New Nigeria Election Schedule Announced

Nigeria has announced another new schedule for nationwide elections, after postponing the first of those votes two times in two days.

Under the new schedule announced Sunday, Nigerians will cast ballots for parliament on April 9, then vote for president on April 16 and state governor positions on April 26.

The voting for parliament was abruptly postponed on Saturday, with the country’s election commission blaming problems in the distribution of voting materials. It had planned to try again Monday, but political parties said they wanted a further delay. So the first vote will now come a week later than expected.

The postponement has sparked anger and disappointment across Nigeria, and the election commission has come under sharp criticism.

Before Saturday, commission chairman Attahiru Jega had given no hint of any problems, instead saying the April elections would give Nigeria the chance to “get it right” after 2007 polls marred by violence, fraud and disorganization.

Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party is hoping to retain control of the presidency and parliament.

President Goodluck Jonathan is facing a field of challengers led by former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Jonathan is seeking his first full term after rising to power last year following the death of predecessor Umaru Yar’Adua. His run was opposed by some PDP members who accuse him of breaking an informal rule to rotate the presidential nomination between Muslims from the north and Christians from the south.

Mr. Jonathan is a Christian, while Mr. Yar’Adua was a Muslim. President Yar’Adua died just three years into what was expected to be a two-term, eight-year presidency.

Nigeria’s population of 140 million is split roughly evenly between Muslims and Christians. voa


  1. Com. J A Raymond

    Jega’s act of incompetent,has make average nigerian believe that this act will lead to rigging of the election, but to be candid why can’t jega annouce that the voting equipment has not arrived,why can he just start annoucing this a day to election ,so tell me why won’t we believe that it is the act of rigging,i belive they are coming up with computet gadget for the election,so he make us to believe that there will be time to manipulate the machines…………….so nigerians keep praying for God intervention.pls publish this

  2. I rily hope we get it right dis tyme.dis cancelling and rescheduling and cancelling again isn’t a gud sign.let’s kip our fingers crossd and see hw evnts unfold.

  3. salami o. Matthew

    it is unfortunate dat Nigeria have been divided into a religious country,that is beween christains and man is reasoning towards credible candidate but all are concious of d religion d candidate belongs to….than i asked my self ‘when will nigerians become one nation’?

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