that matter most. If we can teach our children that it is better to fail honorably than to cheat at examinations, then we would have started well at the fight against corrupt practices like elections fraud. I have seen parents (in Nigeria) go to examination centers with their children to assist them cheat at examinations. Tell me what kind of foundation is that, and again tell me why such child will not believe that to be the way all through life.

    • I am not sure who KOOL is, his objectives or who he is working for. It is obvious the quy is either not in Nigeria or is noy a Nigerian. Period! What he described that happened in Abia State is not possible (at least in a large scale) in this election. I doubt if he really understood the current process.

      Good luck Nigerians and congratulations on our performance so far.

    • Mr Kool am sorry to say but you are saying absolute rubbish and you are a disgrace

      • Mr kool is not lying. I witnessed such too in owerri. Its happening o! The fact that it is in support of my candidate (jonathan) does not make it right. I pity my country nigeria. If it is not happening where you are, thank God, but please, do not insult those who are brave enough to speak up against injustice where they see it.

        • Kool nd SB, INEC gave us emergency numbers to call once any manipulation is noted in any pool center. Let’s thank God for peaceful election. Next time try to be a patriotic Nigeria by doing the right thing at d right time. God bless Nigeria, we will get there

    • .pLz…am also frm Abia state…there waz no such thing…for God sake stop party prejudice and sentiment…do nt fink u can ruin anything here…dont blackmail ur state and country..PDP did no careful

    • Mr. KOOL, you are a LIAR. How much were you paid to fabricate this and discredit one of Nigeria’s most peaceful electioneering processes in a long time

    • i really thank almighty GOD for a peacefull election, we nigerians abroad were very worried for fear of violence, but GOD took up the situation, i personally was worried because of what is happening around the world today especially in the arab world and in ivory coast, i prayed GOD it will not be our portion, and he did we all have a reason to celebrate. from all indications, this election is the best so far in we nigerians in greece and europe in all are all happy.WE ARE HERE BUT OUR HEARTS AND SOULS ARE IN NIGERIA. i call upon the president elect (goodluck) you must be a goodluck to nigerians.dont defect from your promises, steady light, goodroads, corruptions,better education,job oppurtunities thing is certain, not everybody will be happy for the result especially people like kool, ,iam sure he is not from abia state, he must be from northern side claiming to hell from abia and northners who want to remain in power forever.we are” one nigeria” and the powet suppose to be rotating to the three major ethinic groups in nigeria.I STRONGLY BELIEVE IS TIME FOR US TO COME TOGETHER WITH ONE HEART TO PUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY (NIGERIA) FORWARD BY MAKING USE OF OUR NATURAL RESOURCES WISELY THAN BEING TRIBALISM AND KILLING EACH OTHER.
      God bless mbaitol, God bless imo state, God bless nigeria, and God bless and save us african at large.

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