Love Is Blind but Will Find Its Way… (Pt 2)

Now there was a sharp pain piercing my tummy. It felt like something was eating up my intestines. Apparently, it was time for me to break the “fast”. I went to the nearest spot, got myself a seat and waited to be served. In a split of seconds, the waitress approached. “Sir, please what can I offer you?” With a soft voice, she asked. I requested for the menu first, before I made any request. As soon as, I opened the menu, my hunger vanished into thin air. “Damn! This people must be joking. How do they expect anybody in their right senses to pay such a price”? Probably, the likes of Kofi Wayo and Kennedy Agyapon’s are their usual customers”. I murmured. “Can I have a bottle of coke, a glass of water and one sausage, please”? I requested. After my “hunger-provoking” meal, my quest continued.

Is she going to be tall or short, skinny or chubby, fair or darker? Or maybe she’s just going to be perfect as the lady in my dreams. These thoughts kept running through my mind. It is getting darker and darker and I hadn’t still found my “rib”. Now, I began to worry. What if we never meet? I tried to brush these negative thought, but… It was dark and I knew my mum would be very worried. All of a sudden, I felt very cold and lonely. I knelt in the sand and wrapped my arms around myself. The lights that fell on the sea were my only inspiration. Whiles others strolled in twos, I was still alone thinking about my “missing rib”. I looked very miserable as if I was beating by a heavy rain and had nowhere to go.

Suddenly, I felt a warm tap on my shoulder. Who is it? I asked harshly without making a turn. “It’s me”! A low warm angelic female voice responded. I quickly, turned around and with my eyes widened and jaws dropped. I saw an angel, a real definition of black beauty. I guess, God might have spent an extra time in creating this piece. ….ppp please, who’re you? As I stammer. With her good-natured British accent, she replied; hey! It’s me Zina, can’t you make me out? Zina? Zzz Zina who? I stammered. “Zina, Maria Montessori”. She answered. Zina, from School? I asked. Yeah! She replied. You’re kidding, right? I cried out. It’s really me! She added. Oh my World, Zina! I whispered. She looked exactly as the lady who appears in my dreams. But it can’t be her?

Now, back to memory lane… Zina! Although, very brilliant she behaved weird. She wore the biggest glasses and asked the most ridiculous questions in class. She had “rails” in her teeth which was always brown in colour. She was fat and we nicknamed her “Miss chubby”. I remember; those days, we’ll tease her till she cried her eyes out. “Miss Chubby”, left school to join her family abroad, when we were in class (4). Even though, she was away her name never departed from our lips. No one ever heard anything about “Miss chubby”, but we only imagined how fat she was going to look, in the future.

Back from memory lane… The “new” Zina, is nothing like how, we imagined. Zina, would have been the last person on earth I wanted to meet this day. But here I was continually stealing glances at this beautiful creature. “Maybe, she had a plastic surgery, who cares?” I mumbled. It is a small world, init? She said. Yeah! Of course it is. I replied. Even though I didn’t understand the last word “init”, but I wasn’t ready to show my ignorance. Would you like to sit by me? I asked politely. Sure! She smiled. We missed you whiles you were away, you know? I started a conversation. I did as well. She smiled. Those crazy days were fun, you know? She added. Yeah! And I miss every bit of it too.

What are you doing here by yourself at this time? She asked. Being very sincere, I told her why I was all by myself and all that happened on the way too. Very interesting…she smiled. What brought you here? I asked. “Since, I came back from London a week ago. I always come to the beach during the evenings to enjoy the breeze and wait for someone”. She confessed. Who’s the one you wait for? I asked. “I always felt someone would be waiting for me someday. Although, I didn’t know who it was? I always believed we were going to meet soon”. She answered softly. Zina, stood up straightened her white shorts. It’s late and I got to go home. So saying without a moment hesitation, she started walking towards the car park. Shocked by her rapid transition, I quickly jumped on my feet. “Wait… can I walk you home?” I cried out. Don’t worry, my house is very close! She answered.

Moving away quickly from the light and disappearing into the darkness I was convinced it was time for me to go home too. For that moment I felt her absence greatly as if I was deprived of love. What could have made her leave suddenly? I kept concentrating on this question on my way home. In a about 30minutes, I was already at home. I knew Mom would be mad to see me, but that didn’t matter now. As soon as I opened the door, my sad looks changed her mood. “Are you alright, Kwadwo?” With a warm motherly voice she asked. I’m fine. I muttered as I went straight upstairs. I locked myself in my room, jumped on my bed and called it a day. Love they say; is blind but always find its way home. Maybe, mine had eyes but missed the direction. I murmured. As I shut my eyes ready for dream land.

I heard a big bang on my door. “Its morning, you lazy boy!” it was my sister. I ignored. In about 5minutes she was back and this time with an even harder bang. Wake up, Mr Lazy, you’ve a visitor! Won’t she let me be? I covered my head with my pillow. Then there was a third bang, it was my mom. But this time it wasn’t her usual morning check up. She only, came to confirm there was someone after me. Who would come to visit me at this time? I kept asking myself as I dragged my body lazily from the bed. Tell whoever it is I’m coming! I yelled. I glanced at my wall clock and it was already 9am. Oh no! What kept me so long in bed? I wondered as I hurried to the washroom. In less than 20minutes, I was already done. Even though, I had no idea who that could be? I wasn’t eager to know.

As I got closer to the living room, I saw a lady in a beautiful dress. Who could that be? I licked my nervous lips. As I opened the door… Zina! My heart missed a beat. Oh my God! She looked so gorgeous in that beautiful dress. I believe she grows prettier as the days goes by. Even though, I was speechless I was the happiest man alive. Zina, wore the same dress as the beauty who appeared in my dreams. If this is a dream, then I pray not to wake up now. I guess this time “love” found its way home.

By: William .O. Opare

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